PFT Live: Life is easier for Eli Manning in Giants’ new offense

Joe Namath defended Johnny Manziel’s extravagant lifestyle, but Newday’s Bob Glauber says Broadway Joe would have to adjust his own life if Twitter and camera phones were around during his time. Glauber also chats with Mike Florio about the Giants’ new offense under coordinator Ben McAdoo and how the younger Manning will presumably have a much easier time passing to players donning the same jersey.

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  1. Biggest adjustment I think is going to be Eli having to take some speed off these throws if he’s going to be going to a 3-step drop back versus his 6/7 that he’s used to. I’ve been to plenty of games and seen passes get bobbled and tipped on screen plays because the receiver wasn’t expecting the throw to come in so fast. Cruz stands out in my mind since he’s the slot. Also, he’s got to stop turning his head before it’s secured. Eli and his receivers are probably going to take at least 2 games to adjust in real game speed, not including pre-season. Hopefully we can still cobble together at least 1 win from those two.

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