Report: Sean Smith cited in alleged drunk driving incident


One of the Chiefs’ starting defensive players reportedly was arrested after a one-car accident on Monday.

According to, Kansas City police cited Chiefs cornerback Sean Smith for allegedly driving a vehicle while having a blood-alcohol level at or above the legal limit of .08 after he struck a light pole in the city early on Monday morning. According to the published report, the light pole fell to the ground after being hit by Smith’s vehicle. Smith was also cited for careless driving after allegedly not slowing down to make a left turn before hitting the pole.

The Chiefs told that were “aware” of the alleged incident.

“Whenever one of our players is involved in an incident like this it is disappointing. We will have no further comment at this time as this is an ongoing legal matter,” the Chiefs said, according to the report.

The 26-year-old Smith played all 16 games for the Chiefs in 2013, defending 13 passes and hauling in two interceptions. He joined Kansas City as a free agent in March 2013.

20 responses to “Report: Sean Smith cited in alleged drunk driving incident

  1. An incident like this one with hitting a light pole that falls over? How many times has something like this happened cause I haven’t been keeping track to be honest?

  2. We should probably exclude KC and the Niners from that counter, otherwise it’ll be stuck at 0 days forever.

  3. This arrest is especially notable because it is so rare for members of the Kansas City Chiefs to make bad off-the-field headlines. All players who are allowed to grace a Chiefs uniform must understand the high standard that comes with such an honor. The Kansas City Chiefs are a beacon of integrity that the rest of the league tries and fails to emulate. With that said, the Chiefs will have to jog their memory to see when was the last time something like this happened and will deal with it severely.

  4. Strock, if ‘cited’ and ‘arrested’ were the same thing, they wouldnt have two different words for it.

    Clues are on sale at the local market, go pick one up.

  5. This makes me so terribly sad. I used to consider Kansas City my happy place, what with the PTSD flashbacks about the “Incident”, but now I see it the same way I feel about Beirut. It isn’t quite with Islamabad, but its definitely close.

    I will cry myself to sleep tonight.

  6. If you lived in a terrible city like Kansas City you would do the same thing.
    You ought to know.

  7. Dudes drink. He’ll pay his fees and get back to work asap. Hopefully he won’t be suspended too long. Although hitting a pole is pretty dag burn stupid if you ask me. I’d suspend him 4-6 games.

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