Sherman wants rest of Legion of Boom on Madden cover


Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman “won” the contrived, overhyped “contest” to determine who will grace the cover of Madden 15, the only officially-licensed NFL video game that hasn’t really improved much over the last decade due to the lack of competition.

Sherman now wants to expand the perceived “honor.”

“I’ve been trying to get the Legion of Boom on the cover, and EA has been fighting me,” Sherman told reporters Monday, via  “So if everybody wants to start a petition to get the Legion of Boom on the cover, here it is, here’s an open invitation.”

EA surely has resisted (or perhaps more accurately ignored) Sherman’s overtures because EA would have to pay the other three starters in the secondary — safety Earl Thomas, safety Kam Chancellor, and cornerback Byron Maxwell — for the ability to use their likenesses on the cover.  And EA would derive little extra benefit from doing so.

The concept of the cover vote ensures a spike in sales among fans of the player who graces the cover and the team for which he plays.  Paying three lesser-known guys from the same team to be on the cover won’t result in a sufficient uptick in sales to justify the extra expense.

If Sherman really wants to do it, here’s how to make it happen.  First, he should persuade the members of the Legion of Boom to accept as compensation for being on the cover 1/4th of what Sherman will receive.  Second, he should tell EA that whatever he’s getting paid will be divided equally among himself, Thomas, Chancellor, and Maxwell.

So if everybody wants to start a petition for Sherman to do that, here it is, here’s an open invitation.

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  1. Lack if competition has made Madden worse, unfortunately. Little things like switching players’ positions are removed one year so they can claim it’s new the next. It sucks. Franchise mode is the whole reason I play that game, and they mucked it up the last three years.

  2. Its a great idea because he wouldn’t have done what he did last year without those guys. If he does this I know I will have gained some respect for him, but the guy is still very overrated.

  3. I hear ya dabears2485. I’m not an online game player and building a franchise was fun on a bun. With EA’s exclusivity, Madden has gotten bad fast. It’s a shame because I used to love it, now I play NBA 2k on the PS4. The my player mode is good fun. My small forward has brought relevance to the Charlotte Bobcats!

  4. “Sherman now wants to expand the perceived “honor.” Mike why do you wanna make it sound as if it’s NOT A REAL HONOR to have your plastered on the most popular electronic sports game ever?

    Of course it’s an honor and Sherman need not share his income from the it to show his respect to his teammates. That is an absurd suggestion.

    But as long as it’s a way to criticize Sherman, it’s fair game, because Sherman is a “really bad guy”. I guess it was proven how bad by the results of his face being on the cover.

    Image that, two of the most hated players became the last two standing. I’m suprised heads didn’t explode.

  5. Ok so include secondary but not defense line. Or LB. What about the 12th man. Richard, ease up on the adderall the season hasn’t start just.

  6. He’s just scared of “the curse”!

    “If EVERYBODY is on the cover, then surely the curse will skip us, right???”

    The rest of the guys however, want no part of this and aren’t burning up the phone lines to get EA Sports to even consider.

  7. If that’s the case you shouldn’t leave out the 12th man -in the form of a prescription bottle

  8. I agree with rob8375. There’s no denying that Sherman has skills, but I’d like to see him shadow each opponents top receiver all over the field each week like some of the other top corners do rather than playing one side of the field. It would be interesting to see if he’d be dominant or if he’d get exposed. And now that he’s got his big contract, I’m hoping we don’t have to hear from him anymore. Let your play do the talking. You haven’t heard constant chatter from the likes of P. Peterson, Haden, Revis, etc over the last six months.

  9. Good gesture Richard … LOB and the Lombardi makes a great cover. Let the haters hate. Funny how the idea of sharing becomes an indictment Sherman.

  10. I’m not gonna lie… Sick of the ped lines because it’s really not a issue anymore, but the last comment was funny. Good job, because those statements piss me off, but liked the originality

  11. That would be ideal… Put the Madden Curse on the whole secondary… That would make for a fun-filled season of watching those Blow-hards dropping like flys one by one

  12. EA has been fighting against making a quality simulation of football for 10 years. The fact that they are fighting a selfless gesture by the cover athlete isn’t a surprise.

  13. ESPN2k5. Best Football Video Game Ever. End of Story.Period. And $19.99 out of the gate. It had some flaws, but they undoubtably they would have been fixedif EA hadn’t crapped their pants so hard at how much better it was than their games that they solicited and won rights to purchase exclusivity from the NFL, killing the american dream- the competition, and the push for greatness that it causes.

  14. In the SUPERBOWL sherman covered a WR man and on that play, he got injured. Lol best corner in the league. Stick to ur zone coverage.

  15. as irrelevent as the SI cover jinx. they do it for the press you are giving them, and Sherman never met a microphone or camera he didn’t like.

  16. Zzzzz…go ahead and curse everyone on your team. 1 Super Bowl in 40 years doesn’t intimidate anyone in this league

  17. Laughable!! LOL!

    Now he feels bad and wants them to be on the Madden cover? Acting as if he’s always been a team-first player? All this, after his ignorant rant in which he didn’t give props to not 1 teammate out of 53. Give me a break. Your teammates should be offended you thought this meant something to them.

  18. denverdude7 says:
    Jun 10, 2014 7:06 AM

    Put Sherman & Co. on the cover of Sports Illustrated as well. That way we can give them a double-edged curse.

    You should worry about you’re own curse, under center. 🙂

  19. I agree with the sentiment that it hasnt really improved.

    Madden sucks. They havent innovated anything.

    NFL 2K was a much better product. The NFL got their money, its the fans that suffer. I stopped buying and playing football games because of it.

  20. Only reason I bought Madden 25 last year was the free sunday ticket add on….madden and sunday ticket for 100$?

    other than that I should be paid to listen to chris collinsworth while I play a game

  21. Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman “won” the contrived, overhyped “contest” to determine who will grace the cover of Madden 15, the only officially-licensed NFL video game that hasn’t really improved much over the last decade due to the lack of competition.

    Sherman now wants to expand the perceived “honor.”

    –all the quotations here make your dislike and jealousy of Sherman extremely obvious.

    Florio, you write for f*cking PFT, an “overhyped” website full of bloggers like yourself.

  22. marshawnsgrillz says:
    Jun 10, 2014 9:32 AM

    “–all the quotations here make your dislike and JEALOUSY of Sherman extremely obvious.”

    Nailed it.

  23. Alot of you here hope and pray for a curse to strike the mighty LOB, which is understandable. Your teams offense prays for it too. But they are simply prey for the Hawks.

  24. This is a great idea, and I think that he would be willing to take the cut, especially considering his new deal. I don’t buy Madden anymore. They took away the one feature I liked, The Franchise and turned it into some Connected Careers mess.

    I don’t play online. I take players from NCAA and build my franchise and make the Browns contenders again and they ruined that for no reason at all (yes I know they are getting rid of NCAA for legal purposes). The lack of competition led to a severely subpar product and it would be nice if the entire LOB was on the cover, but because of the subpar product I won’t be buying the game at all. I’m going home tonight and playing NFL2k5.

  25. Drag this battle out for another week, gaining all the free publicity, and then concede EA!

    The extra sales generated by the “controversy” will easily exceed the compensation due to the other players.

  26. Is there anyone more narcissistic than this guy? Something as non football as the cover of a video game has to be changed to fit him, perfectly.

    Wait- had the pleasure of forgetting the current POTUS for a sec. back to despair.

  27. I love reading the comments from all the haters that talk like they actually know anything about the hawks. Some of the comments about him not shadowing a receiver, blah blah blah. When you have a complete team there’s no reason for it. You play to your strengths. In the hawks case that strength is all over the field & right down your throat. I agree he’s ran his mouth but if you’re gonna talk football bring some actual knowledge to the table.

  28. Saying EA Sport wouldn’t realize ANY benefit is an overstatement…….have EA pay 50% more, split the money 4 ways….everyone wins

  29. Rich, maybe you need a nap, to get your head on right. Because all that “adderall” has kept you up at night, “studying”


  30. And here I was, thinking that the whole Madden cover thing had pretty much been covered already.

    Imagine my absolute giddiness at having the opportunity to click on yet another precious nugget of life enriching, Madden cover related hype. One would have thought that the sponge on that particular subject had been twisted so tightly as to not allow another drop of media,…guess again people. This drama continues to grip the sports world.

  31. Shutdaup said: “In the SUPERBOWL sherman covered a WR man and on that play, he got injured. Lol best corner in the league. Stick to ur zone coverage.”

    He got injured in a collision with his own players when they all converged on the same receiver – his injury was a result of the incredibly aggressive beatdown the LOB put on Denver! Sherman was so effective in that game that you never even saw him, because the only time he was thrown against, he was interfered against (which was not called, guess the refs were feeling sorry for Denver and were giving them a break).

    So my votes for LOB together. F$&@ all of you criticize this gesture!

  32. Can hawk, it was not actually a collision. He was interfering the WR then landed on the WR and teammate landed on him. Which proves the point, he’s not physical enough to play the man position. Like I said, stick to ur zone coverage.

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