Vikings sign RB Jerick McKinnon

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The Vikings have reached a deal with a rookie tailback likely to be one of the primary backups to Adrian Peterson this season.

The club said Tuesday it had signed third-round pick Jerick McKinnon of Georgia Southern, the No. 96 overall selection in the 2014 NFL Draft. He is the final of the Vikings’ 10 picks to sign his deal with the club.

The 22-year-old McKinnon played multiple positions at Georgia Southern, including quarterback and tailback. As a senior, he rushed for 1,050 yards and 12 touchdowns on 161 attempts (6.5 yards per carry) for the Eagles.

The 5-foot-9, 208-pound McKinnon is the primary new addition to a Vikings backfield that lost Toby Gerhart to Jacksonville in free agency.

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  1. Jerick McKinnon will be playing the Darren Sproles in the dynamic Norv Turner offense.

    Don’t be surprised if we have a top 5 offense this year with all the weapons we have.

    From front to back, our offense is completely unstoppable.

    Pro Bowl WR’s Cordarrelle Patterson & Greg Jennings will dominate any cornerbacks.

    Pro Bowl MVP Kyle Rudolph will thrive in the middle catching passes.

    Hall of Famer, MVP Adrian Peterson will dominate like usual.

    And our top 6 Offensive Line, according to PFF – will dominate in the trenches.

    All topped off with a perennial all-star in Teddy Bridgewater.

    What’s stopping us from a Super Bowl this year?

    Here’s the answer: Nothing

  2. It was reported that when signed to the vikings, Jerick McKinnon said “meh, I don’t care about winning. I just want to go somewhere I can play. The vikings suck and have zero chance at a Super Bowl… buy meh – I don’t care”.


  3. See, here in tomorrowland (anywhere outside of the eternal outhouse that is Minnesota) we have things called smart phones. These are technically advanced, portable boxes that allow us to talk to people outside of our house.

    These magic boxes also allow us to get electronic mail, or as it has become known: email.

    I know these things may seem a bit unreal to you Minneanderthals, but to us, in the more civilized society called “not Minnesota,” we make great use of them.

    That is why I’m first on so many articles. “Smart phones.”

    In a few decades, of you guys ever catch up to us in anything, perhaps you can know the majesty of “smart phones.” Then again, what good is a smart phone if the user is a moron? No smart phones for you!

  4. Thumbs up if the Texans win more games than the Vikings, thumbs down if the vikings win more games.

  5. The Bears had all their draft picks signed weeks ago. Nice to see the vikings working their way to the finish line on it.

    As a former QB like Joe Webb, this McKinnon won’t have as much mileage on him. He might just get forced into QB duty like Webb when the vikes get short on QB’s again.

    At only 5′ 9″ and < 210 lbs. he is small enough to be put in on passing downs for pass protection (downs when Peterson is pulled from the game). It is a skill that players from small school programs sometimes acquire.

    I can't wait to see the little guy on the field and show off his 3rd round skills.

  6. Man, glad my team didn’t spend a third round pick on a running back who was a converted former QB… With AP on the roster and multiple glaring holes on a swiss cheese D. Laughable indeed… Skol!

  7. They needed someone else to block while Cassel is taking 20 minutes to decide where he is going to underthrow the pass.

  8. This kid is a serious weapon that Norv will get the best out of. He will replace Joe Webb so we only have to carry two QB’s on game day. Hopefully Ponder will be shown the door sooner rather than later so we can use some of his money he has been stealing from the Vikings to maybe re-sign Kevin Williams so he can retire as a Viking in a reserve role. It is the right thing to do. He gave this franchise so much over the years. This guy was unblock able ..With speedy weapons such as Patterson, Peterson , Simpson and now Mckinon, Turner will put us back in the top 5 with either Cassel or Teddy. Cassel was good with our receivers when he played under Musgrave, yes Musgrave who had the worlds smallest playbook. I think the butt packers are getting worried as they should . Our franchise is getting smarter , not over paying geezers like the pack. Instead we are trusting who we draft. Everson Griffen will have more sacks than Jared Allen this year and julius peppers also.

  9. Not sure it makes a difference with all those superstars the pack has. Did you see them step up when ARod went down last year? Its just depressing knowing the quality of team TT has put together.

  10. 5-foot-9, 208-pounds?

    A lot of the men and all of the women in Minnesota are bigger than this guy!

  11. Lol, easily the 2nd best RB out of the nfc north. I I remember a fat lazy rookie in turd bay last year show up for camp. Then again do you remember the last time turd bay had a good running back? Nah, me either.

  12. Jerick McKinnon will be warming the bench all year

    Don’t be surprised if we have a bottom 5 offense this year with all the “weapons” we have.

    From front to back, our offense is completely worthless

    Pro Bowl WR’s Cordarrelle Patterson & Greg Jennings will be dropping passes galore.

    Pro Bowl MVP Kyle Rudolph will thrive in the middle catching passes during practices – in real game situations he wont get one ball in his area.

    And our top 6 Offensive Line, according to PFF – will dominate on the ‘love boat’.

    All topped off with an all time bust in Teddy Bridgewater.

    What’s stopping us from a Super Bowl in the year 2018?

    Here’s the answer: Nothing since we host it!

  13. Packers were a terrific 8-7-1 last year. Scored 417 points and gave up 428!!! Best team ever!!!!

    Rodgers is your whole freaking team. (Too bad he can’t play defense.) That guy is the only reason your are any good. Can’t do it forever. And he’s 31 this year right??? Oh boy, the downside is a comin!!! I see a return to the 68-91 era coming. Those were some dark days in Green Bay….who remembers the GB vs TB games being labeled the Bay of Pigs by Berman? Yup, those days are coming back…..

  14. His hand looks so small holding the ball in the photo, I thought at first it was Bridgewater. They always pass the Pringles can to Bridgewater last because they know he can reach the chips on the bottom without turning the can upside down. Great pickup. Nothing wasted.

  15. ck7isgod says:
    Jun 10, 2014 7:46 PM
    Another 4-12 year for the Vikings, Teddy will be the biggest bust in NFL history.

    The last pick of the first round will be the biggest bust ever?

    You have proven your extreme lack of of intelligence.

  16. 3rd round pick with less than 7th round talent. No wonder the Vikings have never won a championship in over half a century of existence. So many playoff appearances that ultimately got them nothing in the end. Pathetic.

  17. He’s behind Peterson on the depth chart so if he’s smart, he embrace Peterson as a mentor and in no time, he’ll be a father to 4 kids and another 3 which he will find out about 2 years later and he’ll learn how to fumble at rate of 3 times per game, presumably in the Superdome.

  18. With Patterson and this guy the Vikings now have 5 QB’s. Good thing they are dynamic players who use their feet better than their arms though.

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