Zack Martin takes snaps at center


It’s possible that the Cowboys spent first-round picks in consecutive years on centers.

Zack Martin, taken with the 16th pick as a tackle and moved to guard, will also play some center.  He took snaps at the position on Tuesday.

It’s hard,” Martin said after the OTA season, via Charean Williams of the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram.  “The first time I was in there, I came to the side, I was like, ‘God, you got a lot going on out there. You got to know a lot.'”

Last year, the Cowboys used a first-round pick on center Travis Frederick.  He took some snaps at guard in training camp.  If Martin will be playing some center, maybe Frederick will again line up as a guard.

“We viewed him as a guy who could potentially play five offensive line spots when we drafted him,” coach Jason Garrett said of Martin, via Williams.  “He’s certainly done a very good job at guard.  We’ll try to give him some snaps at center as well.”

Regardless of the position Martin plays, he’ll always be known as the guy the Cowboys took instead of Johnny Manziel.  And the guy who tore Sean Lee’s ACL.  Even if the knee gave out before Martin hit Lee in a no-hitting practice season.

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  1. I enjoy poking fun at the Cowboys’ expense as much as the next guy, but there’s nothing to laugh at here.
    It’s very common in NFL training camps for young offensive linemen to be “cross-trained” and given time at different spots.

    Injuries on OL happen, so it doesn’t hurt to have versatility among the starters, and you never know where a rookie player will shine best. With 3 months to go before the season, it doesn’t hurt to give Martin a few snaps at center and tackle just to make sure guard is his best spot before you permanently assign him that position.

  2. Oh please, You really think it’s a bad idea that all the interior lineman have at least passing familiarity with both Guard & Center? Seriously? I guess all lineman should play one and only one position, right?

    This idiotic tendency to try to portray ANYTHING the Cowboys do as bad is wearing just a bit thin, don’t you think?

    It’s weapons grade stupidity as far as I can see.

  3. None of the great tackles ever played guard or center. You didn’t see Anthony Munoz, Orlando Pace, Walter Jones, etc. “Cross Train” in different positions. This is reserved for the Robert Gallery’s who are drafted to be a bookend tackle in the first round but lack the foot speed and arm length. The guy who plays multiple spots on the line is not usually a starter, but is one of the seven OL activated on game day. Most teams have a reserve Tackle who can play either side and a G/C
    Ready to go if there is an injury. This is not the spot for a first round pick.

  4. “None of the great tackles ever played guard or center.”

    Larry Allen played some at guard and he’s on the all decade team for the 90s and 00s as well as in the Hall of Fame.

  5. hmmm….so I know most of you guys that follow teams that aren’t the Cowboys aren’t familiar with the HOF…but the Cowboys just had one inducted a couple of years ago by the name of Larry Allen. You see he was drafted to play guard but through injuries across the OL in his first three seasons he played both tackle spots as well as both guard spots eventually settling in as one of the most dominant LG’s to play the game. Without his familiarity to play multiple positions we probably would not have won all those titles in the 90s….but you non-cowboy fans please continue to question the value of OL learning multiple positions.

  6. I’m a diehard Skins fan but I actually think Dallas has done a decent job building their O line with young talent and cross training them is a very good idea . Now their D well…..

  7. Versatility is great between centers and guards. Why not give him some snaps? Fredrick could be better as a guard anyway.

    I think the first round pick should have been used on defense however. Good snag in the second with Lawrence, but they need more developing talent on D.

  8. I can appreciate their desire to have linemen who can play multiple positions but the rookie Martin is making the move from tackle to guard. That’s probably enough on his plate.

    For now guard Bernadeau has experience at center and will back up Frederick. Their offensive line should be solid.

  9. Agree with the skins fan regarding the D….it could be ugly this year…our offense is going to have to score 30 a game to keep us competitive.

  10. why doesnt the article mention it was with 3rd team? if frederick gets hurt god forbid gotta know if martin or bernadeau is better to kick to center and who should be guard…this is what practice is meant for…..settle down cowboys haters

  11. @ arcross12042004scorp15…
    no “great tackle” has ever started games at guard or center?
    have you ever heard of a player named LARRY ALLEN?
    dude played BOTH tackle AND guard early in his career…
    he even made the PRO BOWL as both a tackle and guard…
    early in his career, he was forced to start many games at tackle and guard due to injuries to Erik Williams and Mark Tuinei…
    Larry Allen is easily one of the best tackles to ever play the game…and he also played plenty of guard, enough to even get voted a Pro Bowler at guard…
    so know what you’re talking about before you come spewing garbage…
    it’s good to have versatile lineman on your roster…
    you never know when injuries will occur and you’ll need to shift players around

  12. Wow, the “challenged” was strong last night.

    Every team has injuries on the line. If you can plug a hole with a lineman, regardless of where they were drafted, you’re going to be better off. As mentioned, LA, played wherever he was needed on the line. It formed into a HoF career. The O-line used to be a liability, now it’s turning into a strength. It’s not there yet, but they should be better opening holes for Murray and keeping Romo’s feet clear.

    Now only if we had a defense…

  13. For what it’s worth…Cordy Glenn, one of the best LT’s in the league now, has been taking a few snaps at guard.

    Cyrus Kouandjio has too, as has Cyril Richardson and Seantrel Henderson.

    But then again, Doug Marrone is their coach (former o-lineman)…and they weren’t drafted as high as Martin.

    And they are not centers taken in the 1st.

    But that’s what Buffalo does…they take the best lineman available and put them where they see fit. All the shuffling is happening to get Chris Hairston some reps after rehab.

    In a way it’s the same, in a way it’s not.

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