Champ Bailey: Dan Snyder should change the Redskins’ name

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One of the best players to put on a Washington Redskins uniform in the time that Dan Snyder has owned the franchise is calling on Snyder to change the team’s controversial name.

Champ Bailey, a four-time Pro Bowler for the Redskins before he was traded to the Broncos in 2004, told USA Today that it’s time to listen to Native Americans who say the term “Redskins” offends them.

“When you hear a Native American say that ‘Redskins’ is degrading, it’s almost like the N-word for a black person,” Bailey said. “If they feel that way, then it’s not right. They are part of this country. It’s degrading to a certain race. Does it make sense to have the name?”

Bailey said Snyder needs to put stubbornness aside and do the right thing.

“I get it, he doesn’t want to change it,” Bailey said of Snyder. “But he’s making it worse than it should be.”

Snyder has said he will never change his team’s name. It’s becoming increasingly clear that if Snyder maintains that position, this issue will never go away.

176 responses to “Champ Bailey: Dan Snyder should change the Redskins’ name

  1. I call on Kraft Foods and all other food corporations to remove the name ‘Cracker’ from all their products. I, as a white person, find it offensive when ever I see it in the Grocery Store.

  2. He’s certainly not going to change it now that he just pumped a lot of money into hiring a lobbyist to defend the name. He has made up his mind and he’s in it for the long haul. He’ll never change it unless the variables surrounding this issue show drastic change that prompt him to make a change.

  3. Tell “Champ” to change his name to a real name. Nothing but cry babies. I guess I can play the game. Next time some one calls me “Lefty” I can sue them. Quit playing the N-word. It is in music by black singers and black language used Blacks all the time. People need to grow up.

  4. Funny how Champ any others didn’t have a problem cashing checks from the Washington REDSKINS when they played for them.

  5. Sounds like Champ needs to figure out who is “saying” what, and why they are saying it.

    Stick to football, “champ”.

  6. Except of course that black people keep calling THEMSELVES the n word. So I guess its not the same thing moron.

  7. This is all such BS. So many other bigger problems to worry about. Don’t go changing the name so that the 15 or so people that truly are actually offended about it can go running around telling the world they made an NFL team change their name.

    Dan Snyder, please absolutely do not give in to this nonsense. Keep the Redskins name! I’m not even a Washington fan but I’m sick of these advocacy groups sticking their noses where it doesn’t belong simply to garner publicity for themselves. Make a stand, if no one gave a crap about the name for the last 30 years why is it suddenly so wrong now?

  8. Multiple schools on reservations use the name Redskins as their mascot. It’s not changing, no matter how many people like Bailey get paid money under the table to speak out against it. Snyder should never address the topic again. Never. Once the regular season starts we won’t hear about it until the next offseason, if the last couple of years at PFT are any clue.

  9. I think it takes care of it if you just change the “e” to an “a,” right?

  10. Snyder should relent and end all the controversy. What’s the point? The league is changing so quickly , the fans who are so intent on keeping the name will soon forget about it.

  11. Agree and once their is a steady chorus from current or former leading players name change will be inevitable. For those who think the name should remain the same, think of it this way, would you ever go up to a Native American you just met and say, “Hey Redskin, how’s it going ?” No because you would rightfully expect to get slapped in the face or, at a minimum, be in an uncomfortable situation.

  12. First, the greatest Redskins’ cornerback of all time (Darrell Green) said the name-change debate was a valid conversation. Now, the second greatest Skins corner of all time calls the moniker “degrading to a certain race.”

    Folks, the writing on the wall has turned into a flashing neon light.

  13. Champ was a “bitter ex-employee”… not that he’s sad he left…he’s glad…but I mean before he left there was definitely bad blood.

    Therefore, sorry but this is not really that surprising. Basically, it’s the same thing as all the fans of other teams that want the name to change just to ruffle the feathers of the Redskins fans.

  14. I say this as someone who isn’t a fan of the Redskins:

    If my team is not in the Super Bowl, I honestly would love nothing more than to see the Redskins hoist the Lombardi trophy, and force Roger Goodell to congratulate the “Washington Redskins” to the world….not to mention the faux outrage the would manifest from hearing the Redskins’ fight song being played and argued about in the two weeks leading up to the big game…that would be awesome!

  15. Wouldn’t be the offseason without the Redskins name debate. Can’t wait until the offseason next year!

  16. “for the love of god will when this topic go away…”

    When the team changes the blatantly racial name.

  17. I personally don’t mind the name and my father is an Indian. He loves the nickname and is glad they honor the Indian heritage with it. I have yet to meet an Indian in person who is against is. Funny how people who aren’t Indians are telling us what is racist? Black people say all the time that a white person can’t say whether or not the “N” word is racist because they feel it is. How come it’s okay for whites and blacks to tell us this word is? Is it because the Indians aren’t and this is all political to divert the attention from stuff that really matters?

  18. If Snyder should change the name to anything that is not Indian related, can you imagine how sales in Indian made products would drop? It’s plausible some Indian businesses go out business, if you all these teams to drop their Indian related name and symbols. Be careful what you wish for.

  19. ….really who CARES what champ bailey thinks?! Is HE a Redskin? nope. Is HE a Native American? nope! I love how a bunch of white and black folks are trying to inform Native Americans how they should feel!

  20. I wish people would stop mindlessly repeating that the word is racist, without actually knowing if the word is racist or not.

    Oklahoma. Northern Cree.

    I understand not wanting prejudice or bigotry to run rampant and unchecked. But find out if that’s really what’s going on here.

    I used to think it was. My research has shown me otherwise. Do some of your own, before you spout off on something.

  21. Since when is the n word offensive? Didnt a bunch of black players lose their marbles when the NFL tried to ban it? Its a term of endearment they said.

  22. Here we have a guy, with a fictional self-promotional name of Champ, on the last legs of his career, trying to jack his name in the sports pages for reasons that dont concern him.

    Redskins forever!

  23. All of these people who suddenly ” care” about this issue, all have their own personal agendas. Champ is just another in a long line of crooked politicians, money grabbing folks and soap box heroes looking for attention and personal glory. Champ is Tiki Barber 2.0…

    Stay strong Danny !

  24. The Redskin organization needs to adopt a Belichikian approach to this “issue” and respond, “We are only discussing matters relating to the football team and players.” End press conferences if follow up questions come, and start subtly denying access to anyone who pushes it. That’s how Bill squelched Tebowmania in New England, and that’s how Snyder can stuff a sock in this nonsense. Fighting back only fuels the fire.

  25. Any time you start thinking that this country has moved forward and is no longer in the dark ages of racial relations, all you have to do is come to the comments section on an article about Washington changing their name and that illusion goes right away.

    Responses range from, “They aren’t allowed to be offended, and here’s why,” to, “It is just the liberals trying to keep the white man down,” to, “Who cares, they’re a minority, amirite?”

    Changing the name would do more than placate liberals. It would be a marketing bonanza. Change the name, change the colors, and change the logo. Everyone that supports the team will continue doing so, regardless of internet boasting, and you can sell them all new jerseys, hats, coats, bumper stickers, klan hoods, cooler bags, seat cushions, shower curtains, lamps, etc.

  26. There is a picture of a Native American on the helmet and we call the team the Redskins. How would native Americans not be offended. Think about it. There is no way the name was created to honor native Americans….that’s bull crap. It was just a name that sounded neat and they are using the reasoning that tribes were in that area in the 1700’s when settlers arrived. I understand NFL tradition and the fan base but come on. If a group of people by a large margin are offended, change it. If the NBA changed bullets to wizards because of fear of violence they NFL can change this.


    It doesn’t matter that you don’t think it’s offensive. It doesn’t matter that it’s “always been that way”. It sure as hell doesn’t matter that there are other high school teams with the same name.

    It’s racist and antiquated. There’s no “BLACKSKINS” or “YELLOWSKINS”.

    WAKE UP!!!

  28. Blackhawks, braves, Indians. Get one pro team to change before you even consider messing with nfl teams. Football is sacred to the real fans, the more they mess with it the harder it becomes to enjoy

  29. When is Bailey going to come out against the Broncos name, since it demeans horses?

    As for Snyder, well, I have some suggestions for a new name that would put an end to this political correctness witch hunt once and for all. If Snyder renames the team, he should choose one of the following names:

    Washington Crooked Politicians
    Washington Red Tape
    Washington Bureaucrats
    Washington National Debt
    Washington Elitist Snobs

  30. I would love it if Snyder would call a press conference and let it leak that in the press conference he will announce a name change for the team – and then at the press conference unveils the “D.C. Redskins”.

  31. Let’s change these other names: Vikings – savages who assaulted and pillaged, Raiders – same thing, Cowboys – sexist against cowgirls, Saints – offends athiests, Patriots – offends the British, Chiefs – offends someone

  32. Those who oppose the name change make the exact same arguments made by those who opposed desegregation of schools in the 1960’s.

    And just like those Southern racists who opposed desegregation, they will eventually lose, evolve, change their minds, and become better for it.

  33. Heaven forbid a black former star of the team should give a response when asked his opinion on the issue. Instead, we should focus upon the opinion of a bunch of Caucasian fans of the team that likely have experienced about as much racism as the average door knob.

  34. Why is it that the only people demanding a name change are NOT Native Americans? Tell these people with their politically correct agent to just shove it.

  35. And you should change yours to Chump, because that’s what you are, a chump.

  36. Thanks Chump for your opinion but shouldn’t you be more concerned about trying to cover or should I say catch Percy Harvin? He just ran by you again…..

  37. Since so many are so astute in the name redskin being derogatory how about the state of Oklahoma which is Choctaw, native american Indian tribe, for RED PEOPLE. Hmmmm

  38. The NFL needs to add more teams so that they can have more racial slur team nicknames. Beijing Ching Chongs, Kentucky Crackers, Compton N-words(I’m not racist but the public would boycott games if these teams existed). If you have a problem with those teams, You should have a problem with the skins name, just saying. I say all this and I’m a fan of the team that plays at Fed Ex Field.

  39. The name should simply be changed to the Reds…..keep the same color scheme…..and come up with another picture logo.

    Dan, I can help with this change. Feel free to contact me and my team for our services.

  40. Uncle. UNCLE! I, as someone who thinks the controversy is manufactured and stupid, IMPLORE you, Dan Snyder: Make it stop. Just change the name for the love of GOD. I can’t take the sanctimonious articles and self-serving statements from the media and Native American groups anymore. Just….stop. STOOOOPPPPPPP!

  41. let me ask this ………..if Snyder keeps refusing to change the name after he has been shown and told that this name is “slang ” and “offensive ” to people ……then what he is REALLY saying is that he doesnt care that its racist

    Now should the NFL force the sale of this team from a “know racist” just like the NBA is doing to Sterling ……Snyder is flaunting his racist views

    take the team from Dan Snyder by force

  42. I with PFT was around in the 60’s when it took an act of congress to get the Washington team to sign a black player. I bet alot of these comments would be the same.

    Its racist. Plain and simple. Change it. Its not the 1930’s anymore.

  43. Please destroy their argument by naming them the Washington Whiteskins. Then sit back, relax, and watch their heads explode as they reverse their stance from the name being derogatory and racially insensitive, to it being the promotion of white privilege.

    And, before the Redskins are ultimately coerced/forced to change their brand name in our free society, can we get a full list of names that are insensitive? I’m concerned that if they change the name to the Washington Warriors than all of the soft PC pansies out there will be offended and force yet another name change.

  44. For every 1 Native American that you find who’s offended by the name Washington Redskins, you find 10 who aren’t and who like the name.

  45. I think we need to start considering how a word is used more than whether or not the word is offensive.

    “I enjoyed those crackers in my soup.”

    “Those crackers aren’t allowed in here.”

    “We’re going to the Redskins game. Go RGIII!”

    “You won’t see me hanging out with any red-skinned, yellow-skinned, white-skinned or orange-skinned idiots.”

  46. I know how it feels when I hear Dirty White Boy by Foreigner.
    If Lou Graham and Mick Jones would please change the name;i
    would no longer be offended.

  47. I think we all know that the biggest issue here is that Snyder is an entitled brat who doesn’t like to be told what to do.

    This, all of the issues they’ve had with their long tenured season ticket holders, snyder cutting down a bunch of (known by him to be) protected trees then waging a war with the govt even though he was obciouslt wrong etc, all give the air of an incompetentlY managed franchise that doesn’t get it, particularly when they respond to criticism with the equivalent of a kid crossing his arms, stomping his feet and holding his breath

  48. Most Native Americans don’t like the name, but tolerate it to avoid being forgotten altogether. It’s sad that an entire race has been marginalized so much that they choose degradation over complete dismissal.
    Welcome to America.

  49. Has Dan Snyder done anything good since owning the team? Then why is his decision to not change the name seem like a good idea?

  50. Snyder is two kinds of idiot.

    1) He’s stubbornly holding on to a name he is going to have to change someday. If Goodell and the rest of the NFL don’t get him to do it, Congress will. This is not about if any more, it’s about when.

    2) He is not recognizing the marketing and merchandising bonanza a name change would bring about. He could sell Redskins merchandise for those who still want it and he could sell merchandise for the new team name. There is plenty of money to be made.

  51. My grandfather was a full blooded Mohawk. He told me years ago the Redskins name was offensive to Native Americans. If it’s offensive to any race, you need to change the name. Plain & simple.

  52. Will changing the name give put 12 million people back into the workforce, or let 57,000 veterans finally meet with doctors at the VA? No, but it’s a completely superficial issue that helps “right thinking” people feel like they contribute to society for once, so we get to hear about it constantly.

  53. To be offended is to make a choice, to allow yourself to be offended. For many, this choice is too easy.
    To be a human and look beyond our differences, requires a conscious effort. For most, the is far too difficult.
    To be stuck in a world full of indecencies, and yet focus energy on whether or not, “Redskin,” is or is not offensive, is to be stuck in a world of racism.
    To change the name would be, in my opinion, one of the most defaming thing to do to our Native American brothers, effectively, removing their likeliness from the human lexicon. As if to say Andrew Jackson, not only destroyed the Native American presence in North America, but he also wipe the Natives out of existence. Native Americans would become myths, no longer a part of our world, only our imaginations.
    Oh but what about the countless number of other Native American references in sports?
    Well, what about them?

  54. All those who support the perpetuation of this racial epithet, are either consciously or unconsciously latent racist themselves. They are not honorable people defending a noble tradition, they are in fact uneducated, ill informed, inbred, brain dead right wing nut-jobs, hopelessly mired in the 18th century. They blindly defend the indefensible, refusing to acknowledge that the very term that describes a race of people offends some of them as well as other who are capable that not so subtle perception.

  55. The so called N word was actually used on un-wealthy Irish settlers who first came to America.

    They were considered the lowest form of scum.

    then the africans got brought over and they used the name on them.

    I am Irish and this name doesnt offend me, what people need to do is stop taking ownership of a title and just live your life. There are no black slaves anymore, so to be offended by a word means you are thin skinned.

    people are gonna say what they want regardless.

  56. Ok…so I’m a man of shorter than average stature at 5’ the use of the term “Napoleon complex” is offesnsive but its used everywhere every day by tons of people. While we are it and tons want the Skins name changed….the long tradition of Notre Dames mascot is offensive to all shorter than average and smaller peoe and needs to be changed as well. ..point is..yiu do this and it opens up a paradox!

  57. Tell us how you really feel “Second Best” Bailey… I’m sort but again where were all these guys 10-20-30-40 years ago??? If it offended you so much you shouldn’t have signed that rookie contract you hypocrite

  58. I saw the commercial…they call themselves, “blackfoot” and “chief” and “crazy horse” and a bunch of other nicknames on that 2 minute production of laughs. You mean you’re telling me you prefer the team name be The Washington “Blackfeet”?

    So we eliminate the “Chief” and “Redskin” name from the NFL. Then what? What happens when it becomes the “Washington Senators” (which the Senate is obviously pushing for), and the Native Americans now have no recognition by any team whatsoever, good or bad, then what? Will you cry that you are not recognized by the NFL?

    When we are slowly becoming the home of the coward (brave) and land of the school sh00tings (free), the agenda to change an NFL football teams franchise holds a little less weight in my eyes.

  59. Snyder should change the name right after the commercial airs tonight.

    Then immediately slap the Onida Nation Tribe and its lawyers with a defamation of character lawsuit. They have insinuated Snyder is a racist.

    Then have his accountants estimate costs of name change for all licensed product, including loss of projected sales through merchandising And all associated costs… Then sue them for that…

    Somebody has to pay for these costs… Why should Snyder? Make the people that want the change pay.

  60. I’d give Champ a little more credibility had he said this while a member of the Washington Redskins,but not now.
    If this really was a personal issue with players they would refuse to be employed by the Redskins,and the only way that will happen is if a very wealthy individual agreed to pay the player a boat load of money to take a stance.Probably won’t happen

  61. Washington Warriors.

    Use the old Arrow logo. Or maybe a fancy-ish “W” akin to what they have now, or something close to the National’s “W”.

    Hell, it’d be a chance to get some fancy new jerseys.

    I don’t get it. Its just a giant headache for everyone involved. Just change it. I have close family friends that belong to a tribe. I asked them what they thought. They told me it was racist and offensive. So I believe them. How’re a bunch of rich white dudes in suits going to tell them otherwise?

    Maybe Synder could just send out apology blankets to all the Native American tribes?

    It’s a changing world. Our actions, words, and beliefs from the past become null and void as time goes on. Just because it was ok 50 years ago doesn’t mean it’s ok today.

  62. I’m pretty sure Native Americans aren’t calling each other “Redskin” like its their first name, using it in all their “pop songs” then saying it’s only offensive when white people say it, but whatever?

  63. I am a man at 5’5 who is shorter than average…So what of the Notre Dame logo being offensive to people shorter than average and using statements like “Napoleon Complex”which is derogatory or the blatantly “red” faced character mascot of The Cleveland Indians that looks like black face for Indians? I mean the argument has been….”doesn’t matter of the meaning or intent, if one person is offended it must be changed” The paradox that will be opened will be ridiculous.

  64. Say you’ll change the name..but that you might have to move to Los Angeles.

    Threatening to move to LA is like the “get what you want” badge in the NFL, because anyone that starts doing it gets precisely that.

  65. the whole nickname thing is an attempt to get fans to associate with the team as if they have some real connection to the team. The same thing is true of naming a team after a city. They are the Snyders. How do you feel about cheering for a team named after that egomaniac dimwit?

    The only team justified in naming it’s team after a city and hence a nickname are the Green Bay Packers. The rest as far as I know are owned by some rich guy.

  66. I get the distinct impression that many of those who so staunchly support the name “Redskins” have zero understanding of Native American history. I urge you to educate yourself. You might start with “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee” by Dee Brown. After you’ve read about the many, many massacres, mass executions, removals, and repeatedly broken treaties that characterize interactions between the US and Native Americans, maybe you’ll have some second thoughts about supporting a term many Native Americans find offensive.
    …Or, you can skip the whole educating yourself thing and blindly continue to support the term

  67. Red Mesa Redskins – a Navajo reservation High School in AZ.

    Soooo, its so offensive that a Navajo high school uses the name Redskins with a nearly identical logo?

  68. Just change it – suck it up, raise prices on tix, cut some positions, lower your salary, etc…just be done with it already

  69. Most folks do not care about the name. There are always a few that will argue the name is bad and as long as the name is there, it will be out in the media. I do not think there is anything wrong with the name, logo, or any part of the Washington team, but it will detract from the game of football and the team, so just change the name. Snyder needs to worry about winning games, not the name and move on.

  70. sure make alot of money if he changes.everyone will need new merchandise or maybe they have little fan support.

  71. It is his team, if he wants to keep the name it is his decision to make. For everyone that thinks he should somehow be compelled to change the name because they buy in to all this PC crap all they need to do is come up with a couple billion dollars and buy the team. If the name is that offensive then you are free to watch another team or even another sport.

  72. The cracker comment above about Kraft taking the word cracker off of their boxes was just dumb and ignorant. I’m pretty sure a cracker (the snack) existed before it was used as a derogatory term for Caucasians. The N-word and Redskin have always been derogatory, let’s not be blind to this.

  73. It’s not a racist term. At worst, it’s antiquated. If I was Snyder I’d agree to change as soon as the NAACP changes its name.

  74. The team has a noble name that pays homage to Wyandot, Lenape and Shawnee warriors of the past. If Champ Bailey has a problem with that, he should vote with is feet. He should not do the “progressive” (actually regressive) thing of trying to vote for everyone else and leave people with no choice.

    Who is Champ Bailey to decide for me? I have Native American blood flowing through my veins. I want my ancestors to be remembered, not forgotten.


  75. I don’t remember this being an issue when I was a kid, is there a particular reason as to why this has come up recently?

  76. Look up cracker, the N-word and Redskin on Redskin has no other meaning but “usually offensive Native American”, the N-word has 3 definitions marked usually offensive (all pretty much the same), cracker has multiple definitions with the usually offensive coming at 5a and 5b but none of the others. #ignoranceisnotbliss

  77. I love how people think redskin fans have unlimited money to blow on a team that Ian theirs. Why dont you folks saying we should have to buy new team gear start a fund for the fans who youre pushing out of the league

  78. I remember a time when I could say what I want to, even if I’m just kidding.
    Far be it from you or I to say something and some one else to take offense to it, or record it without permission for malicious intent.
    Far be it from your own parent or guardian to spank their children, when child services will raise your kid for you.
    Far be it from me, to type these words that may show up again, at the pearly gates of Heaven, when St. Peter plugs in my USB jump drive into Heaven’s entrance exam, to go over my life’s ups & downs.
    Wars against plants, religions, and now the trail of tears, 2.0.

  79. Great just what we need another washed up NFL player trying to keep his name relevant. Hey Champ hearing you talk about social science or political theory is like asking John Elway if he knows a good dentist. You certainly didn’t have any problem putting that disgusting helmet on for so many years you hypocrite.

  80. None of you anonymous pro-Redskins commenters would walk up to a large native american and call him a Redskin–not one of you.

    That should tell you enough right there.

  81. Mind your own business, Champ. You have your hands full trying to figure out how to avoid getting trucked by Kelvin Benjamin.

    Geaux Saints. And take the Pelicans with you.

  82. Anyone whom is saying the name should stay is a racist. If you think that it is ok to except that the Red***** name is ok then have a look at your self in the mirror. Any form of hate and bigotry is wrong.

  83. Listen guys I live in Arizona, and there is a large native american population in Arizona and I can assure you that the word REDSKIN is a racist term used to belittle native americans. Racists often use that word here as well as other southwestern states where there are larger populations of native americans. I have heard this many times with my own ears. What else do you need to know?

  84. People keep suggesting that the Redskins name is racist. I think many need to go look up what the word means. And the funniest part of all? The Name Redskins is an American Indian term…so where it has become derogatory is beyond me. If most people were not sheep followers or just headline readers and do some research they would know the history. This is nothing more but a subject to distract from important issues and for old or former players to stay talked about.

    If Champ really feels this way…then why all of a sudden now? Why not when you Played 4 years and went to pro bowls for the team? Whatever!

  85. everyone who keeps suggesting “warriors” umm there is already a pro team in another sport with that name copy righted for pro sports use…so that’s not happening.

  86. We took an NBA franchise away from Sterling. Just make Snyder change the name. Either he picks one or we do it for him. I propose the Foreskins.

  87. can’t believe some people are suggesting champ should’ve complained about this while on the team. yeah, cuz that’s a brilliant career move.

  88. Little Danny sued a cartoonist who dared to draw a caricature of him with horns, claiming the drawing was anti-Semitic and he (Snyder) would not stand for it. Look it up. (Of course his claim was patently absurd because the caricature was mocking him without any reference to his religion.) But he thinks it’s OK for him to use an obviously degrading term.

    (And Skins fans who keep claiming the name was adopted to “honor” Indians, the Washington Post debunked this meme a few weeks ago by posting the newspaper interview in which the original owner specifically admitted that had nothing to do with it, he was just trying to keep using the team logo when the team name was changed from Boston Braves.)

  89. All this mounting criticism proves is that a lie (or misinformed notion) get’s halfway around the world before the truth get’s out of bed.

  90. I find the whole conversation ridiculously simplistic. Think about any other name like this: whiteskins, blackskins, yellowskins.

    I am a lifelong skins fan. Only when I became an adult did I understand the racist nature of this. I do not believe myself to be a racist. I am a white male. I have friends of nearly every other race.

    It’s just a fact: each race has ways it prefers to be called by. Everyone has to be sensitive to this and comply with the request from the other. Personally I could care less if someone calls me cracker or any other slang for white. My black friends, however, prefer certain terms and even if they refer to each other with those names forbidden to me, I am ok with it. It’s just the way it is. I don’t take it personally.

    Bottom line: the Redskins name is a “color based.” It offends a large number of Native Americans. It has to go.

  91. All of the wanna be educators and journalists that supposedly know the meaning of the word Redskin need to give their proof of the reasoning of it being a slur or a racial epitaph.

    If there is proof then the name should change, but if it is just an idiotic ploy of a trouble maker trying to spin the meaning then shut up and move on to the next idiotic ploy.

    It’s hard to believe that after all of these years of oppression and reservation living, someone is trying to champion the cause to change a name and logo instead of a cause to change the circumstances of their living conditions.

    Who is compassionate enough to do what Dan Snyder has done and ask the people still caught in the middle of propaganda whether or not they relate the name as offensive.

    Champ Bailey made millions under that name and he should be ashamed enough to give it back or donate it to the American Indian communities that are offended as an offering of his sincerity of concern for their plight.

    All of the bullying in trying to run roughshod over Dan Snyder is not the answer and neither is he the problem.

    The American bigotry is founded and fostered right on Capitol Hill where the 50 idiots have attempted to deflect the real issues concerning the native Americans.

    They should be ashamed for allowing a little boy to grow up in Maryland with a love for a football team with a heritage of a fighting spirit with a name that was a racial slur and then allow him to buy that team to become more endeared and intimate with all of it.

    That is the epitome of the American dream and now you want to find a way to take it away. Shame on America and all of you who believe that he is just going to accept your version and go away.

    He is a real Redskin in every sense of the word and if it is a slur it is marked with his red American blood.

    You all need to get a life and take up a true cause that would make a difference

  92. Well, if Champ was around and voiced 10 years ago when he took a hefty paycheck from this mean old insensitive team…maybe his point would be worth a bit. But Champ, as working class guy, I feel offended that you make so much money when we both put in the time at our jobs. Are you willing to change your salary since someone is offended?

  93. If Champ think because someone else is offended someone should change, then I’m sure when he knows I’m offended at his salary vice the average guy, he’ll fork it right over.

  94. Washington Natives…..see how long til someone howls about that, and then just say, “Who am I offending? I didn’t refer to them!”……No matter which group complains. For a logo, use something smart-alecky with a pun involved….

  95. Sounds like Champ is trying to position himself for an ESPN analyst job, considering he’s way past his prime in football.

  96. The name will be changed, it’s just a matter of time. By the way, I’ve spent quite a bit of time on reservations and have never been on one where the team was called the Redskins. If all the grade schools, high schools, and colleges in America that had the name have changed it why not the NFL? Many folks just don’t get it, just because something isn’t offensive to you doesn’t mean it’s not offensive.

  97. Ok,ok, It’s over… I’ve been a huge Skin’s fan forever and it’s not easy living in the middle of 49/Raiders country , but I think the battle’s lost..I don’t want to change the name but it’s really looking like it offends people.. Not only that but more and more people every day are feeling that way..At this point it seems like Snyder’s pride is taking over..I think it’s time to change..I’ll root for the Warriors or whatever it changes to just as hard..I just want them to be a powerhouse again,,and not feel a bit ashamed when I say I’m a Washington (insert cool name here) Fan and be damn proud..

  98. Hey Champ if you felt this way when you played for the Skins why didn’t you say anything about it then?

  99. This issue isn’t going away. Youcan’t just say we have had this name for so many years. and use it as a reason to continue. Washington fans try to cloud the issue by bring up Chiefs,Braves,Warriors,Indians. Not at all the same category as Washington’s name. It does not help you to point fingers at others. It needs to be changed and will be changed. Grow up, what are you going to do stop watching your Washington team. I doubt that very much. So have a good cry and get over it. Change the name now Snyder.

  100. Not surprised that he is ignorant of the true meaning of the name. He is just following the other ignorant Sheep.

  101. Darrell Green,Charles Mann and DeAngelo Hall have said their opnions about the name when they were still with the team I may not agree with them but I respect them more then Champ.

  102. chump or toast.. we referred to him by both monikers

    still say they need spell check and name checker to prevent parents from giving kids asinine names

    no HOF for this tool

  103. The schadenfreude on this issue is going to be epic when the name is changed. I predict pandemic apoplexy and the most satisfying part will be how ineffectual all their bemoaning has been. Once it has changed there will still be a vocal minority all too willing to demonstrate their bigotry, that ought to be amusing as well.

  104. There is no bigotry, only your ignorance. I don’t credence to how racists use the word. I use the word with its original intent. But, you go ahead and keep giving power to racists to change and destroy the meaning of words.

  105. You go on ahead and keep living in that fantasy world where there isn’t any racial bigotry. Who’s ignorant? One who chooses to ignore “how racists use the word” while at the same time admitting an offensive connotation exists or one who acknowledges the existence of racism? Ignorant and certain are no way to go through life son.

  106. Racism is when one race believes themselves to be superior to another or believe one race is inferior to another. This is not what is occurring. The careless use of the word racist is a slap in the face to those who have experienced REAL racism. Genocide is a REAL issue outside of this country’s “First World” problems.
    If I ask 1000 people a question and put pressure on them to answer the way I want them to under the threat of racism and a small minority answer as commanded that doesn’t mean I am right, it just means I am an intolerant bully!

  107. “First, the greatest Redskins’ cornerback of all time (Darrell Green) said the name-change debate was a valid conversation. Now, the second greatest Skins corner of all time calls the moniker ‘degrading to a certain race.’ ”
    Pat Fischer ranks ahead of Champ Bailey in the greatest Redskins CBs of all time.

  108. hope that jackazz Toast Bailey pays for this ignorance with exclusion from HOF and another paycheck

    tired of these morons voicing an ignorant opinion like it means something

    Hail to the Redskins!

  109. Hey Chump you’re lucky Sean Taylor isn’t alive I bet he’d clean your clock for making these comments. Lost alot of respect for this guy and he was one of my favorite players to watch growing up. He never seemed to have an issue with the team name when he was playing for the REDSKINS. Same goes for London Fletcher.

  110. Can anyone offer a cogent alliteration as to why this subject seems to compel so many right wing jackwagons to comment? Then attempt to explain why all of the top 5 subjects commented on have to do with either the racist nickname or the only team in the league that has authentic Native American art as the team logo? Can you say latent racism? I knew that you could.

  111. If Snyder had to change the name of his team, how much would it cost? Bailey has probably made enough in his career to help cover whatever losses Washington incurs.

  112. This and will always be the far left minority using political correctness to have their way. Thank you for nothing George Soros.

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