Desperate for leadership, Dolphins sign Gerald Ford


Apparently looking to add some experience and leadership to their receiver corps, the Dolphins made a roster move today.

According to Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald, the Dolphins signed wide receiver Gerald Ford and waived tight end Emmanuel Ogbuehi.

If he can help America get over the division and distrust of Watergate, helping the Dolphins move past the Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin saga should be a piece of cake.

Ford helped Michigan to national titles in 1932 and 1933, and later went on to become President of the United States. He died in 2006 at the age of 93.

So wait, maybe it’s not that one.

As it turns out, the guy they acquired is a rookie from Valdosta State.

We’ll see when he gets to camp if he can get off the line of scrimmage without tripping.

23 responses to “Desperate for leadership, Dolphins sign Gerald Ford

  1. Are you sure that Gerald Ford is dead? Wouldn’t want to accidentally Terry Bradshaw him.

  2. Oh, please, get off the “Ford was clumsy” schtick. He was actually a very good athlete, as you say yourself, who was unfairly portrayed by the media as clumsy. Nice job of slandering a nice guy.

  3. .

    “Ford died in 2006 ”

    …….. making him the most productive lineman on the Dolphins roster.


  4. Thanks for the yuks. I needed a good chuckle today. I kinda feel sorry for the kid, though.

  5. Haha, very funny — not. The alleged humor about BullyGate has gotten old. If the Dolphins who despite all the problems from last year, still had an 8-8 record, what kind of leadership problems do the 18 teams have, who had a worse record?

    How about the leadership problems of the Colts, Bengals, and Falcons? All of whom lost to Miami last year?

  6. Nice guy…? Yeah, there was nothing fishy at all about Ford being appointed VP by Nixon, becoming President when Nixon resigned, and then immediately granting Nixon a full pardon. Nothing fishy at all.

  7. Gerald Ford was President the last time the vikings won the NFC, nearly 4 decades ago.

    Unlike the vikings, Gerald Ford was a national champion and obtained the highest political office in America.

  8. “Almighty Cabbage”, it wasn’t fishy but good political sense. The spectacle of an American president being criminally charged would have done significant damage to the country. Although, I must admit, it all led to Jimmy Carter who did significant damage himself …

  9. “We’ll see when he gets to camp if he can get off the line of scrimmage without tripping.” – Seeing the mainstream press convince many Americans that Gerald Ford was a complete and incompetent klutz convinced me that media bias exists and usually supports liberal democrats. Not much has happened over the last 40 years to change my mind.

  10. President Ford used to regularly bang his head when he was getting out of Marine One. That’s what lead to all the jokes and Chevy Chase mocking him on SNL. It became such an issue (Ford looking like a dufus, banging his head as he got out of the helicopter) that cameras were banned when he deboarded.

    What I respected about President Ford is that he believed in statesmanship. He believed in engaging the political opposition and debating philosophy. It wasn’t just shouting and neener-neener name calling. It was a discussion of ideas. As former Presidents, he and Carter used to travel the nation engaging in debates at various universities.

    Ford was a class act. Let’s hope the new member of the Dolphins bearing his name is just as classy.

  11. You can always expect to find the words ” desperate” and “Dolphins” in the same sentence.

  12. Keep knockin us…. We took the last decade off and are STILL the 2nd Winningiest NFL Team in history… Can your team say that? Only answer if you are a Bears Fan.

  13. Valdosta State’s Gerald Ford is also a National Champion — 2012 D2 National Champs to be exact.
    Gerald is an exciting receiver, but also a hard worker, just like another VSU Blazer, Jessie Tuggle. VSU fans are just happy to see someone give Gerald a chance to show what he can do. And, yes, we did call him “Mr. President”!!

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