Drew Brees: Marques Colston has route “guidelines,” not “rules”


About a month-and-a-half after the Saints signed quarterback Drew Brees, the club selected wide receiver Marques Colston with its final pick in the 2006 NFL Draft.

Both moves, of course, have worked out splendidly for New Orleans. Brees has been one of the NFL’s top quarterbacks throughout his nine-season tenure, and Colston has been one of his prime targets throughout that span, hauling 607 regular season passes.

Speaking to reporters Wednesday, Brees noted the “huge trust and confidence factor” he has with the 31-year-old Colston, with the quarterback indicating the receiver’s experience in the Saints’ scheme allows him to adjust routes as needed.

“There’s a way a route is drawn up on the blackboard and then there’s a way you actually execute it on the field depending on the type of coverage and the technique and what you’re seeing,” Brees said Wednesday, according to the club.

By contrast, the Saints’ younger receivers are asked to play it more by the book, Brees said.

“We just tell those guys, you’re a rules guy and not a guidelines guy,” Brees said. “There’s guys that are rules guys — in other words, this is the rule, this is the way it is on paper, this is the way you do it — and there’s other guys that are guidelines guys, like here’s kind of what’s in the framework of these guidelines as to how this route is to be run, but if you feel something or see something and you’re on the same page as the quarterback, then you, by all means, do it.

“Marques is a guidelines guy.”

Brees’ remarks are a reminder that it takes time to build chemistry. Organized team activities, minicamps and training camp are part of the process, but the trial and error of successfully solving opposing defenses during actual games can’t be replicated. Such skill and experience is valuable, for it cannot be easily acquired.

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  1. The same concept applies to many other places of employment. There are certain individuals who are given more latitude than others due to their experience or level of performance. Life lesson: if you’re consistently exceptional at your job the boss gives you plenty of rope……if you’re a newbie (or just suck) you get a much shorter leash. lol!

  2. Every team needs a Colston.

    He gets the job done and you never hear a peep out of him.

    If anyone could hate on him, they’re just born haters.

    One of the best class acts every to play the game.

    Good on you, Colston.

  3. marvin Harrison was the same way quietly did his job never heard a peep out of him until…….

  4. Saints sb champs in 2040 no time soon baby its all about the defense and if saints dont get home field advantage throughout playoffs they will never make it to super bowl cause they cant go into green bay, san. Fran or seattle and beat any of those teams on the road thats a fact jack

  5. it means Colston is running option routes and using site adjustments. He reads a defense and adjusts his route or changes it based on the defense read and hopes Brees sees the same thing.

  6. Guidelines: do stuff that will result in the padding of Brees stats, and allow him to chase records.

  7. The important part of that is the “on the same page as the QB”. If not, any guideline will end in disaster.

  8. True on Miles Austin, if Colston was in Dallas instead of NO he would have made the pro bowl already

  9. midnite2020 says:
    Jun 11, 2014 11:16 PM
    marvin Harrison was the same way quietly did his job never heard a peep out of him until…….
    Seriously funny!

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