Gary Kubiak: Joe Flacco is a better athlete than I thought

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Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco has impressed new offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak this offseason, and not just with his strong arm.

Kubiak said he was surprised by how well Flacco moves, and Kubiak believes that makes Flacco an even better fit in the offense Kubiak is installing than he had previously thought.

I had no idea how good an athlete he is. He’s a very good athlete,” Kubiak said.

Kubiak has worked with athletic quarterbacks like John Elway and Steve Young, and Kubiak likes what a mobile quarterback can bring to the table.

“The things we like to do moving around, the zone-pass schemes that we like to run, I think fit to a lot of his strengths,” Kubiak said. “This league is about making big plays. It’s hard [when you go] three or four yards a pop to do it. You have to make some big plays, and Joe gives you the ability to do that.”

Most of the big plays Flacco makes will be with his arm. But he may make a few big plays with his legs.

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  1. “It doesn’t matter if Flacco is a good athlete. His stoopid contract is destroying the Ravens’ chances of signing good players. He sucks” – Flacco haters

  2. I understand this is the pre-preseason and hardly any coach (except maybe the Browns coach) says anything about his team that is not glowing, but how can a former head coach of a team that previously played the coach’s new team really be unaware of the players on that prior opponent that he had to prepare for.

    In this case, maybe it was because Kubiak was preparing his own offense and not paying as much attention to the offense of his opponent, but would he not have seen Flacco from the sideline once the game began?

    This is not directed at Kubiak alone, all coaches at new teams say the same thing about their new players.

  3. I love the Bengal fans making fun of someone’s QB. I would trash talk with them, but the reality of their situation does it so much better than I ever could.

    Enjoy futility after paying the red rifle more than Joe for less success.

  4. Should have his agent put in for a dancing with
    the stars gig then.Better shot at winning the mirror
    trophy; than the Lombardi

  5. Kubaik is the deal for Baltimore. Mark my words, he will maximize the offensive weapons productivity. Kubaik is a damn good offensive mind. Some unknown from Baltimore will put up some big numbers this season. Kubaik has the knack of finding that (Arian Foster, Anderson and few other RBs in denver, Owen Daniels, some X) talent and put that guy in oppositions game planning.

    The Houston fans criticizing Kubaik’s game calling was quite unwarranted. Those guys will feel this year how their offense look this year with all due respect to O’Brien.

  6. This proves why Gary didn’t make a great head coach. There was some big games against the Texans and Ravens yet the HC didn’t see enough game film of the opposing QB to know this?

  7. Well I haven’t seen him live, so I guess that’s while I’m still stuck in the “why does everyone think this guy is so good?” camp.

  8. A “good” athlete? That is classic damning with faint praise. Lot of mediocre QBs are good athletes. But not good or great QBs. Flacco is the later. No doubt about it. And his salary will be anchor around the Ravens for years.

  9. Kubiak has worked with athletic quarterbacks like John Elway and Steve Young, and Kubiak likes what a mobile quarterback can bring to the table.

    Kubiak has worked with talented, QBs with great arms. However with every other QB he has worked with he hasnt accomplished squat.

  10. “The Vikings could use a quarterback like Flacco.”

    I think Viking fans would settle for 1/2 a Flacco at QB. It would be better than anything on their current roster that’s for sure.

  11. Whether you like him or not, Flacco wins. It isn’t always pretty and it isn’t always Sportcenter fodder. People complain about his QBR, his passer rating, his completion percentage and his salary but check his wins and losses, playoff appearances, playoff wins, TD/INT ratio during the playoffs and victories for QB’s in each of their first 6 years. Don’t tell me it’s the defense, he took an injured Ngata, virtually useless Suggs, crippled Ray Lewis and a missing L Webb and won a Super Bowl in a year where the defense didn’t even rank in the top half of the league.

  12. Old Kubiak got out on the field and chased Joe and Joe got away from him… so…

    “I had no idea how good an athlete he is. He’s a very good athlete,” Kubiak said.

    Gotta ASK for the context folks…

    To Gary, he IS a good athlete because he got away from HIM…

    Scribes gotta ask the follow up questions…

    My lawn statutes are more mobile than Flacco…

  13. Oh…

    One thing to add to what I said above…

    Flacco ran a 4.84 40 yard dash years and years ago while he was younger…

    Doubt he’d get under 4.9 right now…

  14. This isn’t Russell Wilson and the read option is not in Kubiak’s offense. This means he can roll left or right out of the pocket, on a bootleg if necessary. He doesn’t need a pocket to protect him Peyton Manning style. I like Manning by the way, but he’s your prototypical pocket passer.

  15. Kubiak is what the Ravens needed. Because Baltimore is where Texans go who want to win a ring. Look at the facts: Pollard, Jacoby Jones, Vontae Leach. Kubiak Forsett and Owen Daniels are gonna result in a third ring.

  16. Flacco can move, although not as mobile as some of the other “flashy, mobile” guys he can actually make the throws those other flash mobile guys can’t, and I’ll always take that over all. That huge pass over Rahim (sp) Moore two seasons back is a good example. He just avoided a sack and ran around before finding Jacoby Jones for the score.

  17. Joe can move laterally in the pocket and he’s better at stepping up than you think. Add to that his cannon and his toughness (never missed a start due to injury). Yeah, he is a good athlete.

  18. I mean, if Gary is anything like most of us, the bar of expectation regarding Flacco’s athleticism couldn’t get any lower. So yeah this seems reasonable.

  19. Add a few good running backs and an offensive line and the offense may add up to something.

  20. Yeah … He’s the modern day Jim Thorpe… Says the coach who is lucky to have a job..

  21. When you’re used to watching Herman Munster Schaub at QB, anyone would look athletic running those boots

  22. He better be the most “elite” qb in the league with that putrid offensive line and lack of any RB. They’ll be lucky to average 3 points a game.

  23. He may be a good athlete but he isn’t a 120 million dollar QB…never has been..never will be. The ravens are going to suffer under Flacco and his exorbitant contract until he’s cut loose.

  24. Flacco got benched at Pittsburgh for Tyler Palko. Pitt told him to move to TIGHT END or Transfer. He chose to transfer to Delaware instead. The guy has athleticism for a QB, and he didn’t Eli Manning it by scoring 17pts and win a Super Bowl. Dude put up 34pts vs San Fran (1 kr td by Jacoby though).

  25. Flacco runs like a shopping cart with a busted wheel, but is still effective on a bootleg. His forward body lean comes from the excessive weight of his forehead and unibrow.

  26. Getting out of the pocket on the bootleg is essential to have more time to heave it 65 yards downfield. Face it, Flacco goes as far as his jumpballs are willing to take him.

  27. In his rookie season he had a run for 38 yards and caught a pass in the wildcat lined up at WR for 43 yards. Nobody is going to mistake him for Vick in his prime, but Joe can run a little bit.

    The reason why people don’t think he’s as athletic as he really is has to due with the fact that he makes a conscious effort NOT to run and the Ravens offense up until now did not use a lot of “moving pocket” plays. It was simply 3 & 5 step drops and some shotgun here and there.

    For a team that runs as much as the Ravens try to, a play action and fake handoff bootleg could really throw in a good wrinkle. Now all they have to do is actually block up front and hope that whomever is in the backfield can actually run.

    As long as everyone is healthy, this offense could be pretty scary with two guys that can run the underneath/middle stuff in Pitta and Steve Smith, and then two home run hitters in Torrey Smith and Jacoby Jones. If Rice is back, he’s your outlet. They also still have Marlon Brown who can be a mismatch in the slot as a big guy who will go over the middle. They’ve got some weapons. It will just be a matter of the O-line now.

  28. ok…Vikings fans are not allowed to comment on quarterback play ever. never ever. and for the last time, the flacco contract is not keeping the Ravens from doing anything. his cap number is under 15 million this year. please know what you are talking about before commenting

  29. I have a friend who’s a great athlete, has amazing hand-eye coordination, and is good at anything athletic he tries. He’s also really bad at the job he’s paid to do. Flacco’s long lost twin.

  30. Kubiak went on to say that Flunko just may be the best 120 million dollar QB out there……in the month of June.

  31. Before saying anything, let’s just see what kind of numbers he puts up this year. Joe can get the job done……… IF the O’line can give him some assistance for once.

  32. Flacco moves fairly well, and I’m sure that if Kubiak could make his rollout offense work well enough with Schaub, he’s pretty excited to run it with Flacco.

  33. Schaub doesn’t nearly have the arm Joe does. Why Jacoby was ineffective in Houston. But Jacoby’s hands and routes have improved in Baltimore. He has become quite the “weapon.” Another SB trophy is in the bag.

  34. I am just patiently waiting for the Ravens to take BACK their “underdog” role and prove everyone on here wrong AGAIN! This Ravens squad is going to be so good this year. ICE UP SON!

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