Irsay’s supposed cash habit could do more harm to him than addiction

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During the two-plus hours Jim Irsay spent on Monday with Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star, the Colts owner took a page from Carrot Top.  Irsay used a prop.

Of course, it may not have been a prop.  For Irsay’s sake, let’s hope it was.

Irsay complained during the interview about the news that he had more than $29,000 in cash at the time of his March 2014 arrest.  Irsay brushed it off as a direct product of his generosity, and he produced a briefcase containing stacks of $100 bills to prove his point.

Setting aside the potential connection between carrying that much cash and purchasing the kinds of things that can’t be charged to a debit card (then again, as Josh Alper noted via email, you never know when the bank is going to pack up and move in the middle of the night), Irsay’s decision to carry that kind of cash — and to flaunt it — represents the kind of reckless judgment that will make him the target of those who would do him harm.

The rich inherently risk attracting interest from those with criminal intentions.  Sean Taylor’s murder, for example, flowed from a belief by a group of then-teenagers that he had a bunch of cash in his house.  While the more sophisticated bandits realize that most rich people don’t carry around large chunks of their money, they now know that Irsay does.

Well, perhaps he does.  It’s possible if not likely that Irsay brought a briefcase full of Benjamins to his interview with Kravitz in an effort to keep anyone from thinking that Irsay carries a lot of cash only when he’s buy drugs illegally.

That nuance could be lost on the guy who will now case Irsay’s home or office waiting for an opportunity to rob him of cash that he may not be carrying.  For that reason, Irsay should be using some of his considerable cash to have one or more security officers with him at all times.

Meanwhile, Colts fans should hope Irsay applies far better judgment to the management of his team than he does to the preservation of his life and limb.

To hear Kravitz talking about the Irsay interview on Wednesday’s PFT Live, click the appropriate spot below.

31 responses to “Irsay’s supposed cash habit could do more harm to him than addiction

  1. The only people I’m aware of who travel around with tons of cash in briefcases are drug dealers or hitmen. Alcoholic sports owners? Not so much.

  2. so if you are a billionaire you can’t carry a few grand?? I had more than that on me yesterday, seems like reckless speculation to me.

  3. Well a lot of people seem to be complaining about his lack of admitting responsibility or apologizing, but has he admitted the Trent Richardson trade was a bad deal and apologized for that yet, or does he still currently believe that was a great deal? That’s just something that would be nice to have clarity on and that is a topic related to how well he is taking care of his team.

  4. Jim might have the need to get a large peperoni pizza in the middle of the night and have to pay cash for it.
    $29,000 is not a lot of cash to have in his pocket. Sure Jim…

  5. He probably thought it was a good idea to bring a briefcase full of cash to an interview, implying that it is nothing unusual for him to do. All he has proven is that he is an idiot, and that he regularly (1) buys illegal drugs, (2) participates in illegal gambling, (3) purchases the services of prostitutes, and/or does anything else in which a paper trail is unwise.

    Irsay is a spoiled, entitled rich kid who has never had an ounce of responsibility in his life.

  6. Reflects the disparity between the haves and have-nots.
    Irsay lives in a different world where money is religion and he is a disciple.

  7. Reminds me of a story about how Prince Charles never carries any cash because A) He never needs any and B) He has an assistant if a few bucks ever were needed for some reason. I imagine most billionaires are the same way.

    Irsay is so generous he needs $29K on hand in cash at all times? Calling shenanigans on that one.

  8. Irsay is a great example of the downside of inherited wealth…..He did nothing to get his wealth so he has no idea on how to handle fame and fortune…sad.

  9. Floyd Mayweather routinely walks around with much more than that I’m pretty sure. He’s is rolled up and wrapped with rubber bands in the pockets of his sweat pants….

    Then again, you’d have to be the bravest SOB alive to rob Money Mayweather… Still, rich people do these things. I walk around fairly regularly with several hundred dollars on my person. Probably the equivalent to me of 30k to Mr. Irsay.

    Still… he was obviously buying drugs.

  10. I’m incredibly rich, which is why I never have any money on me or in my bank account. Ladies.

  11. That horrible shirt he was arrested in tells you all you need to know about his judgement.

  12. rich, bored people doing drugs & boozing?.. shocked I tell you, absolutely shocked

  13. Like father, like son. When Bob Irsay was shopping the team all over the country, he got caught by a Baltimore reporter at the airport. Hammered, he got into an altercation with the reporter. He admonished the reporter along the lines of “I can buy or sell you, son.” He then proceeds to reach into his pocket and pull wads of cash out and flash it.
    Never forget it. Video has to be out there somewhere.

  14. Running his football team may be the only thing Irsay does well in his life.

    As a Colts fan I pretty much hate the dude, but you would be a fool to imply he mismanaged his football team.

  15. Jim Irsay stated recently that addiction is a disease. I agree with him. I would also like to remind him that certain diseases, leukemia or cancer, may make a person unfit to play in the NFL.

    Perhaps others, like addiction, may make a person unfit to be the steward of an NFL team.

  16. It’s his money, who cares. Funny how people are acting like this is a huge deal. When you sign the checks, you should not answer to anyone. Time to tell both commissioners that they need to retire, the owners need to let it be known they own the teams, the players nor the union does, if you do not like it, then go play in Europe.

  17. I’ve never liked the man and still don’t, but I don’t see anything wrong with carrying cash around, I really don’t.

    Some of you can’t understand the amount because you don’t live like he does, but it’s all relative.

  18. He just doesn’t get it and sadly never will. He’s just too arrogant and smug to see how this looks. He basically sees himself as a victim in all of this and considers himself heroic for getting busted and going to rehab to avoid possible jail time.

    You’re my hero Jim Irsay…. NOT!

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