Jerome Simpson: I’m worth more than the Vikings are paying me


Jerome Simpson says that on the field, he’s much more valuable than the one-year, $1 million contract he signed with the Vikings would suggest. But he knows that off the field he’s viewed as a risk, and that’s why he had to settle for a relatively modest contract.

Simpson was arrested in November on suspicion of DWI, eventually pleading guilty to lesser charges. That was his second off-field problem as a Viking; he previously spent 15 days in jail on a drug charge and was suspended for the first three games of the 2012 season. As a result, when he hit free agency this year, Simpson had to settle for less than half of the $2.1 million he made last year.

“I can’t lie. I was definitely surprised that I get paid less than what I got last year,” Simpson told the Pioneer Press. “I had my best numbers. But I guess when you got that negative thing on you, they kind of got you behind the 8-ball.”

Simpson caught 48 passes for 726 yards last season, and he thinks the Vikings are getting a steal.

“I know I’m worth more than what [his current contract] was,” Simpson said. “But I made my bed, so I got to lay in it. I got to just keep improving and move on and make plays. When it’s time to get paid or whatever and get the contract I deserve, then it’s going to happen.”

If Simpson can improve on last year’s numbers — and stay out of trouble — he can expect more money next year.

116 responses to “Jerome Simpson: I’m worth more than the Vikings are paying me

  1. The Bengals are one of the greatest franchise of all time it’s no wonder the Vikings find value in their leftovers.

    Mike Brown best owner in sports.





  2. It takes a special kind of talent to be targeted with over 100 passes and to catch less than 50 of them.

    Maybe he wants a participation trophy and to be taken out for ice cream.

  3. Then again, 48 passes for 726 yards being your best numbers is nothing to boast your chest about.

    If you were worth more, Jerome, some team would have paid it. But alas, they didn’t. And that kind of passive agressive complaining about getting close to the veteran minimum would get you a one-way ticket out of town in half the teams in the NFL. However, it’s not like the Vikings are loaded, so you should be happy that they’re paying you something and you have a shot at making the 53-man roster despite your lack of common sense off the field.

  4. The purpose is money motivated. He believes that this will strengthen his negotiating position and is employing what he sees as a mild and subtle fear tactic. He thinks teams are worried about having disgruntled players, so he’s saying that he accepts where he’s at but that at the end of the day it makes more sense to pay a player a chunk more to be 100% happy than to pay them a chunk less to be 0% happy. Those proportions would suggest that you should either go for the 100% happy option all-in instead of potentially paying a chunk less and experiencing a real problem.

    Let’s find out how Spielman breaks down the analytics on this one, and hopefully for Simpson he addresses the question when he’s in a good mood.

  5. 48 catches and a history of abuse… These athletes today are delusional.. Jerome has no skills outside if football and will be on food stamps within 5 years… Bank on it

  6. Don’t forget the six pounds of marijuana that was delivered to his house in 2011 while he was a Bengal.

  7. He should be happy. Drug and DUI charges, he would have already been kicked out of the military.

  8. Bahahahaha.

    Drug-dealing drunk-driver says what? Don’t worry Jerome, $1 million is still enough to buy plenty of weed and booze. And you don’t have to worry about the classless and talentless Vikings cutting you, so you can be assured you’ll see all of it.

  9. He’s got to be kidding he’s probably the 53rd best player on roster maybe.I would rather have an undrafted FA then this stiff just cut him and move on I bet no one would even pick him up GO VIKINGS!!!

  10. Jerome you are lucky the Viks gave you a gig… I’m sure T.O. and Chad could still outplay you and would kill for your salary.. get a grip

  11. You signed the contract & no one held a gun to your head. When it comes time for a new one, I’m sure youll be fairly compensated. In the mean time…..SUCK IT UP CUPCAKE!!!!!

    Skol Vikings

  12. I think these comments offer conclusive proof that some sort of delusional substance has found its way into the drinking water in the Twin Cities. First, we have the Viking fans predicting another of their annual Superbowl championships just because they took someone in the draft, then we Peterson predicting a 2500 year season, Craig Jennings thinks he saw a real NFL Qb in the OTA’s (was he watching Sportscenter or something?) and not to left out, the owner is looking forward to home field advantage in an upcoming Superbowl.

    All this coming from a last place team, furthermore, a last place team in 3 out of the last 4 seasons and 2014 isn’t looking good either.

  13. Its all relative Jerome. The Vikings as a franchise arent worth that much so play hard, keep your nose clean, and perhaps you can earn a spot on a competitive NFL franchise in the future.

  14. He obviously wants out. Couldn’t start on the SHEhawks. He’s stuck another year, no stadium, no Lombardi trophies. But yeah, he gets to play with a.p and wear purple
    Great consolation prize
    6-10 is the goal

  15. this is why you don’t pay big money based on a cpl of good games. Kinda glad the Vikes grabbed him up. The dude does have some real athletic gifts. Shame he keeps being a bonehead.

  16. I view him as the typical character specimen that the Vikings are somehow attracted to. And they wonder why the organization has accomplished nothing during its existence.

  17. You reap what you sow and personal responsibility. They are basic concepts for all Americans – N.F..L. players are not exempt…

  18. Why is this viking surprised that he is worth less?

    He is worth what employers are willing to pay.

    Apparently he is more valuable to the vikings than any other franchise.

    Everyone else prefers clean and sober employees not in danger of a long suspension at any moment.

  19. He’s right on both accounts. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Based on talent alone, he is way underpaid. But, like he said, he made his bed and has to lay in it.

  20. The people making contracts have an image to uphold and his/their worth is tied to the actions of players on and OFF the field. Aaron Hernandez is a very talenented tight end. What’s his worth to a team right now? Zero. Hopefully the light bulb will go off on Simpsons’ head that if he wants to act like a criminal, then he’ll be treated like a criminal.

  21. The entire relatively incomprehensible ramble pretty much demonstrates his issue… immaturity and lack of character.

    He’s luck he is still employed.

    And considering the emphasis on the run in Minnesota, and the revolving door they had at QB, those are actually pretty good numbers….

  22. JEROME, take note….choices sometimes have consequences. You aren’t underpaid, you made poor choices. And yet another with your comments. Dude…good with your next team…in Canada.

  23. ” they kind of got you behind the 8-ball.”
    Um, no. You put yourself there son.

  24. Just go to a real team in the nfc like the packers,saints,or the panthers they really need a ton of wr help since losing steve smith leave that bottom dweller team in minnesota only thing they are good for is losing in nfc championship games and super bowls theyve never won a super bowl pathetic

  25. Inconsistent but surprisingly good when on his game. Those numbers are not that bad given the quarterbacks he had throwing to him.

    I think he has more of a point than not.

    The Vikes flushed away twice as much on Freeman.

  26. Some folks don’t have a clue.
    Of the 96 targets to Simpson, only 52 were deemed catchable. He caught 48 and had 4 drops putting him at a drop rate of 7.29 and ranking him 22nd overall for all WR in the NFL.

  27. You should feel fortunate Jerome for somebody giving you a chance! Now prove it on and off the field and you will be rewarded!

  28. Those are pretty impressive stats for a number 2 receiver given the QB situation there. And maybe you guys want to read the article. He’s not holding out, he’s not complaining, he just said, I did better last year and now I’m getting paid less, that’s obviously due to my off field issues, now I have to deal with it. And he was probably asked a question about this which is why he gave a response. Where’s pftpoet?

  29. He’s definitely worth more than what he’s getting talent wise. But like he said, his off field antics didn’t help him out. Oh yeah, WRs that have had Christian Ponder throwing them the ball the past 2 years tend to have their stats deflated as well. If Wes Welker came and played for the Vikings the past 2 years instead of having Tom Brady and Peyton Manning throwing him the ball, he wouldn’t be worth a quarter of what he is making right now.

  30. If they keep him on the roster there is a possibility he will screw up again leaving them short and it isn’t easy to find a starting WR mid season. If they keep him they evaluated the risk and decided to risk it if he comes cheap enough. It’s all on him. Poor decisions have cost him millions. All his fault

  31. Isn’t this the guy whose only claim to fame is doing a flip over a guy for a touchdown?

  32. Hmmm, another disgruntled Vikings receiver with a short contract. He’ll probably be traded to the Seahawks for a bag of pretzels and turn out to be a solid contributor.

    “Mr.Spielman , Mr.Schneider on line 1”

  33. Ok, obviously no one hear watched the Vikings last year. Simpson was the only one that made big catches, Patterson was mostly just a returner, and Jennings was a short yardage slot reciever. For having a pretty bad QB position he did great, a huge jump from his first season in Minnesota. Simpson has been underpaid and with another big jump is gonna find a decent contract somewhere. I hate to judge people, but a lot of people think they know a lot, but really go off a personal opinion of others or themselves.

  34. if the cops found 8.5 pounds of marijuana at my house, i’d be in jail for a long time. feel lucky Jerome and shut up.

  35. Only if I he had ARod throwing to him he would put up numbers like Randy Moss did against the pack.

    Only if the Vikes had TT the best GM of all time with a trophy to show for it.

  36. You are paid based on what teams will offer and other than the queens where its easy to get on the field you had no were else to go. I think he is just mad he had to come back to the losing franchise instead of going to a contending team.

  37. Other than this sentence, you’ll never see Jerome Simpson and Rocket Scientist at the same time.

  38. C’mon Jerome. You’re not worth more than what the Vikes are paying you or else some other team would be (over) paying you!!! Suck it!!!

  39. Honestly the Vikings have gotten him very inexpensive but it is because Jerome shot himself in the foot. Personally I think he is a good dude and a talented player, and I like his low cap hit. I’m sure he doesn’t, but he’s right. He would be getting paid more if not for past transgressions.

  40. I do not care if you are the next Jerry Rice, when you can not keep your personal life under control and start to face suspensions, then you are not worth even the one million they gave you until you prove yourself.

  41. I guess I’m in the minority here. I’m paid exactly what I’m worth by my employer. Unfortunately it’s not to play a kids game for 4 or 5 months for a $1,000,000.00. What an idiot!

  42. Ok, you mean you are being overpaid. I gotch ya. When AJ was injured and missed two games, you could NOT step up at all. You ran wrong routes a few times. I remember that.
    Oh yeah,you are right. You are a risk off the field.
    Get the bux, hire a PR and shut up. Lot of good hard working Americans would love to have your check.

  43. Why don’t you go to the Green Bore Slackers. You would be the number 2 receiver there rather than the number 3/4 in Minnesota. You could play with Jordy (I’M old) Nelson.

  44. Hey Jerome, if you’re serving a suspension for DUI or another violation of the NFL’s substance abuse policies, you’re not worth anything to the team when they’re on the field.

    Stay out of trouble, keep your head in the game, and you might get paid what you think you’re worth.

    Honestly, I wish the Vikings had cut Jerome Simpson and re-signed Joe Webb. At least Webb stays out of trouble, and he’s taller and a better athlete.

  45. Just be thankful Jerome. Just be thankful the Vikings are giving you plenty of jack to play a kids game!
    When the season gets started the Vikings top ten passing options in the attack will look like this:
    1. Patterson 2. Jennings 3. Rudolph 4. Wright 5. J. Mckinnon 6. YOU 7. A. Peterson 8. R. Smith 9. C. Ford
    10. K. Colter
    You’ll need to fight hard and keep yourself out of trouble Jerome to have any impact or in fact to even be considered the 6th. option.

  46. I can’t stand these players that play their game only for money. The contract you deserve? That would be a contract with the MN Dept. of Corrections, but since you’re somewhat famous, you got out of it. Shut up, lay off the booze & drugs, and score some touchdowns.

  47. Based on what some other players in the league are getting paid…. Yeah, I’d say the Vikings are getting “a steal.”

    But still… Don’t make such a stupid mistake. You have enough money that you should never have to be in that situation.

  48. Isn’t this the same knucklehead who got busted for having 2.5 pounds of ganja shipped directly to his house?

    Not to mention the “best numbers” you speak of are a pedestrian 726 receiving yards and 1 TD.

    You’re lucky to be working in the NFL at anything higher than a janitorial level!

  49. With as much scrutiny and evaluations and performance measurements that take place by any number of experienced NFL personnel, players are usually paid right at the level they should be, especially if circumstances are offset by being a self-centered idiot.

  50. But he plays for the almighty Vikings, you know the franchise who hasn’t won anything. They still have no quarterback yet they drafted Akili Smith 2.0. Poor pathetic Vikings

  51. By last year’s number’s he probably should have gotten a little more , however , his off field antics cost him . That is on no one else but Jerome Simpson . Instead of complaining or even commenting about it, shut up, man up , stay clean and play your best football. When you screw yourself, you do not have the right to complain

  52. Jennings is getting over paid for his numbers, why don’t Simpson ask for some of his money? They had similiar numbers last year…

    To comment on Patterson and his skill set, you almost have to say he’s another Devin Hester. No WR skills at all, all he knows and will know, is how to run in open space.. Good on WR screens and on returns… Can’t run a route! Period… Another bust!

  53. What he meant to say was “If you add up the value of all the weed I got coming to me via fedex, it’s well over the value of my contract”

  54. He has no way to prove himself on a team that has no QB or any chance to win. If he wants to prove himself he will have to of what the quality players before him did. Get out. The only players the Vikings get are players who should be out of the league. Other teams cast offs.

  55. I would have an issue also considering an aging, declining and overpaid receiver Jennings getting 8 million more per season for outgaining Simpson by what 80 yds? Only in Minnihaha!

  56. Jerome Simpson is the 3rd or 4th best receiver in the league. I am an NFL scout for a New England team, and think he is worth 17-24 million dollars per year. Minnesota should just pay the dude. Skoal.

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