Jon Gruden visits his brother at practice

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The founder of the Fired Future Coaches Association visited on Wednesday with an inevitable future member who doubles as his brother.

Via CSN Washington, former Raiders and Buccaneers coach Jon Gruden checked out his brother Jay’s team at practice.

I’m really proud of him, No. 1,” Jon Gruden said. “And I have a lot respect for what needs to get done here. . . .  It looks like they’ve improved their football team, as well.”

Gruden watched practice and attended a team meeting.  Quarterback Robert Griffin III said that the team expects to see “our fair share of Jon here” throughout the season.

That’s fine, but it won’t make the Seahawks or Cowboys feel comfortable with giving Jon Gruden access to practice and coaches and players as those teams prepare to face Washington on ESPN’s Monday Night Football in 2014.

“Jon is our Monday Night Football analyst,” ESPN said in a statement forwarded to PFT after Jay Gruden got the job. “If we have the Redskins, [Jon] will call the games.  We will be transparent about their relationship.  Jon is a professional and will call the games objectively.”

Objectively calling the games is one thing.  Facing and process the temptation to share information with Jay that could help his team win will be another temptation.

And it doesn’t simply apply to the games involving Jay’s team that Jon is calling.  Every week, Jon will have unique access and insight to a pair of teams that could be in Washington’s division or otherwise on Washington’s schedule.  Will ESPN insist on Jon saying nothing to Jay?  Will Jon ultimately honor that directive?

Most importantly, will there be any way to know if Jon complies?

It’s a bizarre situation with plenty of potential tentacles.  Given that NFL coaches are obsessively competitive and notoriously paranoid, it’s a complication that could create some added intrigue for the nation’s ultimate reality show.

18 responses to “Jon Gruden visits his brother at practice

  1. “It’s a bizarre situation with plenty of potential tentacles.”

    Now, what is bizarre, is that this is the 2nd time in an hour I saw the word tentacles used. (Cargo had some tumor in his hand and they referenced the word). Before that, I rarely saw the word. Bizarre.

  2. Hard to believe but there are honest and professional people in this world. Mr Gruden will not share information with his brother. It does not appear to be in his character and he is after all a professional.

  3. He didn’t have an issue when he called Bengals games. If anything he had more insight into the bengals offense which enhanced the broadcast

  4. Yeah if he’s going to help his brother as a head coach by spying on other teams and reporting back then theoretically he could’ve been doing it for years when his brother has been offensive coordinator.

    The NFL is super secretive but the other teams also know a bunch about each other. Each team has 20 odd coaches plus players who transfer. There’s only so much that is secret. Most things come down to executing plays

  5. Gruden is kinda classic. Never good, never great, but just good enough for social media. Hell, the guy is classic! I really like him. He is a fun nutjob that doesnt care about football. LOL!

  6. He should disclose intelligence to his brother. The right thing to do now that he has declared himself a Skin’s fan.

    We are no longer a country ruled by laws. No difference in the NFL or sports for that matter.

  7. ” I could tell you each play I will run, the exact routes, and if every man executes his part 100%, you still couldn’t stop us” – Bill Parcells, 1986.
    He’s right. Even if you know the play before hand, if the blockers block and the receivers run the routes cleanly and the quarterback delivers a great ball, or of the blockers open up the right holes and the running back passes through them, there theoretically is no way to stop them. And just lining up guys in the right places on defense won’t mean anything if the offense executes to their full ability.

  8. I don’t know why we presume the brotherly relationship is a unique problem. These guys all have friends around the league. Many friendships are more powerful than many brother relationships. The bottom line is whether these media types have integrity. Some do, some do not. I have no reason to doubt Jon Gruden’s integrity. Now if Belichick were doing commentary…

  9. Tentacle Controversy and it’s only June. I would love it if Jon could slip “Tentacle” in somewhere during the first MNF broadcast of the season.

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