Jonathan Martin finally practices after bout with mono


One of the biggest names in the NFL from last season has faded into obscurity.  Indeed, Jonathan Martin has become so irrelevant that no one really noticed that he missed three weeks of offseason workouts due to mononucleosis.

Via the Associated Press, Martin returned to the practice field on Tuesday, engaging for the first time in an OTA session with the 49ers, who traded for Martin earlier this year.

“It felt good out there,” Martin said, per Josh Dubow of the AP.  “Just trying to get my timing back.  It felt good to be back out there with my teammates and get this offense down. . . .  I just have to get back in shape.  The biggest thing is timing, getting your hands down and footwork back.  I lost a little bit of weight.  That’s what I worked on last week.”

Whatever the timetable, Martin has plenty of work to do if he hopes to make the 53-man roster in San Francisco.  The illness puts him behind schedule, and it narrows his window for not being one of up to 37 who ultimately are sent packing.

Helping Martin will be his familiarity with coach Jim Harbaugh’s offense, based on their time together at Stanford.

“We have a lot of plays,” Martin said.  “It’s been good.  There are only so many plays in football.  It’s just getting the language down, the calls, the adjustments and different looks.”

Martin provided a much different look last week, chiding LeBron James on Twitter for getting cramps in the first game of the NBA Finals.  The real question is whether anyone with Martin’s new team will chide him for what happened last year in Miami, when Martin abruptly left the team due to allegations of persistent bullying.  The ultimate question is whether Martin will be employed by the 49ers or any other team when the chase for the NFL’s next championship officially begins in September.

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  1. Jonathon Martin has to right to say anything about LeBron James. He couldn’t hold a candle to him for anything at all. Martin is a complete looser and the King is the opposite. He won’t make the 49ers he was terrible with the Dolphins, and they sucked.

  2. had mono your weekend for about 6 months after. Yes you feel a lot better in about 3 weeks but you’re not back to peak for 4-6 months.

    You just do have the power, get gassed sooner and recover slower, not a good sign for a lineman.

  3. Dolphins gave this guy a chance to be a starting tackle in the nfl and he walked out on them. Its now up to him to prove his worth. Now we will see what the 49ers think he is worth.

  4. So while chiding a 4 time MVP of his league and 2 time world champ, Martin was still at a point where he had not practice once since he walked away from his team in what was nothing else one of the most bizarre stories in the NFL… Not sure this is a guy I want beside me on the offensive line.

  5. Anyone else tired of hearing about this guy?

    It wasn’t as if he was a hall of fame left tackle, he’s famous for being bullied and now there’s another reason why he can’t suit up.

    Wake me up when he’s done something on the field.

  6. You can do all the off-field stories you want on this gentle giant, but the bottom line is he does not have the skills to be anything but a terrible backup Linemen at best. I’m sure he will blame the Mono on his inability to make the Team and then get Mommy Lawyer to sue the Niners and disrupt the Team there too. Good Luck with him.

  7. Mike Florio said it best in that Martin is “so irrelevant that no one even noticed he wasn’t there.”

  8. This guy is mentally unstable and I don’t believe he is self aware at all. I don’t wish ill on anyone even someone who brought ill on my favorite team but realistically I cannot see him making this team, especially now that he had mono. I hope he proves me wrong, I hope one day he plays well and becomes a veteran of the NFL and apologizes to the Dolphins and Richie for what he did after realizing he overreacted and did not handle it the right way at all. But as well all know you can hope in one hand and you know what in the other and see which fills up first.

  9. moves to san fran, gets mono from his new boy friend. the first of many of jmart’s std’s to come

  10. We don’t know if the guy is going to make the team or not….but what I will say is he has a lot of similarities to Bryant McKinnie who carved out a nice career for being only average but big…like BM Martin has no heart or mean steak but has talent and size

  11. If he sees the field the defense will sure know where he is. I can see it now…… defensive ends falling all over themselves to see who gets the honor of making Martin their own personal turnstile. Guy is weak and even worse weak minded.

  12. I don’t like Martin very much and don’t really care if he’s on the 49ers but jimmyt your a loser! How about a whiner on the 40 whiners??? Almost as hilarious as your mother naked.

  13. The real question is: Was he really ill or was it because he was scared of being bullied by the defense?

  14. “Indeed, Jonathan Martin has become so irrelevant that no one really noticed that he missed three weeks…”

    How long until he blames this on “Mono” for bullying him.

  15. Again?

    Remember he had that same mystery illness last year. Hes just a lazy bum that blames sickness and other people for his laziness

  16. “like BM Martin has no heart or mean steak but has talent and size”

    Size is useless if you are a coward and wont use it

  17. I know this idiot had a tough time in Miami and through no fault of his own,what happened to him was terrible.However ; a man has to handle his business the rite way. You don’t run away and hide you stand up to those who give you the problem or you let those in charge know what they are putting you through.He ran and didn’t give the people in charge a chance to handle the situation and because he did that people lost their jobs,a team that was close to the playoffs missed and coaches like Philbin got blindsided and embarrassed. If I was his teammate in San Francisco I wouldn’t trust him,I don’t know how anyone could, he only thinks of himself.

  18. Doubt he had Mono… Everytime I see his picture I want to slap him the moron.. Hope mom writes him a note so he can get back in camp. Not!

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