Mike Pettine noticed Josh Gordon doesn’t go all-out


Wide receiver Josh Gordon is still practicing with the Browns while he awaits word on what could be a year-long suspension.

So it might be natural that he’s not practicing with the most urgency.

Browns coach Mike Pettine told 92.3 The Fan that Gordon didn’t always exert himself fully in practice.

“It is something we’ve talked about and from what I understand he’s made some improvement, but it is a work in progress,” Pettine said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “I’m a big believer in quality of reps versus quantity of reps. If I’m a player and I know that I’m going to be out there for 40 full-speed team snaps I may have a tendency to pace myself.

“There still needs to be improvement there but we’re aware of it.”

Of course, there’s a chicken-egg quality there too. If Gordon cared enough about his craft to push himself fully, he might not continue to put himself in positions that lead to suspensions.
Pettine also admitted it was a bit frustrating getting ready for the season with the Gordon suspension hanging over their heads.

“There’s certainly a level of frustration because we’ve known the news for so long,” Pettine said. “It’s just a holding pattern and I understand that the league has a process that they have to go through and there’s other things that they’re dealing with and we respect that. But at the same time it is difficult because it really will affect our preparation for the season.”

Not having one of your best players tends to do that.

61 responses to “Mike Pettine noticed Josh Gordon doesn’t go all-out

  1. Send his butt home for a time out. Put him in with the practice squad. Do something besides cry to the media, be a coach.

  2. It’s time now, Josh, you will need to decide– are you going to go the route taken by Chris Henry (rip), or Cris Carter?

    Please don’t waste all your talent. Go get the help you need on this suspension, work hard on getting better & face your demons head-on. No one, not the team or family, friends, ONLY YOU can do this, and the time is now on this soon to be long suspension.

  3. oakfolk says:
    Jun 11, 2014 9:27 AM

    Is Mary Kay Cabot the only reporter in Cleveland?

    nah,she just has this real mad-on for the team so people like publishing her hate of the franchise that helps her earn.

  4. He isn’t fighting for a job. As long as he brings it on game days like he has in the past I am fine with his not going all out. But if he is missing assignments, in the wrong place or screwing up others than I’m not fine.

  5. spasticpickle says:
    Jun 11, 2014 9:31 AM
    joeflaccoallday – I believe you meant keep your head held “high” when talking about Gordon
    Nope. Pretty sure he meant “keep your head up”

  6. Josh Gordon is at the cross roads of wasting his talent or being next to megatron as the best in the game. He dominated with Wedden last season. Hoping for him to play.

  7. Yeah Gordon sure does suck. The Browns will be sooo much better off without him this year. In all fairness he might be a little worn out from being the only one who did anything on the Browns offense last year.

  8. I think the real story is why is the coach calling out his players in the media? I noticed this same thing before with Manziel- good coaches address it with the player and keep it in house not giving the media fuel.

    I watched Jim Mora Jr. throw people under the bus when he got his chance to be head coach and he was done after 1 year.

  9. I was gonna work hard at practice, but I got High…
    I got pulled over by the cops, because I was high….
    I got a year long suspension and I know why…
    because I got high because I got high because I got high.

  10. Time to fish or cut bait with this sad sack. He will always be a doper and the Browns would be best served to move on and not have the yearly angst on whether he tests positive or not. It’s obvious he doesn’t give a tinkers damn for his teammates or his career or the man would know what the rules are and abide by them. When you throw away millions just to spark one, you have to be labeled “Stupid”.

  11. hehatemyfootballteam says:
    “As long as he brings it on game days like he has in the past I am fine with his not going all out.”

    So you’re fine with the fact that your DB’s are going against someone that is going half way and then on game days get burned because they haven’t been able to practice against someone full speed? (you’re lucky you do have some good DB’s there) You’re fine with your QB unable to get an accurate gauge of timing because he isn’t going full speed in practice? You’re fine with spacing and timing of everything being different than it would be in games????

    If you think being lazy in practice is ok and doesn’t affect other parts of the team and other players then you are delusional and are a fan of exactly the right team. Thinking like this makes losers, not winners.

  12. Pettine has the insight to criticize the best receiver in the NFL, yet he’s all lovey dovey with his rookie, compulsive drinking QB? He has no problem with his self indulged, public display partying face of the Browns Rookie doing what he wants. I’m sure Johnnys giving 100% hung over with lack of sleep in practice, right Mike?
    The people that say this isn’t even training camp needs to understand one thing. A public person represents themselves on who they truly are on a daily basis. Looks like double standards are alive and well in Cleveland!

  13. When someone asks an athlete/coach a question and they answer it honestly I don’t get why everyone has to twist it in to some kinda controversy. Reading the context of how the subject came up in the actual link to the story not the cherry picked words of nbc football talk it’s mentioned that we noticed(as in media) he was held out of 11-11 activities and they mentioned his effort was questioned last season as well. He said he noticed it too and talked to the player and addressed it. Why is it a big deal?

  14. Further proof that Pettine is having a problem determining what he should say to the media and not.

    How does he criticize his best player and give excuses for Johnny Bieber? You can see that he may be a good coach, but lacks media savvy.

    I don’t give him 100% of the blame and I have a hard time blaming Farmer. This mess has the owner’s fingerprints all over it. It’s a by-product of the Manziel Circus.

  15. How is it hard to get ready for the season? It is certain that Gordon will be suspended at least for the first part of the season. The only part the team doesn’t know is if he will be suspended for the entire season or not.

  16. “Trent Richardson for.johnny.bust, colts.win again”

    How can it be a win when Richardson sucks AND costs more? I’d take a chance on Manziel over Richardson because at least Johnny hasn’t proven he sucks in the NFL yet. That in and of itself is enough to consider Cleveland the flat out winner in that trade.

  17. Trent Richardson bonus was fully paid by the Browns, so tag in Johnny bonus n salary n Colts still win

  18. Wake up coach. He’s already communicated what’s most important in his life. Ur not changing that. He won’t be around anyway this year so move on to the players that will be.

  19. I was gonna be the best WR, but I got high…..
    I was gonna lead the league, but I got high…..
    La da da da da da La, Da Daaa,
    La da da da, La da da da, La da da daaa

  20. NO WR can go all out on every play because teams THROW TOO MUCH. Not realistic to expect them to either. You only have so many 40 yard routes in you in a row before you are tired. These coaches are clueless.

  21. “mightbegoingtohellforthis says: Jun 11, 2014 10:13 AM
    Josh Gordon is not wasting his talent. He is being denied the opportunity to showcase it due to outdated and ignorant NFL rules.”

    Delusional. Marijuana is still illegal in most states, and especially in Ohio where Cleveland resides. Instead of whining about the laws/ rules, try following the rules/ laws until they are changed. Playing in the NFL is a PRIVILEGE, not a right.

  22. Coaches calling players out in public never works. Protect your team and correct their mistakes in private. You can hate on Belichick all you want, but he never talks badly about a player in public and consistently says that every player and coach needs to improve (including himself and Brady). Players don’t want a coach telling reporters they are lazy.

  23. Andrew says:Jun 11, 2014 10:11 AM

    Legalize it, don’t criticize it


    Even if it were legal, Gordon likely would still have a problem. It’s still substance abuse if it is legal or illegal.

  24. I am a Browns fan. I love Josh Gordon. But I’m really upset with him for putting himself and the team in this position. Stupid. He is the best WR is the NFL. I don’t smoke weed. But i used to. I quit years ago bc i wanted to be the best at my job. I fail to see how smoking weed has any affect on an NFL player’s game performance(other than negatively).

  25. Don’t blame the NFL rules for Gordan’s problems! Until the rule is changed, he’s being paid good money to follow it! Ask Ricky Williams whether throwing his career away for a plant was worth it. So much talent wasted because there’s nothing between the ears.

  26. As a Browns fan i hate to say it….but he should sit the year out, not for the pot, but for the stupidity….you have to be hard on a knuckelhead like that….real hard!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. While I agree that weed SHOULD be legal (if for medicinal if nothing else), and think that a year suspension is WAY too serious, when people are getting less for DUI and beating their girlfriend.

    The point is, currently, weed is a banned substance. If Gordon would have been smart, and stayed clean for a month before he was going to take a test EVERYONE knew was coming, he could have smoked out the next 11 months like everyone else in the league.

    I think this suspension isnt because he smokes weed, but because he is too stupid to not know when he is going to be tested.

  28. So Mary Kay gets credit for retyping an interview she didn’t conduct? The interview was with Dustin Fox and Adam the Bull. Mary Kay has never reported news, she rereports what others discover first. The plain dealer has the worst all time beat reporters

  29. “We’re talking about practice. I mean listen, we’re sitting here talking about practice, not a game, not a game, not a game, but we’re talking about practice. Not the game that I go out there and die for and play every game like it’s my last but we’re talking about practice man.”

  30. I hope this is not the high water mark for Coach Pettine’s observancy skills.

    Even Mike Dumbturdi recognized that Gordon doesn’t go all out in practices and he recognized this before he was fired!

  31. Voluntary workouts. Go “all out”? C’mon. The league doesn’t even know if he’s playing football this year. Ask Sean Lee how that rook”s “going all out” is going. It’s otas. Not even camp. It’s still Spring. He’s the only guy ever to go 200+ 2 weeks straight. As a Brown. With those QBs. Leave him alone there’s 90 players on the field. You’ll end up w/ 53. Find someone else to bitch at.

  32. Solution seems obvious to me.
    Tape a joint to the football, then you’ll see ol’ Josh getting after 420%…..

  33. I just don’t get why the NFL includes pot in their PED categories? Can’t wait til the owners and NFLPA agree to remove marijuana from the list. It seems to only becomin more of a headache now that two states (that have NFL franchised whitin them, they were both just featured in the Super bowl) have levalized the substance for public consumption.

  34. If I was a star player who’s guaranteed to make the roster I wouldn’t go all out either. Look at all the players to go down so far Sean Weatherspoon, Sean lee, etc. Train, keep yourself in football condition, and save full speed for Sundays.

  35. Even if he went all out and was injured he has a year to recover……….that’s good news

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