Prime Numbers goes iconic on Thursday, with No. 12

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The Prime Numbers series on NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk keeps rolling in June, with one of the most popular numbers taking center stage on Thursday.

The magic number on Thursday is 12.

Vote for up to three of the best of the best to wear one of the best numbers ever.  Along with the entity for which the Seahawks retired the number.

Good luck.  You’re gonna need it.

Come 5:30 p.m. ET today, Thursday, and Friday, all you’ll need is your remote control.  Or whatever it is that they use to change channels on TVs nowadays.

57 responses to “Prime Numbers goes iconic on Thursday, with No. 12

  1. The 12th man?

    This is a joke right?

    The Seattle PEDhawk fans are the only fan base in all of sports who actually think they affect the game.


  2. That’s a pretty tough choice.

    And you know, I’m a 12. I highly respect all of these titans of the game. 12’s are fans. Beer swilling, noise making, blue collared, northwesterners. We are the audience, they are the players. Your insult is not appreciated.

  3. I think the list is too long. I don’t think Cunningham, Griese, Stabler, Staubach, or the 12th man should be options for this elite group of players. This list should be cut in half, not that it really matters though.

  4. Wow. Can’t believe how little respect Snake gets.

    I had him third, behind Brady\Staubach.

  5. This is nearly impossible, these are some of the NFL’s finest of all time, and @pftpoet, no you’re delusional talking so highly of a franchise that has never won a Super Bowl.

  6. Whoever thinks Staubach or Stabler should not be on this list, obv. never watched them play or saw the era when the NFL was as tough as it gets.

  7. Terry Bradshaw – HOF’er & 4 time champ
    Tom Brady – Top 10 all-time QB & 3 time champ
    Randall Cunningham – 4 time Pro-Bowler
    Bob Griese – HOF’er
    Jim Kelly – HOF’er with 4 straight Super Bowls
    Joe Namath – the guarantee
    Aaron Rodgers – Probably the best QB on this list
    Ken Stabler – 4 time Pro-Bowler and SB champ
    Roger Staubach – HOF’er and 2 time SB champ
    The 12th man – grunge and Starbucks? Meh.

  8. “Snake” whom I didn’t even know who you were referring to since I thought Snake was a character on The Simpsons or Metal Gear Solid, has thrown a lot more INTs than TDs and a 75.3 career QB rating.

  9. What a list…

    Rodgers is a great QB, but I still think I put Jim Kelly or Staubach over him. Kelly was a great QB. He was just unfortunate enough to hit his prime during the glory days of the NFC East.

  10. I’m not going to even bother voting, because most if those players were/are so amazing… AMAZING!

    As to the 12th man thing… if you’re creating a list that is about the players, I don’t know if its right to include a single fan base. I respect Seattle’s home field advantage, but they don’t belong on a list composed 99%+ of players.

  11. As a lifelong Steelers fan, I agree that Stabler belongs in the Hall, certainly more so than Ray Guy. Stabler scared the hell out of me. Guy, not so much.
    Not surprisingly, I voted for Bradshaw in the poll. Four-time Super Bowl champion, 2-time Super Bowl MVP, set single-game TD passing record with 4, league MVP, led the league in TD passes in 1978. All during an era in which defense ruled.

  12. Honestly, there should probably be a “legends” category and a “modern era” category for this particular #. Too many great players over time to just limit it to three.

    And yeah… lose the 12th man entry.

  13. Hahaha….lets use Stablers years with N.O and Houston to define his career stats….He was 69-26-1 with Oakland, with a 150 to 143 TD to int ratio with appearances in 5 afc title games and a super bowl win plus a 7-5 playoff record.

    Joe Namath with the Jets? 60-61-4 with a 170 to 215 td to int ratio, 1 superbowl appearance (win) and an 2-1 playoff record.

    If you think Stabler doesn’t deserve to be on this list you are very sorely mistaken.

  14. Joe Willie White Shoes. Naw, not really, just wanted to say. Too many great QBs for me to pick one. Nice article, though. Not a Cowboys fan, but watching Jolly Roger drive the ‘Boys to a win was a marvel. Same with Kelly. Pure leadership and willpower.

  15. I am a Seahawks fan, and I voted for the 12th man just because it’s an option.. But, the 12th man has never set foot on the field during the game. I’ve been to games, and I’ve helped make the noise, but we are not players and we should not be included in a list of “best to wear the number”. This list is (or should be) about best players. Fans don’t compare to players.

  16. Tough Call… if you think about the player.. then it’s Tom Brady…

    However, if you think about the number…

    Then it’s Joe Namath…

    Joe Namath made everyone (like Brady) want to wear #12 as a kid.

  17. I know he’s far from the best player on the list, but when I think #12, I think Randall. Maybe because during the peak of his career, his coach would never talk about him by name, but just call him “12” (Buddy did that with everyone on the team, Reggie didn’t even have a name when he was on the field)

  18. Bob Griese and Joe Namath are IMO tied for being the most overrated guys in the HOF.
    And yes Stabler belongs on the list as does Staubach.

    I’m a Pats fan but I do think Rodgers has a shot at best 12 of all time. Right now, he’s the most complete and best pure QB skills wise in the NFL in my book. The only place I take Brady over him is the leadership and teammate category.

  19. Lots of deserved criticism for the Seattle 12th man option. The Buffalo Bills put their 12th man on the Wall of Fame inside the stadium in 1992 after leading the NFL in attendance for many years. Seattle was a 16 year old franchise that year with a 2-14 record and 40,000 fans most of their home games while Buffalo was rocking 81,000….

  20. First of all, I thought this was about jersey numbers, not random numbers associated with football.

    Once I get past that, the 12th man thing hasn’t even been around that long. 8-10 maybe?

  21. Tom Brady may be the most overated player in the history of the game. Win a SB without cheating then people can talk about how good he is.

  22. Seattle fan here and I don’t think the 12th Man should be on the list. And out of that list, Tom Brady is the best. I’ve seen both Bradshaw and Brady play, in person, and it isn’t close.

    As to artificial crowd noise, that’s just hilarious and ignorant as all hell. There isn’t a single transducer (speaker) in the world capable of reaching 130+db at >=500hz. The only “speaker” ever made that could exceed 130db at over 500hz is the Wyle Laboratories WAS3000, which is about 40 feet long, carried by a semi truck, and there are only a handful in the world (used by airports to mask jet engine noise).

    But you know, keep on making up ridiculous nonsense about the Seahawks and their fans. We find it entertaining.


  23. Pretty sure the Bradshaw-quarterbacked Steelers beat the Staubach-quarterbacked Cowboys TWICE in Super Bowls. In 1978, the Cowboys were the defending champs, which Bradshaw riddled for 4 TD passes and over 300 yards. Staubach, meanwhile, became well acquainted with The Steel Curtain Front Four.

  24. Buffalo Bill fan, thank your lucky stars that Ken Behring wasn’t your team’s owner in 1992. See if you would get 20,000 in your stands under that condition.

  25. bradshaw easily. four rings, called his own plays. threw the winning td in all four super bowls, mvp, played in an era when you were allowed to play defense, hit the receivers and the qb without any sissified ‘brady rules’.

    spygate and vinateri are the reasons tom has three rings….post spygate, losses in the big game….has never called his own plays, dink and dunk era, cant hit the qb, cant hit the receivers….big stats in a pass happy era.

  26. The 12th man has more votes than Rodgers, Nameth, and Stabler?


    Anyway – it’s Terry Bradshaw, hands down.

    You heard it from Brady himself, it’s about “Wins” and who won more superbowls than Terry Bradshaw?

  27. This is one of the tougher lists. I think Aaron Rodgers may some day have an argument but for now, I’m taking Brady, Staubach and Stabler. Jim Kelly and Bradshaw are right there… the 12th man is kind of a joke here.

  28. Staubach, Bradshaw and Brady are locks here. Like someone said earlier, the number 12 has too many greats attached to it. I remember when 12 was THE number for QBs, the 12th man definitely doesn’t belong on this list.

  29. I’m sorry, but the 12th Man thing is just really dumb. It’s grade school stuff. The only reason Seattle fans have been “loud” is because of the stadiums they’ve played in. The dome for one. And, it has been proven that the current stadium was built to circulate the sound down onto the field. Not saying any improprieties are going on like in Indianapolis. It’s just been the stadiums and not necessarily the fans per se.

  30. 12th man to the bone, but we’ll get real.
    #1 Brady, numbers, stats and wins dont lie.
    #2 Namath, Cult of personality, he did Ann Margret, nuff said.
    #3 Kelly, never won the ring, but kicked at the door every year.
    #4 Bradshaw, hate the Steelers, but he put them on the map.
    #5 Staubach, hate the Cowboys, but he put them on the map.
    #6 Rodgers, because he threw a great pass to Tate.
    #7 Griese, because he won with glasses, and just the name.
    #8 Stabler, the snake, long hair and the helmet dont fit.
    #9 Sam Adkins, only Seattle player to actually wear the #12
    #10 My Family, the 12th man! More awesome then they know!

  31. Stats help stupid people interpret sports…
    Stats are the reason there are sports. Without stats, there would be no distinction between greatness and averageness.
    Football is The Ultimate Team Sport; thus, I’m convinced that it doesn’t take a great QB to win a ring, or even two. History is littered with Super Bowl-winning teams with average-performing (or worse) QBs.
    Show me a QB who says (and actually believes) that “stats don’t matter,” and I’ll show you an average QB who happens to be on a great defensive team.

  32. love seeing the delusional Packer fans saying its Aaron Rodgers…… This number is a classic one that I wouldn’t even give the nod to Brady. Bradshaw, Staubach, Namath, Stabler and Griese – wow what an awesome group!

  33. My picks for greatest # 12
    1 Rodgers yes already
    2 Brady
    3 Staubach
    4 Cunningham was the Michael Jordan of football late 80’s early 90’s. Did it without quality wideouts, a horrible o-line. Did have a FB and TE that could catch the ball. He was the offense.
    5 Kelly
    6 Stabler
    7 Bradshaw
    8 Chris Chandler
    9 Griese
    10 Brodie
    11 Joe Ferguson and 20 other guys.
    12 Namath

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