Report: Quentin Groves meets with Patriots, will visit Washington

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The Patriots have reportedly taken a look at one of the more notable edge defenders available in free agency.

Ex-Browns linebacker Quentin Groves took a visit to New England on Wednesday, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Media. What’s more, Washington will host Groves on Thursday, Rapoport reported.

Groves (6-3, 265) can play outside linebacker in a 3-4 front and could be an end or a strong-side linebacker in a 4-3 defense. The 29-year-old Groves also was a special teams captain for Cleveland in 2013. The Browns released him last week.

Groves appeared in five games for the Browns a season ago, recording two sacks in a campaign shortened by an ankle injury. A seventh-year pro from Auburn, Groves has racked up 157 tackles and 8.5 sacks in 84 regular season contests (29 starts).

21 responses to “Report: Quentin Groves meets with Patriots, will visit Washington

  1. You have got to believe Quentin Groves will be meeting with the Colts later this week with Fili Moala blowing his ACL out today. Good fit.

  2. When you’ve averaged 4.1 starts a season over your career, I’m not sure how “notable” you are…

  3. But 2 appearances… How many times the Vikes even smelt the Super Bowl since Spygate?
    Yeah thought so… Thanks for sharring though

  4. Special teams captain. Decent stats in games played. Must be more to this guy then what seems to be the obvious. You don’t just release a guy like that. Huh.

  5. There must be something in Pats haters drinking water that turns their minds to mush.

  6. First week in cleveland arrested for solicitation. Good role model. Sign him ASAP!

  7. Since he’s an Auburn guy, I’m always rooting for him. Hipe he lands a spot. WAR EAGLE!

  8. Pats fans are funny…

    most overrated organization in sports, not very classy, have not won a thing outside cheating…. and this is in the very weak AFC East and AFC where is does not take much to window dress and give appearance of being a good team

    we were duped…….. LOL at Pats and Pats fans

  9. The VIKINGS have had zero Super Bowls since 1960….as in EVER. That’s 53 years and counting. A veritable lifetime. I think the 54th is in the bag myself.

  10. even funnier is how much Pats fans are in denial and can’t see reality

    all that marketing.. judge them fairly by actions and results, Pats org has very little class….

    and how funny, they prefer to be thought of as dumb (we as duped) vs just being caught being classless

    absurd the respect some give this team, owner and coach… absolutely not fair or deserved

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