Report: Seahawks expect Marshawn Lynch to skip mandatory mini-camp


Running back Marshawn Lynch has been absent from the voluntary offseason workout program for the defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks.

Lynch has not been with the team for any of the team’s OTAs that have been open to the media over the last three weeks. Organized Team Activities are voluntary and there is no penalty for Lynch deciding against showing up. However, next week’s three-day mini-camp is mandatory.

Apparently that still isn’t enough reason to convince Lynch to show up.

According to Rand Getlin of Yahoo Sports, the Seahawks are not expecting Lynch to attend the mini-camp next week. If he doesn’t show up, he will be subject to a fine by the team.

However, a source with knowledge of the situation has told Mike Florio of PFT, that Lynch hasn’t told anyone what he plans to do in regards to whether he will attend the mini-camp.

Fines haven’t seemed to be a major motivating factor for Lynch in the past. He pushed aside media obligations all of last season until being fined $50,000 for not talking during the playoffs. The fine was then stayed if Lynch would meet the requirements of the media policy going forward, which he begrudgingly complied with.

Per Getlin, Lynch is thought to be unhappy with his contract with Seattle. Lynch has two years remaining on the four-year, $31 million contract extension he signed in 2012. He is scheduled to make $5 million in base salary in 2014 and $5.5 million in base salary in 2015 with roster bonuses in each season as well.

Lynch has been one of the premier running backs in the league over the last three seasons. He’s rushed for at least 1,200 yards and 11 touchdowns in 47 games over that span. He rushed for 1,257 yards on 301 carries and 12 touchdowns for the Seahawks last season.

However, the running back position has been devalued throughout the league. Chris Johnson, who rushed for 1,077 yards with Tennessee last season, signed for just two years, $8 million with the New York Jets. Stevan Ridley and LeGarrette Blount combined to rush for 1,545 yards for the New England Patriots last season at a cap cost of approximately $1.5 million. Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell combined for 1,530 yards for the New York Jets at a cost of approximately $2.2 million.

Teams are finding productive runners for less and less money. Lynch may not be worth the cost to Seattle after this season and a raise certainly would seem to be unlikely.

Offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell also said last week the team planned to be more “running back-by-committee” this season with Robert Turbin and Christine Michael becoming more involved. Bevell has since softened his comments but Lynch skipping the mini-camp could be a response to potentially having his workload reduced.

For a head coach in Pete Carroll that constantly preaches an “always compete” philosophy, he can’t be thrilled that one of his players isn’t participating in the offseason program. The team will find out Tuesday just how much Lynch puts weight in the term “mandatory” when their mini-camp gets underway.

49 responses to “Report: Seahawks expect Marshawn Lynch to skip mandatory mini-camp

  1. Wow, as a Hawks fan and follower of the team it didn’t surprise me he didn’t show for the voluntary practices but word that he won’t show for the required is shocking. Beast is getting paid good money compared to other backs as mentioned in the article. This action doesn’t sound like Marshawn and it’s hard to believe. Free agency and the draft has come and gone so most teams have their backs (although I’m sure many teams would love to have Beast Mode), plus he knows Seattle has two backs nipping at his heals so it would seem he doesn’t have much leverage as another reason why this seems odd.

  2. Report: Marshawn Lynch’s agent NOT expected to miss negotiations with the Seahawks for a new contract….

  3. Lynch is 28 years old with 2 years left on his contract. Rookie RBs are currently matching his production (see Lacy, WAY cheaper). With no leverage, Lynch should play out his contract happily with a Super Bowl champion and high expectations. He would make less money on the open market right now, no need to demand more.

  4. It gets exhausting pointing out all the hypocrisy of Seahawk fans. I’ll just let them defend this move by Lynch and that will speak for itself.

  5. This Lynch circus show is seriuosly getting tiresome. He doesn’t want to speak to the media? GREAT!…frankly, there doesn’t seem to be anything interesting he has to say anyways!

    “It’s about that action, boss”…I just wish that ‘action’ would include his going away!

  6. Don’t raise on a weak hand Marshawn. You have a fairly good contract and this position devaluation won’t end until less kids want to be RBs.

  7. Nobody will pay you more than the Seahawks will to play football this year Marshawn. Take the $$$$ and show up.

  8. I disagree. Money did motivate him to talk to the press. Money will get him to the OTA’s……

  9. He’s gone Hollywood. He’s making a film about himself and he’s the star of the movie. What does Pete expect?

    Anyways… it’s not like they are installing a new system. I think Marshawn knows how to play the game. See ya in August, Beastmode.


  10. Never thought I’d see the day. I hope they don’t pay him, let him sit and watch his job walk out the door.

    Bring it on 9er fans, you earned this one.

  11. Lynch is a key component of Seattle’s offense and is grossly underpaid. This guy is worth between 8 – 10 million per year.

    Pay the man you cheapskates !!!!!!!

  12. Finish out the contract YOU agreed to and YOU signed man.

    Wish I could tell my employer I’m not showing up to anymore mandatory shifts until I get a raise.

    Well, I guess I could as long as I could afford to be unemployed the very next day.

  13. It’s this sort of self-centered nonsense that makes it so hard for Super Bowl Champions to make it back to the playoffs, much less repeat.

  14. The question I have is, what happened with any discipline to Lynch for the DUI’s he had and PDT kept saying he would be facing discipline? Kind of seems like they were swept under the rug.

  15. I love lynch as a Seahawks fan but he’s not getting a new contract. Take your 5 mill and be happy with it cuz your not getting it anywhere else. Why would you leave the door open for a young guy like Christian Michael. Once that guy gets on the field he’s gonna be a beast. Weird move by a weird guy. Glad we have pete and john running the show. We already have his replacement on the roster. Nobody has it better than us, nobody!!! The Seahawks are the smartest franchise in football. You haters are in for a long season of Seahawks dominance .

  16. At 5-6 million per year he’s making over the average it seems, but he has a reliability lately that guys like CJ haven’t. Not to mention when you can pretty much count on him to run roughshod over the Saints every year that’s a pretty big benefit in itself come playoff time.

  17. What a tool. $5 mil a year isn’t enough? For what is, anymore, only the 4th or 5th most important position on an offense?

    Even if he were the best RB in the game–which he isn’t–$5 mil a year would be more than fair. Suck it up and strap it on, son.

  18. They don’t need him. Christine Michael is gonna take the league by storm when he gets his shot. I like Lynch but no RB is worth more than $4M per.

  19. You can’t blame the guy. He’s a top 3 RB and even though 5mil is a lot of money it’s nowhere near what AP makes, not even half.

    No, he’s not AP. No one is. But by today’s RB scale he’s worth a lot more. And I’m a Bills fan who doesn’t even like the guy.

    He carried that offense on his back the last 3 seasons. Drafting Michael forced his hand. It’s not like he’s got 2 or 3 years left on his deal.

    Can’t blame him one bit!

  20. As far as beating the Saints every year, we dont have them on our sked in regular season this year. As far as upping his pay, we saw what happened with Alexander, be damned if we overpay another RB, no matter how good a season they have.

  21. Lynch has turned into a great player in Seattle… He really wasn’t even good for the Bills, but he is great now. However, he’s a complete jerk. There are so many reports of the guy telling media off in the locker room for no good reason and not going to the Whitehouse was classless. It doens’t seem that he is a good person… of course, he might have a different private persona, but I haven’t heard about it. There are plenty of players that don’t like the media that are still polite and reasonable. Lynch is a selfish jerk with no understanding of obligation and honor.

  22. Be a man and hold out! Those two other backs can’t hold your jock. Watch how quick they pay you when that extra defender steps back out of the box into that midget qb’s throwing lane.

    Philly will suffer the reverse effect with Jackson gone. That’s what you get for being cheap cheap

  23. There’s probably no one who’s more deserving than Lynch for a new contract but you don’t pay a guy for just what he did in the pay for what you’re going to get out of him.

  24. Don’t mistake him for the MVP of their offense. That’s Russell Wilson ALL DAY. Remember, in the Super Bowl, Lynch didn’t even rush for 40 yards. I repeat: less than 40 yards!!

  25. Wait a second, I thought the Seahawks were a team of selfless players that prized their camaraderie above money like other inferior teams, and valued what the geniuses Pete and Schneider were doing there to build a winning dynasty more than anything else.

  26. I understand he trying to make as much as possible, however, his stance is ridiculous in the current NFL. He is 28 years old (that’s getting old when you are a running back) and plays a position that is not as important as it once was. He is going to get paid over “10 million over the next two seasons. He will never see a salary like that ever again. He may have 1-2 years left as a featured back. Then he can hang around and be part of a running back-by-committee situation for a few years and for a lot less money. Then it’s time for retirement.

  27. Last chance at getting a payday of more than what he’s set I get. All downhill after next 2 yrs

  28. Just because its a Seahawks player this IS NOT new to football, ALL PLAYERS in some way want to get paid more money and they have contract disputes. Yall crack me up like the Seahawks are the only players with ME attitudes. Try paying Manning 5 mil a year and see what he says even though he blows in big games!

  29. @sandersmarcus10,

    In case you missed it the Seattle fan base has frequently trumpeted that everyone wants to play for Seattle and is willing to take less money because they are a dynasty in the making with a superb culture.

    What the fans either refused to see or didn’t see coming (we’ll use the ’85 Bears as an example since the fans on this site compare their team to them quite a bit) is what Mike Ditka himself explained about the Bears. In ’85 it was “we won the Superbowl” and in ’86 it changed to “I’m the reason we won the Superbowl.” Marshawn is showing that now. If Wilson is so great, why is a halfback getting 5 million? Manning, Brady, Brees, and Rodgers didn’t need a back that cost that much to win it.

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