Sam Shields won’t let money change the way he plays


Packers cornerback Sam Shields isn’t that far removed from signing as an undrafted rookie, and being glad for a $7,500 signing bonus.

So he said his four-year, $39 million contract signed this offseason wouldn’t change the way he plays.

Shields, who went from a late conversion from wide receiver in college to one of the best cover men in the game, said his original drive was still there.

“Nah, it won’t. I’m going to keep continuing to work my butt off, make plays and hopefully down the line get another one. It’s just the beginning,” Shields said, via Jason Wilde of “I still sit back and think about what I went through when I first started, when I switched to D. I sit and talked to my friends and family about it. It still amazes me, like ‘Hey, I’m in this position.’ It’s all a blessing.”

Of course, there’s a little more of a burden of expectation on Shields, since he’s the Packers’ third-highest-paid player, behind Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews.

“Sam’s best football is still in front of him. I honestly believe he has two more years of ascending and then he’s going to play at that level for another four years. That’s six years of just really good football ahead of him,” cornerbacks coach Joe Whitt said. “He might have more. I don’t know what he’s going to have after that, but I see two more years of getting better and four more of holding that type of high quality play.

“When Sam walked into the room four years ago in 2010, he was the ninth guy and he ended up starting against Philly in the very first game [as the third cornerback in the nickel defense]. If you work hard, it doesn’t matter who you are. If you work hard and you show that you’re the guy that can make plays, you’ll be given an opportunity.”

Shields is also just 26 years old, which gives him time for another contract. And if he keeps improving as they expect, it will again be a big one.

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  1. At 26 yrs now and a four year deal that will make him 30. He won’t be getting another “Big” deal. Because he ain’t a big deal anyway. Ted got fleeced!

  2. I’m sure there are many things that Sam cherishes even more than the money bestowed upon him – such as his trip to the White House with the rest of the World Champion Packers. And I’m sure a second diamond encrusted Superbowl ring would be nice.

    Sam’s rags to riches undrafted free agent success story is one of the great things about the NFL.

  3. I’d like him even better if he would grow a couple inches. That said, I predict that the Packers D will surprise the entire league and end up in the top 10 at least. With the newly drafted guys plugging holes, a lot of injured guys coming back, and the guys making a big step from years 1 and 2 to years 2 and 3, you all will be very, very, surprised. And don’t forget we have one heck of an offense to help keep them off the field. GO PACK

  4. .

    As an undrafted free agent Shields received $7,500 to sign.

    In other news, Dolphins and Eagles players were holding dinners where the rookies were left to pick up tabs ranging from 17k – 40k


  5. One of the things that makes football so enjoyable is knowing that Viking fans can never know that sweet taste of a legitimate World Championship.

    It’s just like being a in an exclusive club that they’re not worthy of joining.

  6. One thing to mention in the Sam Shields story is that the Giants offered him a 10K signing bonus.

    His agent advised him that the Packers have the reputation of having the best players play regardless of salary or draft position and they give undrafted players a fair shot at making the team.

    So Shields signed with the Packers for $2500 less. His agent has reaped the rewards for such good advice. Sam Shields now enhances that Packers’ reputation among agents.

    BTW when the Packers signed Shields the vikings drafted Chris Cook in the 2nd round. Cook was arrested multiple times, paid big 2nd round money by the vikings to stay home, and is now with the 49’ers attempting to make their roster.

    Good coaching made Sam Shields a great player and the comparison to Chris Cook explains only part of the viking customer’s jealousy and sour comments regarding Super Bowl winner Sam Shields.

  7. Every player says that, not many actually do it.

    Chris Johnson comes to mine, Alfred Haynesworth is another.

    Seems like a lot of them get a big payday and not only does their wallet get bigger, so does their heads.

    Not saying he will be that way, but history seems to have a habit of repeating itself.

  8. obsessedvikingfan says: Jun 11, 2014 10:23 AM

    Every player says that, not many actually do it.

    Chris Johnson comes to mine, Alfred Haynesworth is another.

    Seems like a lot of them get a big payday and not only does their wallet get bigger, so does their heads.


    You only provided two examples. Out of everyone in the league, I think most players get it right.

  9. Definitely not in a Dick Sherman tax bracket type player.
    & the overall cheesebay defense won’t help shields value. He’s mediocre at best on any other D.

  10. Good player, good pick by TT, and his signing ensured that the booster seats at the local Green Bay restaurants would continue to be used.

  11. Yet another reason why my Vikings NFC North worst defense stands no chance at moving up a spot this year. I guess I’ll have to hold out hope for our NFC North worst offense!

  12. He undoubtedly gave the interview via phone, sitting in his recliner eating a box of Ring-Dings.

  13. Dude has been getting it done in spite of our pass rush not being all that great with the Waldens of the world.

    And with MD missing his assignments on the back end.

  14. What the Packer haters are saying: “The Packers are terrible and they make poor decisions.”

    What they really mean: “The Packers have owned the Vikings for as long as we can remember, and we’re sick and tired of it.”

  15. Every time I am reminded Sam Shields is taking up ~10 mil of Packer cap space each year for the next 4 years I can’t help but chuckle. Quick, someone remind me how much Letroy Guion is getting again, that is pure gold!

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