Surprise: Jaworski likes Hoyer to beat out Manziel


Give Ron Jaworski credit for consistency.

Because unlike other providers of televised words in exchange for money who change their tune when public opinion rolls the other way, Jaworski has dug in on the anti-Johnny Manziel act.

After initially saying he wouldn’t draft Manziel in the first three rounds, then grudgingly moving him into his third round, Jaworski told Tony Grossi of that Manziel wouldn’t beat out Brian Hoyer for the Browns starting job.

Johnny just needs experience,” Jaworski said, after watching a Browns practice. “He had a two-year college career. I think these guys need to mature mentally and physically with more college reps. This is totally different. This is your life now. You compete against guys married and have kids and they compete like hell. The more experience you have I think the better chance you have of being successful at this level. . . .

“It’s noticeable when you watch the offense when he’s [Hoyer] running it or any of the other quarterbacks. He’s a veteran quarterback. The machinations at the line of scrimmage, the understanding, the command, the calling of the plays – you can tell he’s a veteran quarterback.”

And perhaps as importantly in Jaworski’s evaluation, he’s not Johnny Manziel.

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  1. It might be the best thing for the Browns is Jaworski is right. He probably is, sitting a year would probably help him in the long run.

    But since it’s Hoyer, and not somebody they can sell as giving the team a better chance to “win now”, I don’t see how Manziel doesn’t start. Maybe not out of the gate, but within a few weeks for sure. Unless Cleveland comes out and goes 5-0 or something crazy.

    If they are going to be bad anyway, why NOT let he kid get his feet wet?

  2. Hoyer was awesome last year when he got his opportunity, and I’d love to see him build off it. Manziel just needs to sit back and learn for now.

  3. JFF might be a darn good QB at this level, I just dont see it happening. I’m with Jawz all the way. I hate Manziels grip on the football and that street ball style never works in the NFL. Maybe Manziel does it better than anyone else but he won’t buy that kind of time like he did he did college. Ask Vick.

  4. Don’t worry manziel fans, this is coming from the same guy who once proclaimed that Colin kaepernick will be the best qb ever to play the game, clearly jaws cannot be taken seriously.

  5. It’s the Browns, how many starting QBs have they gone thru since they have been back? WR corp is shaky, let Hoyer play and let Johnny Football learn. The team is looking better and better, let’s see if the momentum continues.

  6. Jaworski also thought Cam Newton was garbage coming out of college. The game has passed Jaws by.

    Move along, nothing to hear here……….

  7. I would hope a veteran QB would have a better command of the offense than a rookie during OTAs. The question is, will the rookie pick it up well enough by September that he can start? It’s ridiculous to look at how people are doing in OTAs and use that to determine who should start Week 1.

  8. It positively boggles my mind how some people are so Manziel-crazy. You can tell years of losing has afftected the brains of many Browns fans. The same people who are absolutely positive that Maziel needs to be the starter and feel he is our savior are the same ones who’ll be screaming for Hoyer or Shaw two games into the season id Manziel starts and doesn’t play well.

    The most common argument I hear against Hoyer is basically, “He can’t be very good if he’s been a back-up everywhere he’s gone.” ….and with that statement, people prove they’re looking at the little picture. Here’s the big picture: Hoyer has spent time with the Pats, the Steelers, and the Cards. With the Pats and Steelers, the starters were Brady and Roethlisberger. There is **no QB competition** when those guys are your incumbent starters. I don’t care if you play absolutlely lights out in camp or the preseason, you are NOT moving ahead of Brady or Roethlisberger. That’s just the way it is.

    In Hoyer’s one year with the Cards, it was the year where they brought Kevin Kolb in. Again, anointed starter. The Cards weren’t about to pay through the nose for Kolb and then start Hoyer.

    Long story short, Hoyer has been a back-up his whole career because he’s never been on a team where he had the slightest chance to become a starter, no matter what he showed in camp or preseason. He is quite obviously the type of guy who has more to offer and is very excited to make the most of it as a starter.

    Meanwhile, these desperate fans who are chomping at the bit for Manziel don’t seem to understand that this guy played two whopping years of college ball (talk about inexperienced!) and played a style in college that is going to be all-but-impossible to duplicate in the pros. He’s known for holding onto the ball forever and, while that might have turned into extended plays in college, the players are far faster in the pros and if he thinks he’s gonna be able to run around for 10 seconds on every other play, he’s in for a rude awakening.

    There’s no way in hell he should start. And funny how Cleveland fans always seem to want the incoming rookie to be the starter and save the day, and then gripe and moan that “he was thrown to the wolves and was made the starter to soon!” when that rookie falls on his face.

  9. Yeah he’s a veteran QB. But most teams don’t spend a 1st Round draft pick on a fresh QB instead of support for the veteran QB if they don’t have extreme motivations to move on from that veteran QB in the very near future. The Browns just don’t seem to be very high on Hoyer.

  10. Like a previous commenter stated I would too hope that a veteran qb had a better understanding and showed better control over the offense than a rookie would

  11. After ESPN realized what hack Jaws was, they were right to please the many, many people in America by removing Jaws and his silly, nonsensical, and uninsightful comments from the MNF booth … All I can say for ESPN still featuring him as an “analyst” within their line of programming is that it HAS to be because of his TV-personality appeal and NOT because of his expertise.

    The dude is a joke.

    Just because you were a starting QB for multiple seasons in the NFL does not make you a credible source of insight. Trent Dilfer had much, much less of a successful career as an NFL QB and I think Trent is 10X more insightful than whatever in the hell comes out of Jaws’ blabbering (and abnormally large, literally) mouth.

  12. Jaws has a point about sitting Manziel for a year. Not sure that’s going to happen though. I’m going with John Clayton’s gut on Hoyer. Clayton pegs Hoyer as a backup QB. A guy who will win 3 maybe 4 games for you while your main QB is out. After those initial 3 wins, look out below.

    For the Browns sake, hopefully Clayton’s wrong on this one. And Hoyer is the next Romo or Brady hiding in plain sight on the bench. Clayton’s been doing this a long time though. If he’s right about Hoyer, I could see Manziel starting in week 8. Especially if the Browns lose to the Jags in week 7.

  13. Jaws knows how to read a Defense? Jack Squirek is still in the flat sitting on your telegraphed dump off Jaws… The guy that could help out Manziel the most in learning the game and reading defenses, (Kosar) is assisting the Bears this offseason…

  14. Dumbturdi is still holding out for the return of Jamorca Russell. Guess that’s why he is in NE fetching lattes and snacks for the coaches after being fired for the sixth time!

  15. That’s nice Jaws. Now go back and play with your little blankey while mama makes you your supper. He is so cute when he thinks he knows what he’s talking about, which is like 100% of the time.

  16. Is it possible to simply think Manziel isn’t going to be a great QB, without thinking that because you personally dislike him for whatever reason? I think so. But apparently some don’t. I don’t know why Jaws doesn’t like him, but let’s not just say it’s because he has to personally dislike him. Maybe he really just believes he won’t make a good QB. He wouldn’t be the only one.

  17. No dog in this fight but how do you even compare a rookie with a guy who has experience with the team and has played actual NFL games?


  18. It’s just like getting a job after college…

    You can’t get the job unless you have experience doing the job, and you can’t get the experience unless you get the job.

  19. It’s just an opinion. he has his and although I completely agree, none of us know. I’d love for Manziel to prove me wrong. The league needs better QB play.

  20. lionswinsuperbowl says: “He has the heart of a spartan.”

    Re: Hoyer… This, I have to agree with. He does everything necessary to compete…and then some. Nobody works harder or wants it more than Brian Hoyer. If you’ve followed his story since arriving in Cleveland, you have to give him that. It’s all true.

  21. Hey Jaws, to bad you didn’t watch the film as Rod Martin thanks you for the 3 INT’s

  22. hoyer made a few nice throws last year, but still has a lot to prove. he has the advantage now, but manziel could overtake him by playing well in the preseason. not a browns fan but it’ll be fun to see how it plays out.

  23. I’m sick of the modern you-HAVE-to-start-your-first-round-QB attitude. No you DON’T.

    If I had my way they’d have already told Manziel he was riding the pine with no competing at all for the job.

  24. Another day, another “we asked someone what they thought about Manziel so we would have an excuse to write yet another article about him” piece.

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