Tony Scheffler retires because of concussions


The Lions cut Tony Scheffler last year after he missed some time with concussions.

And now he’s calling it a career because of them.

Scheffler told the Associated Press he was retiring from the NFL after suffering three concussions in the last four years.

He worked out for the Chiefs and Bears last year after his release, and said there was “moderate” interest in him in free agency. He played eight years in the NFL with the Broncos and Lions, catching 258 passes for 3,207 yards and 22 touchdowns.

It would have been interesting to see if Scheffler had been more interested in continuing if the interest from other teams was more than “moderate.”

But after his career effectively ended when he suffered his last concussion last year, you don’t have to wonder why so many players are willing to conceal their symptoms.

19 responses to “Tony Scheffler retires because of concussions

  1. Good for him, he was a hell of a player for a little while there. I kind of wanted Buffalo to give him a chance like they are doing with Moeaki, and like they did with Jerry Hughes, Manny Lawson, Keith Rivers…former high draft picks who were looking to jump-start their careers.

    I’m glad he realized what was going on, swallowed his pride and went out on his own terms. That’s how you always want to see a good guy go out…on his own terms.

    I hope he enjoys retirement…and I won’t be surprised to see him coaching somewhere.

  2. Must have been a hard decision to walk away from the game but it’s a smart decision. Glad to see he thought of his health rather than a paycheck.

  3. Thank you Tony for your involvement within the detroit community and giving it your all every game. Especially the year you had back in 2011. Go WMU and go Lions!

  4. This is another signing that didn’t make sense at the time and I just kept hoping they would eventually trade him and get something in return in addition to avoiding any possible salary space that was once available. This entire experience with him set the franchise back a tiny bit and every little bit counts. I don’t blame the player though or hold my disgruntlement against him, and maybe he would make a good broadcaster!

  5. I was really disappointed when McDaniels got rid of him. Cutler, Marshall, Scheffler, and Hillis were looking so good and then McDouche ruined all of that. At least we got Mannihg out of that cluster fudge eventually.

  6. To be fair….Scheff’s production was in decline before the concussion. Add this to the emergence of Fauria and he was on the block.

    But hey….anytime something is written about the Lions we have to put a negative slant on it.

  7. Strategy Expert,

    How did you not like the acquisition of Scheffler? We got him from Denver in a three way trade with the eagles for Ernie Sims. Sims had played terribly for a while at that point and the Lions had no use for him. Scheffler came in and produced immediately.

  8. He was great in Denver… pretty much a non-factor in Detroit. I’m not surprised the Bears took a look at him. He and Cutler looked like they were starting something good in Denver before McDoosh came in and blew it all up.

    Regardless, I give him props for having the guts (and smarts) to walk away.

  9. You know, I bet Scheffler is generally happy with his career and won’t go broke either.

    He is from Chelsea, MI, which is smallish semi rural town of around 5,000 people about 60 miles from Detroit. He played at Western Michigan in the MAC, so he never had the diva status in him so many players do that tend to blow their money.

    He also grew up rooting for the Lions, and the majority of his family lives in the metro Detroit suburbs.

    He was a 2nd round draft pick by Denver, then got traded to Detroit.

    He might not have ever won a Superbowl, but the small town kid got a scholarship, got drafted, was generally a success in the NFL for 8 years. He made millions of dollars, and he got to play for the hometown team that he grew up rooting for, and got to play in front of his family and close friends when they were at home.

    Now he is being smart and walking away from the game with his mind in tact.

    not many people get to say those things above.

  10. Scheff was a good weapon, a good player and a good guy. Typical WMU Bronco! Go Broncos!

    Hope your next venture brings you fulfillment and your health stays normal.

    Smart move, Scheff. Guys like Campbell and Dorsett really don’t care if they had an extra mil in the bank at this point….better to get while the getting is good and remember your kid’s names at 60….

  11. If I fall off a roof at work, I understand the risks with roofing. That roofing company is still responsible my injuries. How come nobody understands that when it come to concussion lawsuits? I hate insurance agencies as the next, but these men deserve to be righted. Scheffler, go get whats part yours.

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