Trent Cole thinks he has a lot left in the tank


The Eagles moved Trent Cole from defensive end to linebacker last season and Cole seemed to find his footing at his new position over the second half of the season.

Cole had eight sacks in the second half of the season, which seemed to convince the Eagles that they didn’t need to hit the free agent market for more help rushing the passer. They did draft Marcus Smith in the first round, but Cole will be back in a leading spot on defense again this year. He expects to be there for several more years as well, especially now that he has a deeper understanding of the team’s defense.

“Everybody says, ‘He’s getting old because he’s on this side of 30,'” Cole said, via the Philadelphia Inquirer. “Man, I’ve got three years left! At least give me three years!”

Coach Chip Kelly said he thinks Cole will be better in 2014 because he has a “better understanding of what we are trying to do” on defense. That includes dropping into coverage, something that Cole didn’t do before last season, but the Eagles need to be better on the pass rush and Cole’s second half output creates some optimism that he’ll be able to help provide that improvement.

Cole, who turns 32 in October, does have three years left on his contract after the 2014 season, but it’s hardly a sure thing that he’ll wind up seeing them. With base salaries starting at $10 million in 2015 and going up from there, Cole’s going to be a pretty expensive piece for the Eagles to fit under the cap. Another strong season will at least make for a tougher decision in Philly.

11 responses to “Trent Cole thinks he has a lot left in the tank

  1. Depends on how you use him, then you could get 3 years maybe.

    Is it me, or do some pass rushers just immediately lose it and others seem to stick around? I guess there could be cases made at all positions, but DE seems to be a little different

  2. Cole is a beast. the consummate professional.

    couldn’t think of a better role model for a young rookie to learn from.

    Cole will have the edge in 2014, but the future is wide open.

  3. He’s been an incredibly durable player, so if he says he feels great, there’s no reason to doubt him. I hope he retires and Eagle but I realize that he’ll have to restructure his contract for that to happen.

  4. I like Cole, always have

    That being said, outside of challenging the sack record this year, he is gone after this season. Unless he is willing to sign a deal with a massive pay cut to stay, they aren’t going to carry his cap hit next year

  5. Philly will not pay him $10 million in 2015. I have been a huge fan during his entire tenure in Philly, but he will have to restructure in order to stay there past this upcoming season. I think he will restructure in order to stay in Philly.

  6. Great down to earth guy. He should get paid by WaWa because of how long he holds the door for their customers. Seriously I see this guy at least once a week at our WaWa and he’s always holding the door, basically until the entire parking lot and store is empty.

    Yea I know its what everyone should do and its not some big accomplishment bc he’s famous. Still its at least nice to know that he doesnt take himself to seriously and doesnt look down at everyday people. Like so many celebrities and athletes seem to do (cough Jason Babin cough).

  7. I am a big fan of Trent Cole but he’s playing for a contract with somebody else next year. Unless of course he takes a major pay cut on a re-do. The union should stop worrying about 18 game schedule and push for real money contracts.

  8. It’s all about being able to position yourself to make plays. You need to do a lot of foot work. That and keeping yourself in the right position so you can keep the reciever from getting behind you. I like Cole and admire him for swallowing his pride especially after the way last year started for him. He didn’t complain, instead he kept his head in the system and we all seen what he did in the second half.

  9. I love Trent Cole, the guy is a beast. Also I love the fact that he said his favorite QB to hit was Eli manning. I believe Cole has plenty of gas left in the tank. He’s also a great help to the many young lineman the Eagles have. Check out that Eagle defense, there could b something special going on this year.

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