Alex Boone unlikely to show up for mandatory minicamp


49ers tight end Vernon Davis will be showing up for next week’s mandatory minicamp.  49ers guard Alex Boone likely won’t be.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Boone does not intend to report for the three-day session.

Sure, it’ll cost nearly $70,000 if Boone doesn’t show up at any point during the minicamp.  But Boone is serious about getting a new deal, and the only leverage he can muster comes from withholding services.

Boone is due to earn a paltry base salary of $2 million, along with a roster bonus of $200,000.  He already has forfeited a $50,000 workout bonus by staying away from the offseason program.

Undrafted out of Ohio State, Boone has started every game in 2012 and 2013 — 19 total regular-season and postseason games per year.  He is signed through 2015; his salary drops to $1.2 million in the final season of the contract.

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  1. God just cut him already. Niners can move on without him and be just fine. I wonder where he got this idea that he was an integral part of their success the past few years.

  2. Who’ll blink first? Yah …. I never want to get into a stare down with Baalke. Boone – bro, this is such a bad idea with such a DEEP team now at OT/OG.

  3. All the swirl around the Niners right now gives me the feel of team that’s going to drop like rock this year. Too much bickering over money instead of playing football. Same thing that happened in Houston and Atlanta.

  4. Boone is being dumb; we have a battle for center with Marcus Martin & Daniel Kilgore, one of them can play RG, we have Fouimalo Fonoti, Joe Looney, Ryan Seymour, Farrell Dillon, & Brandon Thomas all waiting for playing time. O yeah, and Carter Bykowski & Jonathan Martin. Boone has no leverage.

  5. Send him back home to Cleveland for a fourth round pick. Sorry Whiner fans – he’s your best lineman… Only the uneducated say he’s replacable…

  6. You need to take that $2 mil in context. Alex Boone is heavily underpaid for a starting guard in the NFL. They should offer him an extension that doubles his salary.

  7. They need to work this out. He’s a better T than G and he’s a pretty darn good G. They need to give him an extension get rid of Staley next year when he turns 31 and move Boone to LT. Then they can move Brandon Thomas into the G spot. With the money your saving on Staley you can afford to boost Boone’s salary. He deserves an extension not VD. Vernon is the third highest paid TE in football and will be 30 this season. Not that I don’t love Staley and Vernon but both are going to be on the wrong side of 30 and you have to be smart with who you play. Not to mention the fact both players have seemed to get banged up more than usual the last 2 years. In Staley’s case they have I believe a guy in Boone who can be just as good and someone to slide into the G spot as well. If Vance McDonald shows up this year same goes for Vernon.

  8. It’s always made me wonder why athletes hold out for more money but yet lose a bunch of money in fines or missed bonuses in the process. But then what do I know, I’m just a middle class blue collar guy.

  9. That’s a nice thank you to the team that took a chance on an undrafted alcoholic with an arrest record, them coached him into a new position on the best offensive line in football…

  10. The only benefit he gets by holding out is to prevent a possible career-ending injury. It is unlikely the 49ers will give him a hefty raise, not just because they cannot afford to, but because they don’t want to encourage other players to do the same.

  11. Paltry 2 mil base salary?
    Forfeited $50,000 workout bonus?
    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  12. I love how people like “theBiblestudent” constantly talk about just how overpaid these players are. If you actually had a unique skill that only a few hundred people on earth could do, and the business you were in generated billions of dollar per year, you’d expect to get paid handsomely for it. Throw in the fact that this job could jeopardize your long term health and that players avg 3 years of employment before losing their jobs, yes, they should be holding out for every penny they get. Unlike baseball, their contracts are not 100% guaranteed.

  13. He does realize they have linemen that were basically redshirted last year right? Combined witha couple more drafted early. Boone was a beast, but he was undrafted for a reason. He was raw and an alcoholic. He can thank the coaching staff for supporting and developing him by getting to camp and earning that “paltry” salary.

  14. I feel really bad he’s making 2 million this year. It breaks my heart. How will his family live? How will he provide groceries and pay his mortgage?

  15. You signed the contract Boone. Remember it was the niners that took a chance on you by signing you as an undrafted rookie. You went un drafted because you had a lot of trouble with alcoholism, but the niners took a chance, were patient and had your best interest all along.

    Boone, the niners were the ones that signed you to this deal, when you were being paid more then your production showed, it was a deal to which you agreed to. You panned out, because of the 49ers.

    Show your gratitude and finish out your contract. You want big bucks fine, after your contract runs out you can go sign to some 2nd rate franchise thats willing to break the bank. The niners don’t give big money to non core players.

  16. Alex join Donte and come back home to Cleveland, we have the Cap Space got you. Just saying

  17. “Why have contracts? Since nobody really wants to honor them, unless they had a bad year. Then we’re good!”

    When they have a bad year, it is the team who doesn’t want to honor the contract.

  18. Boone could be a quality RT and maybe even a serviceable LT for a lot of teams, but the fact of the matter is the Niners need him at RG and if he doesn’t show up, they’ve stocked up on interior linemen to fill that position over the past few drafts. He’s a quality player, but I don’t think he has much leverage here – especially when the team is at risk of losing Crabtree and Iupati to free agency after this season.

  19. Every team needs smart offensive lineman, so this kid won’t be left on the curb looking for work. If the 49ers think he is replaceable, let him go. Otherwise, pay him what he’s worth. He’s protecting their “franchise QB” and if he’s not working with the team the linemen around him will suffer – and that’s a problem for everyone.

  20. They should trade him and get some decent draft picks. This would also free up some cap space and cash to sign Iupati, their best lineman, long term.
    A much $$$ friendlier contract player in Looney (6-3, 320) is better suited for Boone’s guard spot anyway. Boone is 6-8 and should be a tackle. Now that he’s been a quality starter for a few years, Boone is underpaid. But the Niners offered him a very nice extension before all of that (long before they had to) and he signed it. Both sides gave up a little to get it done. Don’t forget Alex, you were a big risk coming out of Ohio State, with all of those off the field incidents, and that’s why you didn’t get drafted. The Niners took a chance and it has worked out for both parties. If you had your act together from day 1, you would have your money already. The Niners can make out either way here. Make a good trade and get valuable picks for the future, and give the big money deal to Iupati, or pay up for Boone.
    They should give the cash to Iupati. Boone’s holdout might just make the decision very easy for them.

  21. These players are to much. That is your contract that you agreed to. Way to go back on your word as a man. I so hope this is how people are going to continue to act
    In the future. Say one thing do another. That would make this world a great place.

  22. Dude… you’re a GUARD. $2 mil a year is not bad coin. Get wise and get with the program.

    As that picture shows, he is clearly not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree–and his behavior in this matter is proving it.

  23. Trade him for a draft pick. See how much he likes that. I’m sick of these punks signing contracts and then holding out for more. Why did you sign it if you’re not going to honor it. Damned punk.

  24. Besides Staley Boone has been our most consistent lineman he actually missed less games than Staley too. When Staley got injured he slid over to T and filled in quite nicely during his absence , he’s a versatile player worthy of a new contract after all don’t you wanna protect your new $126,000,000 dollar investment with a stud like Boone ? Of all the O lineman the 49ers have Boone is the one with that nastiness you love to see in a player ! If they don’t plan on signing Ipuati when his contract is up this year than they should give Boone his raise im sure it would considerably cheaper than what Ipuati would cost to get back.

  25. Don’t like guys who won’t honor the terms of their contract. If he felt he was worth more at the time of signing, then they should have said so. Maybe Davis put the bug in his ear but Davis is far more valuable than Boone.

    Having said that though, this is the NFL we are talking about and its all about having the best guys on the field so it wouldn’t surprise me if SF caved and offered him more money. But it also wouldn’t surprise me if he was traded. Mgmt has to draw the line somewhere; they to decide what is best for the team and if Boone is going to hold out then maybe he isn’t the best they can get for their money.

  26. I think Boone is probably the Niners best OL(he can play tackle as well so he has more value than just OG). I’d rather we lock him up and let Iupati walk next season.

  27. Think about how much $2 million is for a football player. Half of that comes off the top due to taxes and agent fees. So he’s really only getting $1 million. Assuming he’s a smart guy, and I’m betting he is, he’s investing most of that. $1 million in a solid investment portfolio in today’s market will get him about 8% annually, which is about $80k. A nice piece of change, but not enough to live on in the San Francisco area.

    This is his 4th season and the past few he’s made quite a bit less. But chances are by the end of this season, assuming he plays under this contract, his portfolio could be worth as much as $2 million. Now he’s looking at a $160k/year return on his investments. That’s pretty good, but could he retire on that? Yeah, but remember he’s going to need a lifetime of physical care after an NFL career of physical abuse.

    With the current contract, the NFL is at least half lower paid guys on their rookie contracts. You don’t see a lot of 7 to 10 year veterans anymore because they cost too much. Chances are Alex Boone will play only a few more years and that will be it, so it makes economic sense for him to try to get a raise now, but given that he still has 2 years on his contract, it probably won’t happen.

  28. I agree with some of you guys, we are going to let him go, I know it was a team effort last year but and yes maybe he contribute to the team but it’s time to move on without him, we need lupati a lot more then him and we are going to give Davis that contract that he wants, so Boone I’m sorry but goodbye.

  29. Surprising angle not yet mentioned: 49ers philosophy and depth means Boone may just be stashed on the roster until he shows… And maybe even thereafter (effectively costing himself a starting spot).

    I could see him holding out and losing his position to Looney, Martin or Martin (Marcus or Jonathan). Heck, the 49ers even seem to still love Adam Snyder. There is no dearth of Guards (and this isn’t even factoring in Brandon Thomas, either).

    Doubtful a trade brings requisite value; Nor does cutting him. And maybe more important to the 49ers organization is precedent.

    Harbaugh and Greg Roman are old-school as they come –> You don’t earn a starting spot if you’re not there… Just ask Brandon Jacobs.

  30. Boone’s agent is misreading his leverage, but he has a history of doing that. I’m not excited about Kilgore, Looney or Snyder. They haven’t demonstrated dominance, when I’ve seen them, and I suspect one of them won’t make the club. The Twin Martin’s, that could be really exciting inside, maybe now and for a long time to come. Brandon Thomas would seem to have starter potential next year. Maybe Boone sees himself as a tackle, maybe left tackle and big bucks, but not on the 9ers, not for several years. Best shot for a renegotiated extension is to show up, not force Baalke’s hand

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