Browns not worried about Manziel playing baseball

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The Browns aren’t worried about what Johnny Manziel does off the field.  Or on a field that isn’t a football field.

Less than a week after the Padres made Manziel a 28th-round draft pick, coach Mike Pettine said the team has no concerns about Manziel possibly choosing to play baseball.

“My first question was I didn’t really even realize that he played baseball,” Pettine said Wednesday, via the Associated Press.  “I think it was back in high school, and I didn’t even get a chance to talk to him about it.”

Pettine danced around the question of whether the Padres’ decision to draft Manziel was simply a publicity stunt.

“I don’t know,” Pettine said.  “When I heard it, somebody texted me about it, and I didn’t think it was that big of a deal because the kid’s die-hard football.  It was a bit of a surprise.”

It’s the kind of surprise that ultimately won’t mean anything to the Browns, since it’s highly unlikely that Manziel will ever play baseball.  But it’s the kind of surprise with which the Browns had better get comfortable, because there’s reason to believe that, with Manziel, there will be one surprise after another, throughout his career.

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  1. With the way the Browns go through QBs, he could be in camp with the Padres in 2 years.

  2. Seems like they don’t care about anything he does in that organization. Hopefully it stays that way when he leads them to a 3 win season.

  3. They better be worried :

    1. Browns suck and they always have …
    2. He plays baseball better than football …
    3. MLB pays more than the NFL … and its all guaranteed
    4. Browns suck and they always have …

  4. What does it say about the Browns and the scouting process of Manziel when the head coach says……………no kidding he plays baseball as well?

    I can’t think you would ever hear Bill B say that.

  5. Getting drafted by the Browns has to make baseball a strong option in Manziel’s mind.

  6. Manziel is smart to hedge his bets by getting a toe-hold in a second sport. Looks like he is as uncertain about his NFL future as the sports pundits are.

    “…the kid is die-hard football…” said Pettine. Uh huh. Well, it’s evident that Johnny can convince others that he is single minded because he is…about getting that fat check as a professional athlete.

    He’s a man with a plan. Football, baseball, it doesn’t matter to him as long as he can maintain a life as a playah. He was born to be a high-roller so more power to him.

  7. I’m not sure how saying “I don’t know” is dancing around a question.

    Maybe he really didn’t know (as none of us do) if it was a publicity stunt on the part of the Padres.

  8. They clearly can’t control him. And anyone who says they are okay with his frequent flying and boozing knows they wish he was in the playbook fighting to start. Not showing up Monday morning jet lagged and hung over. Sad to see an organization and coaching staff getting ran by a player who has never played a down, or achieved anything as a pro football player. If it was any other qb, Browns fans would agree. But they’re stuck defending the guy.

  9. uh, didn’t he get drafted in the 287th round? i don’t think he’s going to be leaving the nfl to pursue a minor league baseball career.

  10. Back in the day wasn’t Elway drafted by the Yankees and didn’t he use that as leverage to force the Colts to trade him so that he wouldn’t have to play for Robert Irsay?

  11. I don’t remember all this BS when Seattle’s QB got drafted by the Rangers.

    Hate on haters!

    Go Browns!!!

  12. I think they should be alot more worried about him playing football. This guy is a joke.

  13. Never been much of a Browns fan and had fun poking fun at the whole Holmgren debacle but I hope Johnny does great just to shut up the haters. Give the guy’s a break, he hasn’t even taked an NFL snap yet. Go Johnny go.

  14. jerruhjones thats because Seattles QB wasn’t drafter by the Rangers they picked up in the Rule 5 draft which means he was on another roster but wasn’t protected. It was also previously known by everyone that Wilson played baseball and had already played in the minors even before his senior year at Wisconsin. So Wilson’s baseball career was well known and he had already made the choise of football over baseball. Manziel getting drafted for baseball is much different as he wasn’t selected by a baseball team out of high school, he didn’t play in college, and him being drafted was pretty much out of the blue. You are comparing apples to oranges here. But I do agree with one thing they are both publicity stunts to sell some merchandise as the rangers have sold wilson jerseys on the coat tails of him winning the super bowl and I’m sure the Pads will sell Manziel jerseys once he signs. Its all about the money not either of them playing baseball. You have to feel a little bad for the guys who have devoted their lives to baseball and these guys are taking money from them.

  15. The Browns FO and coaching staff have basically said “hey Johnny, we don’t care what you do. At all. Just do well for us and you can do whatever the hell you want.” And while many praise the Browns for this, I think it’s a HUGE mistake. You are basically telling the kid he can do no wrong in their eyes and he’s the focal point of the organization over any other player… and he hasn’t even played a down in the NFL. You know who else took that approach? The Redskins with RGKnee. And do you know the stigma he carries with him? There is no team mentality, it’s all about RGIII. It’s not a good look for the organization or the player. It never is to put a player above all else and his teammates. But then again, this IS the Browns…

  16. Every year there are crazy draftee’s taken in the MLB draft. It’s what happens when you have WAY too many rounds, teams that are perpetually at the bottom of the league in merchandise sales (ever seen anyone in a Padre’s cap? Me neither) and salesmen running the draft board. No real baseball man drafts Manziel.

  17. Holy crap, the Browns have to say they’re not worried about everything he does.

    Manziel sleeps in, Browns not worried about it.

    Browns not worried Manziel orders milkshake.

  18. Attn: Browns Offensive Linemen,

    The next time ANY of you catches ANY grief from your coaches, GM, or owner about your own off-the-field behavior, just remember that anyone can miss a block every now and then without losing his job!


    The remainder of the 52-man roster

  19. You’re telling me that the Browns took this guy in the first round and didn’t even know he played baseball in high school? Shouldn’t that be in the most basic of background reports?

  20. What’s the Vegas over/under that Johnny Swan will be the last player in the entire 2014 draft class to be signed?

    There is, however, an opening at the Mirage to replace the Siegfried & Roy act!

  21. Bwownzzz should wowwy, but they don’t wowwy. He gonna be in twouble if they don’t wowwy mow. BoooooHooooooooo, why won’t they wowwyyyyyy?

  22. It means nothing, plenty of football players and random people are drafted, he won’t sign a contract or report to their minor league system.
    Vick was also drafted and he never played baseball.

  23. Everyone else is more concerned/worried about Manziel than his coaches, teammates, scouts, former players, and the draft analysts/commentators with experience in professional football.

    Which leaves all the little green-eyed sore losers who’s teams couldn’t outwit the new guy (Ray Farmer).

    Must really suck to be them!

    Go Browns….leave your mark on the other teams.

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