Dee Milliner slowed by hamstring troubles


Jets cornerback Dee Milliner’s rookie year got off to a slow start because of offseason shoulder surgery and his health issues continued into the regular season as he missed three games because of hamstring troubles.

Milliner was able to bounce back from those issues and a couple of early-season trips to the bench to turn in some stronger play toward the end of the season, putting him in position to be the team’s lead corner this season. That won’t happen if Milliner can’t stay healthy, though, and his hamstring is giving him a hard time again. Milliner missed time last week and has been limited this week because of an injury that coach Rex Ryan believes is relatively minor.

“Hopefully he’ll be out there next week,” Ryan said, via the Newark Star-Ledger. “But he’s been progressing along pretty good. He did not have a pulled hamstring. It was just something that it was tight and we’re trying to prevent a hamstring pull for him.”

Milliner’s problems staying healthy last season make even a tight hamstring worth some concern, especially since his prospective cornerback partner Dimitri Patterson has an even longer history of missed time over the course of his career. The Jets are thin behind those two — Darrin Walls has filled in for Milliner — and their hopes for a successful season remain contingent on strong work on the defensive side of the ball.

10 responses to “Dee Milliner slowed by hamstring troubles

  1. I don’t understand how a guy exposed at the combine as having not elite skills, gets drafted in the top half of the first round.

  2. Another Bama bust. These guys peak in college and don’t have enough left for the NFL when they get there.

  3. Hamstring injuries are tricky. Take it slow,let it heal. Too many times teams/players press back into action too fast and re-injure themselves costing more time on the bench. Let it heal.

  4. It is beginning to worry me that we put all of our eggs into a very fragile basket.

    I very much look forward to watching the Jets scrubbing the waiver wire for castoffs by week 2…

  5. How did Idzik let DRC go to Giants again? Was it all the money he has left over the problem or what?

  6. This kid is going to end up being such a bust. Jets’ secondary is royally screwed this year. Teams are going to be lighting them up with the passing game.

  7. “Another Bama bust. These guys peak in college and don’t have enough left for the NFL when they get there.”

    Are you saying that the University of Alabama is involved in hamstring sabotage?

  8. So glad the Browns skipped this guy. He has too much of an injury history and everyone knows the Browns need their picks to be able to play now. Riding a bike really doesn’t help this kids adjustment to the NFL. I am not saying the kid is a bust and wish him well. But you always hope your home team drafts a guy somewhat high in the first round that will end up showing more than stationary bike skills in mini camp.

  9. IN HIS SUCCESSFULL stretch at the end of last year i saw milliner play a style that would be weird for the nfl if successful. He hadn’t played well previously and was seen not even turning to face the oncoming ball, an invitation to trouble with interference penalties.
    Toward the end, he played without physical contact with the receiver with his hand persistently in the receiver’s face as the ball approached. This seems good and bad but could be more to the good if, as seems likely, he has got the body control to maintain enough distance to avoid contact.
    I’m not suggesting he invented this approach, but the level of his reliance on it in the time i watched was surprising.

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