Edward Jones Dome needs more money to keep up with maintenance needs


The future of the Rams in St. Louis was thrown into doubt when officials rejected the team’s proposal to upgrade the Edward Jones Dome last year, deeming the reported $700 million request too expensive while making a more modest proposal of their own.

That rejection gave the Rams the ability to break their long-term lease at the stadium after next season, something that might become an even greater possibility if the stadium runs out of money to keep the building up to the current standard. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that could happen as the annual $24 million payouts used to maintain the stadium and pay off construction debt will come to an end in the coming years and the St. Louis Regional Convention and Sports Complex Authority is on pace to burn through their savings.

Brian McMurtry, the executive director of the authority, sent a letter to city, county and state officials making them aware of the situation and noting that they’ll need an additional $40 million in cash or $40 million in new bonds to keep the lights on.

“I’m going to tell you, they don’t know how they’re going to do it,” McMurtry said. “But they want to know what it’s going to take.”

Rams COO Kevin Demoff said that the Rams have helped fund such projects in the past and they’re open to discussions now, but the uncertainty of their future in St. Louis could make an agreement on those terms a difficult one to reach without a commitment to major upgrades or a new stadium. And that uncertainty also likely makes it difficult for the powers that be to fund upkeep on a stadium that may lose its major tenant in the next few years, leaving some big decisions to make all around in St. Louis.

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  1. I despise when teams hold a city hostage for a new stadium (have a problem with billionaires begging for money), but I have to say St.Louis needs a new stadium badly. The Dome has one of the worst atmospheres and has always been a terrible place to see a game. St.Louis doesn’t need a dome.

  2. Hard to believe a 20 year old stadium can be so far outdated. It’s an awesome looking stadium from the outside but once you step inside it’s a whole different story. Dark and dreary doesn’t even begin to describe it. It’s like being at a funeral with 50k people.

  3. Rams Couldn’t make it work in LA so the moved. Now can’t make it work in St Louis so they are again looking to move back to LA?

    Of course the Raiders couldn’t make it work in Oakland, so they moved to LA only to pack up & move back to Oakland.

    Guessing the Rams will be back in St. Louis come 2025.

  4. With Kroenke getting land in LA and now this it looks like the Rams will move to LA with the next year or two. Also Kroenke has to know that if he moves the Rams to LA that franchise has to worth more then the 2 billion the Clippers where bought for, NFL teams are more expensive than NBA teams.

  5. Worst atmosphere in sports. Busch Stadium is amazing, and Scottrade Center is quite good…..the Dome is big convention center. That’s it. Dark, dead, lifeless in color. Not sure how a place can only be 20 years old and be that lame. I’ve been there for football games, and I’ve been there for home shows….same atmosphere either way. And the city doesn’t love the Rams. The love the Cards and adore the Blues, but I’m telling you if the Rams leave no one will care.

  6. How could a stadium that is not even 20 years old be so out-dated?

    I know that Populous (formerly HOK) has been known for building some real gems in pro-sports. The Edward Jones Dome must be their lemon.

  7. It’s not a 20 year old stadium, it’s a 20 year old convention hall they happen to lay down turf and pretend on Sundays is a football stadium. This was a poor plan from the start only one who got anything from this was Georgia and her family……

  8. The stadium costs the City $24M a year to maintain? They need $40M to stay in business the rest of the year? Whatever happened to that whole idea of stadiums “paying for themselves”?

    I’m guessing that’s about as true as the paperless office.

    Not a great taxpayer investment. Schools are a better use of public money.

  9. First of all – whoever negotiated that deal with the Rams should be fired. Requiring this stadium to be one of the top ones in the NFL 15-20 years after it was built? Allowing them to break their lease if this standard isn’t met?

    Then, to add insult to injury – the management of the stadium ran through its budget and reserves – and requires additional money just to keep it open?

    Looks like there is a lot of incompetence in St Louis….

  10. How’s that sweetheart dealing giving the Rams a huge pile of cash and mortgaging 30 years of the city’s needs working out for you, St. Louis? Here’s hoping all current and prospective NFL cities learn this lesson.

  11. Just another “not-for-profit” organization trying to blackmail the city. How come no one ever does a profit-to-loss analysis on the taxpayers money?

  12. St. Louis did this to itself. It was all too eager to give a greedy woman everything she wanted when cities like Baltimore and Hartford told her to get lost.

  13. Originally the Rams were in Cleveland. They left because they couldn’t compete with Paul Brown’s Cleveland Browns of the AAFC.

  14. lasher1650 says: Jun 12, 2014 10:31 AM

    The place has all the ambiance of an aircraft hangar


    on a sunken aircraft carrier.

  15. Seahawks Stadium cost $430M to build (which is $564 million in 2014 dollars).

    The Rams want $700M just to UPGRADE their stadium?

    Looks like they’re gonna just barely miss reaching a “middle ground” agreement with St. Louis officials.

  16. Just remember Rams fans when the NFL wants to give you a another team in 5-10 years, give them the single digit solute unless somebody else is paying for it.

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