Falcons selected for HBO’s “Hard Knocks”

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The newest season of “Hard Knocks” will follow a club that got knocked around quite a bit a season ago.

The Atlanta Falcons will be profiled by HBO’s “Hard Knocks,” the annual summer documentary that follows one NFL team through training camp and the preseason, the club said Thursday.

The Falcons have never before been selected for “Hard Knocks,” which enters its ninth season. According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, the club “volunteered” to be on the show.

“We are excited about the opportunity to give our fans a behind the scenes look at what it takes to prepare an NFL team for the rigors of a 16-game regular season and beyond,” Falcons owner Arthur Blank said Thursday in a team-issued statement.

The Falcons are seeking to bounce back after a disastrous 4-12 campaign in 2013. The club had made the postseason the previous three seasons and went all the way to the NFL title game in 2012.

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  1. Even the biggest Falcons fans don’t remember them going to the “NFL title game” in 2012.

  2. Its getting to the point where every team will eventually do Hard Knocks. The peer pressure of everyone else having done it will start forcing hands..

  3. Hmm I’m pretty sure it was the Ravens and Niners that were in the “NFL Title Game” in 2012

  4. The NFL should just pick whatever team they think would be best, then notify that team – NO CHOICE.

    What if a team thinks that Monday night football is a distraction? Too bad, its not up to you!!

  5. As a coach I despise Hard Knocks. With all the cameras at practice, our guys cant learn the playbook, and they cant run as fast. How can we possibly be a good football team with cameras at practice? These cameras cause guys to miss blocks and it decreases the QB’s accuracy.

    Just kidding, actually guys try HARDER when they know that a dropped pass in an otherwise meaningless practice could be on HBO.

  6. Since I live in the ATL I’m a Falcons season ticket holder because I can’t go to JAX eight weekends every fall. I’m pretty excited. The Falcons need a new vibe. Lots of compelling storylines. They need to sell some season tickets. This is a good Arthur Blank-business decision.

  7. The only reason I can see the Falcons being a compelling story is to see how they handle coming back from a season where they were without question one of the 2 or 3 most disappointing teams in the league. For a team with that much talent to have been drafting as high as they did this year is absurd.

    That, plus the fact that they’re already down a starting veteran LB (Witherspoon) with no apparent replacement in the pipeline, so there’s some built-in drama there to start with.

  8. Also for the people who claim no personality, or interesting rookies – Roddy White? One of the leagues top trash talkers, was smiling for his mug shot. William Moore? For the rookies we have Shembo who was an acquitted rapist, and the acquitment is still questioned today.

  9. Wow, I didn’t think there was a team I wouldn’t want to watch on Hard Knocks. And then they pick the Falcons. Nice play, Goodell.

  10. Is the fascination with football so out of hand that people have to watch players stretch and sit in ice tubs? It’s the same exact thing every year: profile random assistant coach that yells a lot, profile random assistant coach that is old, profile bums that will get cut, spotlight star players in their homes packing, mix in shots of field being painted and facemasks being screwed onto helmets. It was interesting the first season. Now it’s stupid.

  11. Oh thank goodness it wasn’t my team. As much as I would have enjoyed getting more coverage on them, and as an NFL junkie I’d have loved every minute of it, I’m so glad it’s someone else. I can’t see this being good for the team itself. I want my team to win and giving every other team a free scouting report won’t help with that.

  12. Several Falcons players live in my neighborhood. I am going to be interested in seeing how their on camera personalities match up with what I see off camera.

  13. Maybe Roddy can disclose how he is able to commit offensive pass interference every other play…and still get away with it.

  14. I was reading some comments and all i can say is what a bunch of jealous whinners on this site. You people sound like a bunch of saints fans wishing your lame cheating team was on Hard Knocks. haha I am excited and hoping this gets my Falcons fired up and ready to kick some butt this season. GO FALCONS!!!!!

  15. zzzzz,zzzzzzz,zzzzzzzz,zzzzzzzz,zzzzzzz, wake me when when they get off their play 360 bus

  16. jeffcfalcon says:Jun 12, 2014 1:50 PM

    I was reading some comments and all i can say is what a bunch of jealous whinners on this site. You people sound like a bunch of saints fans wishing your lame cheating team was on Hard Knocks. haha I am excited and hoping this gets my Falcons fired up and ready to kick some butt this season. GO FALCONS!!!!!

    You’ve got us pegged..you are spot on. We are jealous whiners because your team is on Hard Knocks. Good call buddy!

  17. Not that they were gonna win the Super Bowl, but just a fun fact. No team that has done hard knocks has won a Super Bowl in that season. That should tell you something.

  18. Being the most boring team in the league is better than being a dysfunctional circus…

  19. Saints fans everywhere are laughing hysterically…this is the first I’ve heard of an owner actually volunteering for this.

  20. Well, at least we’ll get to watch O$i Umenyioria riding the stationary bike…. *yawn*

  21. Falcons selected for HBO’s “Hard Knocks”

    Good. Every team that has appeared on this show has wound up in Fred Sanford’s junkyard. Thanks for making repeating as division winner a little easier for the Panthers.

  22. Are they going to try to resurrect Tony Gonzalez with the promise of going to the superbowl again? That worked out great last year!!


    p.s. It also worked great for Brett Favre with the Vikings.

    P.S.S. The Falcons and Vikings are responsible for the sad endings of two legendary player’s careers.

  23. It will be kind of cool to see Pioli picking up gum wrappers. If you don’t know what that means ask anyone who follows the Chiefs

  24. Hard Knocks has no connection to a team’s on field production, go and read Grantland’s piece on that gross misperception. My question is, why are there so many haters of this show? I find it extremely compelling getting such an inside look on an nfl team, regardless of the team they’re covering.

  25. johmac982- Do you mean Atlanta players are boring or have no personality because none of them get arrested for stealing anything or killing anybody?

  26. First of all, everyone will watch. Everyone on here saying “they finally picked a team I won’t watch on Hard Knocks” is kidding themselves. It’s football, it’s on, you’ll watch.

    With that out of the way, I have that there is absolutely no way this even close to HBOs first choice.

  27. Steeley McBeam says:
    Jun 12, 2014 12:48 PM
    Better than the Dolphins. And probably the Bengals. Although James Harrison was a beast on that show.”

    Miami arguably had the best ‘Hard knocks’ series yet. Seeing Ocho Cinco getting cut, the players speaking out against it, Vontae Davis getting traded and then crying ‘I wanna call my Grandma’, Gerrard injuring his knee, Tannehill winning the competition…by far the most interesting and entertaining hard knocks I’ve watched

  28. Hopefully this flops and the show is cancelled. Roger Goodell would no longer be able to strong-arm teams into participating, as has been threatened in the past.

  29. mcjon22 – I don’t think it was the most interesting, but it was one of the better ones. However, how many thought it would be interesting when it was announced the Dolphins would be the team?

  30. There could be a QB competition or a surprise cut of Matt Ryan. If they watch enough playoff tape, they will need to consider it. Also the drama of Tony Gonzalez possibly signing with a contender could be interesting.

  31. I’m just happy to watch the show it’s great no matter who the team it is as long as they keep it real. No players playing it up for the camera’s or coach’s hamming it up either like Jon Gruden

  32. Atlanta is truly one of the most boring NFL teams in the league. if it weren’t for being in Atlanta, they would probably be the least compelling.

    I’m so happy people are finally done saying this team is a superbowl contender.

    They are the NFC’s version of the Texans: beyond over rated

  33. I wish they would do the Chargers some year. I’m a displaced Pats fan living in SD, but we do have hot women out here who like to go to Bolts practices. Chargers are made for Hard Knocks.

  34. Good chance to see Mike Smith and his arrogance, combined with indecision and deer in the headlights look, front and center.

    Only way that this year would get interesting if somehow the league mandated that Gonzalez had to go back to the Falcons, after his comments about Ryan earlier this year.

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