Giants waiting for word on Jon Beason’s foot injury


Linebacker Jon Beason has lost chunks of his career to Achilles tendon and knee injuries, but it wasn’t an injury to either of those areas that led to him being carted off the field at Giants OTAs on Thursday.

The Giants say that Beason suffered a foot injury and is undergoing testing to determine how severely he’s hurt.

“It’s a foot … he was running across the field and felt something in the bottom of his foot,” coach Tom Coughlin said, via the New York Post. “We’ll see.”

Beason’s arrival a few weeks into last season gave the Giants a starting middle linebacker and his play helped the unit turn in a solid performance following their dreadful start to the season. He re-signed with the Giants earlier in the offseason and Coughlin called him a “very important” player when discussing the injury on Thursday.

It’s a major cause for concern when very important players wind up riding off the field in a cart, which isn’t a state of mind the Giants wanted to find themselves in before June was out.

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  1. Another unbearable loss for my Giants. After losing Will Hill, the third best Giants defensive player in team history after LT and Strahan, the Giants lost my man Justin Tuck, the Super Bowl shutdown CB duo of Corey Webster and Aaron Ross, Linval The Anvil Joseph and stud LB Keith Rivers.

    The Giants defense is going to be a complete mess without Beason. A very bad way to start the Ryan Nassib era.

  2. Hate to see this injury. NY has had terrible LBs, but he was a good pick up for them. But I still think that NY was finishing last in the East anyway.

  3. Justintuckrules what are you talking about the nassib era?? So fast u wanna dump Eli cause of 1 bad year you are the definition of a fake giants fan..

  4. This could be a devastating injury if it is anything like Witherspoon of the Falcons faced. However, if they’re saying the foot then it’s most likely not the Achilles. I guess if it’s going to happen it’s better that it happened in early June than in mid-August. Even if he misses a couple weeks in September, he could bounce back quickly being that he knows the defense. I just hope it’s not something problematic.

  5. Justintuckrules is right; the Giants are entering the Nassib Era, and it doesn’t look pretty. Over half of our team are Free Agents that we picked off of the garbage pail.

    Just so that people don’t call us the Dream Team 2.0, I’ll be happy with these rebuilding years ahead of us. New head coach, GM and some top picks will bring us back to the glory years.

    Praise be the Nassib Era…

  6. Beason used to be a great football player. Currently, he’s not good enough to be a Defense starter in the NFL. Do Giants fans not know this, or do they just pretend not to know? The only way this hurts NY is if they’re dumb enough not to have a great backup plan. This was going to happen. It was. It already did.

  7. Wow lot of fake Giants fan on here. As far as the Nasib era you would have to be completely brain dead to think it’s gonna start any sooner than five years from now. But much more likely that it happens with another team when trade him for a draft pick next offseason.

  8. Bnwillard, idk if you actually watched football last year but as soon as beason got to ny he was a tackling machine and turned the defensive completely around. I’d pull up the stats for you but id rather let you go do your own hw. Just because he is aging does not mean he can’t be productive.

  9. The first thing I thought of was Sean Lee of Dallas when I heard he was carted off.I’ve been in touch with one of the beat reporters and he said they haven’t been told yet but word should be coming soon.Don’t panic yet.

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