Jason Garrett hopes to speak to Kyle Orton soon


Dez Bryant thinks Brandon Weeden is doing a great job at quarterback for the Cowboys this spring, but the team would still like to get Kyle Orton back into the fold to give them options in the event Tony Romo goes down at some point in the 2014 season.

While Orton has reportedly told the team that he wants to retire, he hasn’t said it directly to coach Jason Garrett. Garrett said Thursday that he hasn’t spoken to the quarterback, who shares the same agent, about his plans for next week’s mandatory minicamp or the season in general, but has been trying to make a connection.

“I haven’t spoken with him directly,” Garrett said, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “I’m trying to get with him. He’s trying to get with me. And hopefully we have a good conversation.”

Orton’s possible retirement plans are complicated by the need to pay back $3 million of his signing bonus to the Cowboys. He also has a $3.25 million salary for the 2014 season, which makes for a pair of good financial reasons to put off retirement a little longer.

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  1. Kind of odd that a guy would want to give up $6.25 million ($3.25 million salary that would be guaranteed the first day of the season + $3 million in bonus already paid) instead of essentially holding a clipboard for 3-4 months.

    There has to be something more to it.

  2. Coach Garrett went on to say that he left a message with Orton’s secretary. Apparently there’s layers you need to go through before you get to the big man.

  3. With Romo’s back the way it is, Orton is afraid that he WILL have to play. Knowing that he will be play for the Cowboys, he is VERY AFRAID that he WILL have to play.

  4. If WE DONE is your first line of defense if something happens to Romo you want to be talkin to a whole bunch of people!

  5. This Garrett is quite an organizer. He can’t connect on a phone call since , what, February!

  6. heres the conversation when it happens…

    Garrett: Kyle, are you playing this year?

    Kyle: That all depends. If you want to save the salary and not chase the signing bonus, I’ll retire. But if you want to chase the signing bonus, I’m showing up and you pay the $3.25M salary as well as the bonus. The choice is yours….

    Garrett: Actually, its not my choice, its Jerry’s….

    Kyle: O.K. I should have known. Talk to him and let me know before mandatory minicamp….

  7. Playing on a perennial non-contender has worn him down to the point that he’d rather forego $6.25M than suffer through another season on this team. He’s obviously angling to get cut. Can you blame him?

  8. what does it say about that classy organization down there in big D when someone would not only lose 3 mil, but would also have to pay back 3 mil just to avoid putting that jersey back on?

    is it possible that while we think it’s crazy to even consider such a move maybe, just maybe Kyle Orton is the smartest man in Texas?

  9. You’ve got the same agent but y
    you can’t connect! Who’s Orton’s secretary-general wife. Clearly he wants to be a starter. Common sense is that you know Romo has a bad back and factor in age. You may not be on the bench for long. But it wasn’t like you made a difference the past year when you did get your chance. You looked like twins at the end of the day. I’m clipboarding it straight to $ paradise. Healthy. No concussions. Then retire.

  10. Local sports reporter knocks on Orton’s front door and Orton answers with checkbook in hand. What’s the big deal? Is this a diversionary ploy?

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