Knowshon Moreno: I’ll be fine once camp starts


The last two weeks have brought a pair of unimpressive reports about Dolphins running back Knowshon Moreno.

Coach Joe Philbin suggested that Moreno was out of shape last week and this week featured Moreno working with backups at Dolphins practice while Lamar Miller continued to run with the starters. Moreno is not ignorant of the message being sent by the Dolphins and he doesn’t seem to disagree with it while promising that things will look different once training camp rolls around.

“I’m definitely not there,” Moreno said, via the Miami Herald. “This is just the beginning. It’s just the beginning, getting your feet wet, and when you have time off, working at those little things, getting back to where you need to be, and once camp comes, it’ll be good.”

Showing up out of shape is hardly the best way to endear yourself to a new coaching staff, but things will likely remain fluid at running back in Miami. Moreno opened OTAs with the first team before dropping behind Miller and things will change in camp if Moreno convinces the coaches that his production from 2013 can be replicated without Peyton Manning running the offense.

10 responses to “Knowshon Moreno: I’ll be fine once camp starts

  1. Reports of Knowshon taking John Jerry’s top place in the line for the endless buffet at Miami’s Golden Corral were a tad exaggerated. He should be a good experienced veteran for the Dolphins

  2. Moreno is already average at best. So on top of being out of shape and running behind a depleted offensive line …. Lets say he won’t be on my fantasy team this year….

  3. This is a typical Philbin ploy. Any moron with half a brain knows Moreno will end the drought of lousy RBs in Miami. Miller cant block, not even a little bit,,and he’s to small to run between the tackles, and he doesnt possess Reggie Bush’s quickness. Why those front office idiots ever let Reggie Bush go to another team is mind boggling. But Philbin isn’t the sharpest tool in that box. Philbin couldn’t evaluate talent if it sneaked up and bit him on his azz.

  4. peyton made him hands down . truth sucks but he was only good because he had a hall of famer handing the ball off to him, you think defenses were scared of moreno? heck no they weren’t

  5. manning didn’t “make” Moreno…megahead can’t even help himself, how can he help anyone else. 43 -8

  6. Training camp, not to mention OTA’s, in the south Florida summer heat and humidity will get a player into shape rather quickly. True, Tannehill isn’t the QB that Manning is, but the fins will likely ustilize Moreno in the same fashion. The main attraction to him is his superior blocking skills. They will all get touches. Miller will improve having a veteran presence to learn from and a much better O-line up front.

  7. If the reports out of dolphins ota are correct this new Lazor offense is much like Philly offense….if thats the case think about it Moreno is not a good fit….that offense likes fast quick backs which Moreno is not. Remember reports said the phins were initially interested in Chris Johnson. If Moreno is not in shape come training camp he will not be able to keep will the fast paced Lazor offense and may find himself deeper on the dept chart but I do think he still gets plenty of playing time because he is the best back on the roster that can pass block.

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