Lions giving Matthew Stafford a new look at himself


Since Matthew Stafford is trying to climb the quarterback charts, new coach Jim Caldwell brought him a ladder.

Or at least a ladder-cam.

The new Lions boss is using an old-school teaching technique to try to help Stafford with his mechanics.

It used to require an assistant standing on a ladder behind the quarterback with a camera, but they don’t need a trip to the hardware store now. The handheld camera is focused exclusively on the quarterback, allowing them to study his footwork and mechanics.

“It’s kind of developed and progressed over the years, technology has improved so, yeah, that’s something that we use, and really it’s just to focus in on a quarterback’s fundamentals and techniques,” Caldwell said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “It doesn’t leave him, but it also gives you a really good view of what’s happening in the middle of the defense.

“Typically a quarterback’s eyes go down the middle of the field, and the camera does the exact same thing so you can see what he’s seeing. You can determine coverages really from looking right down the middle of the field, so all of that plays into it.

“But the big thing is we can look at his mechanics, every little detail of it. That’s his camera, and what we do with that is just try to hone in and perfect his craft in terms of mechanics, etc.”

Stafford has put up big numbers in the past, and certainly has the supporting cast to do so again. But if Caldwell can polish his individual skills, there’s a chance he could get even better.

19 responses to “Lions giving Matthew Stafford a new look at himself

  1. Matthew Stafford is already a great admirer of self, so another view of himself should suit him just fine. If only he’d ever look in the mirror…

  2. Are you reading the right article? It’s not about LeSean McCoy boasting about being the best running back in the league. It’s about a QB who I don’t recall has ever crowned himself the best in the league…or been arrested…and isn’t making headlines for partying in Vegas during minicamps.

  3. Can’t understand all the criticism on Stafford, he’s definitely in the top ten QB’s in the NFL right now, go find one better that’s available then tell me how bad he is…

  4. I really wonder what Nate Burleson has to say about all this ladder cam business. . . . . . :). .

  5. That’s great to hear, they need to do everything they can to help him get better and there aren’t any good excuses for not helping him develop. The last team of coaches wasted years, these guys shouldn’t even be wasting days at this point. Get it done and get him to be his best, thank you!

  6. I don’t know why they need to do this, Stafford already said he doesn’t need to work on his mechanics…Have the coaches told him they disagree with him yet?

  7. They probably brought in Caldwell not only to have maturity in the coaching staff, but also to help fix Stafford. With just one less second half meltdown, the Lions would have won the division last year and hosted a playoff game. Granted, they would have been steamrolled by the 49ers, but Schwartz probably would have kept his job.

  8. Stafford’s mechanics are so flawed, I never see him throwing for 5k or evn near 5k. Oh wait, he does it all the time. Show me a perfectly technical QB in the history of the NFL and I got a bridge to Narnia to sell you.

  9. Wow, passive aggressive coach trying to subtly tell Stafford he needs to work on his mechanics. Stafford completely ignores people that him that directly. How long until coach blows up after being ignored?

  10. doubleogator makes 2 easily assailable assertions. 1. Stafford is a top ten QB. Assuming he means in the top 10 best and not most disappointing, one must inquire if Stafford is more preferable than A. Rodgers, T. Brady, T. Brees, R. Wilson, the brothers Manning, C. Newton, RGIII, A. Luck, C. Kaepernick, Joe Flacco, B. Roethlisberger or M. Ryan, all QBs who have either had success in both regular and /or post-season play or have shown remarkable skills and high ceilings. That’s thirteen QBs right there. Stafford fits into the next group that includes J. Cutler, T. Romo, Alex Smith, Carson Palmer and Phillip Rivers, QBs that have had some success but have performed inconsistently or have repeatedly made mental errors at the most inconvenient moments. The next group of QBs are either too young to tell, too old to matter or just not very good. In no scheme does Stafford fit into the top 10. As for replacements for this year? Not an issue. Yet. But if he cant improve with changes in place now…Start looking.

  11. I love how all the haters assume something that Caldwell says to the media is what goes on behind closed doors. You never say to the media, “Matt’s mechanics are what’s holding him back.” But I’m guessing they’ve been honest about this in film eval.

  12. I’d prefer to work on the mechanics of a WR and RB Corp that led the league in dropped passes in 2013.
    Also might look at the “mechanics” of a defense that blew leads in seven of the last nine games in the 4th Q in 2013.

    This whole mechanics BS is old school coaching style over-rated crap. He’s thrown for 14,655 yards the last three years with one REAL go-to WR.

    Does he get risky and side-arm it? Yup. Have you seen amazing passes, big yardage gains and huge TDs from his creativity VIA side-arming. You have.

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