Lynch has 8.5 million reasons to not retire


The effort of Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch to get more money from the team could soon get a lot more interesting.  And for Lynch a lot more expensive.

At a time when he’s considering a boycott of the team’s mandatory minicamp and the $70,000 or so in fines that would flow from it, Lynch also reportedly has discussed walking away from the game.

If he does, he’ll owe a lot more than $70,000.

Lynch received a $6 million signing bonus when he agreed to terms on a four-year deal in 2012.  With an annual allocation of $1.5 million, Lynch has earned half of the money.  If he quits football, the labor deal allows the Seahawks to easily recover half of the total money.

The total stakes for Lynch, when factoring in lost wages for 2014 of $5.5 million, become $8.5 million.  Which is a mere $2.5 million less than what he has earned in the first two seasons of his current contract.

In other words, it would be stupid for Lynch to retire.  And it would be smart for the Seahawks to unruffle his feathers with some sort of contractual adjustment.

Unless, of course, the Seahawks haven’t decided to commence the process of passing the tailback torch to other guys on the roster.  There’s a chance that Lynch’s current behavior may not be the result of an effort to improve his status with the team but to ensure that he’s not being phased out.

And there’s a chance that he is.

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  1. For 80% of the teams the running back position is not essential and interchangeable. The Seahawks are not one of those teams.

  2. Of course he’s not going to retire? What else he going to do… beast mode male modeling? NOPE… not with that mug!

    All kidding aside… pay the man! He’s earned his next contract.

  3. Rocking the hoodie like billichick. Only difference between the two is one is a cheat and the other is coming off winning the super bowl.

  4. I have a feeling that Lynch expects to play this season and that the team he is on will win the Super Bowl. There’s a reason why he doesn’t feel the need to say a lot. Everything is supposed to be obvious when you are paying attention to details and what needs to be done to succeed.

  5. Love watching Lynch play. He runs over people, around people, through people and by people. IMO most effective straight arm artist since Corey Dillon.

  6. Who knows what is true between the stances of Marshawn and the Hawks but I think it’s safe to say we live a world where factual news has been replaced by speculation.

    There has been no word from Marshawn or the Hawks, yet a reporter with anonymous sources has created a firestorm.

    Until Tuesday and the start of the first mandatory mini-camp begins, this is all a bunch of speculation from people who have no better insight than the rest of us.

  7. Lynch is a beast, probably the hardest rb to bring down in the league. With that being said you have to look at the situation- he is 28 and is probably going to start slowing down pretty quick. They need cap space to sign Wilson and unfortunetely for Lynch the “franchise qb” is the top priority. He will be sorely missed but Michael has a ton of potential as a replacement workhorse.

  8. Lynch has got 300,000,000 reasons if we use pennies as the denominator — but only 60,000,000 if we use nickels.

  9. He’s already paid like a top five running back. Seattle can’t afford to overpay the position. Lynch needs to happily be a part of the family for a mere $7 Million a year, or trade his @$$ to Jacksonville.

  10. He is getting paid. They made a trade for him, made him their feature back, and gave him a contract extension. He was rewarded with a new team that believed in him, a solid contract, and it paid off with a Super Bowl win. They’ve given him in opportunities the same as he’s given them in production. It’s a very even situation. If I were him, I’d smile and finish that contract, knowing that the coaching staff did right by him two years ago. Sure, his market value might be $5M. But where else would he get a chance at a second Super Bowl?

    Sounds to me like Lynch is just tired. The guy is a feature back in an RB-by-committee league. I’m sure the wear-and-tear is adding up. He’ll come back. And he’ll be a beast again when he does.

  11. I love the “fans” who say just play the game. Most fans/people think that these players make to much money. Thats total nonsense, the tax bracket these guys fall into is very close to the one lottery winners fall into. Which is almost half of their money. Also the NFL is the only sport of the big four that doesn’t guarantee the players full contract. Considering that the average NFL player is in the league for 3.5 years, I say get paid while you can.

    These teams treat this as a business. When they dont need you or think your body is done. You are gone. I would never get on a player for holding out. If you could only work for 3-8 years, wouldn’t you want to make as much money as you could. Especially since you have devoted your entire life to this game.

  12. Don’t pay him any more. He has a contract that is more than fair. He is a running back at the end of his usefulness. The running back position isn’t that important anymore. The time of highly paid backs is over. No sense tying up so much of Seattles already tight salary cap space

  13. Blah blah blah.

    Last offseason, everyone in the media was talking about Marshawn’s bad back. Every year it’s the same.

    Look, nobody in the Emerald City cares. Leave the man alone. He shows up when it’s time to play and does his job well. We got nothin’ but love for the Beast Mode up here. And that’ll never change.

  14. BEAST MODE!!! If Lynch was not on the Seahawks last year-no way they win the Superbowl.

  15. Stupid and Lynch go together like peanut butter and jelly. Maybe he can talk to the media about his plans. He can eloquently use single syllable words.

  16. Pay the man you cheapskates.

    This is what happens when you get a group of talented players together.

    Eventually you have to pay them to keep them.

  17. Why should the hawks adjust his contract? Would he agree to adjust it lower if he played like he did his first year as a hawk? signed a contract…honor it.

  18. He should stick with footbal.. I’m sure he’s no math whiz, but even he should be able to figure out that he’d have to steal a whole lot of $20 bills from a whole lot of old ladies to equal $8.5 million.

  19. Wilson (aka Sammy Davis Jr) is gonna get killed with no running game….Seahags are one and done…..

  20. Of course he has more than 8.5 million reasons to get out while he can… A Super Bowl champion and as far as we know healthy… in a bank or safe somewhere…

  21. Lynch never participates in OTA’s. This is not news in Seattle. He has a bad back, and feels he needs the extra time to recover from all the hits he takes. He will get a reasonable raise, and will start week one.

  22. I guess the clown is to busy making movies now. One super bowl win thinks he is god or something. Seahawk shows no class and full of trash talk like always.

  23. Seattle knows without Lynch, there is no Seattle Seahawks
    before Lynch no one would dare play for Seattle, let alone
    root for them as a fan, pay him he has earned every cent, Lynch
    Is the Seahawks.

  24. Lynch doesn’t need football because he is so personable and outgoing that a career in endorsements is waiting for him. “Stop freakin’, call Beacon” will follow him to his grave.

  25. Chrstine Michael averaged 700 yards rushing in 4 seasons at Texas A&M, and has hands of stone. Not exactly a sterling resume.

    If Lynch really does walk away, the Seahawks are completely screwed.

  26. No, there’s no chance the best running back in the league is being “phased out” of his team’s plans while he’s in his prime.

    That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

    He carried that team to it’s first Super Bowl win in franchise history…and you seem to think they don’t want him anymore?


  27. Let’s look at a few teams who followed you guys’ “Pay the man what he wants” advice shall we?

    2006 Seattle Seahawks ‘paid the man’ Shaun Alexander with a 6 year multi-million dollar extension as he was approaching 30 years old. within two years he was spending his final NFL year as a Redskin, on the bench without carrying the ball a single time for them that anyone remembers.

    2012 Baltimore Ravens ‘Paid the man’ Joe Flacco with a 120 million dollar contract which prevented them from being able to replace their slew of retiring, over the hill players. They won’t be anywhere near the playoffs for the next few years.

    Minnesota Vikings have been ‘paying the man’ who has been the NFL’s top RB and have one trip to the playoffs (and a first round exit from them) since AP has been there IIRC and not only can they seemingly not afford to hire complimentary players but whatever good players they do get end up going to Seattle where that team manages money better.

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