Lynch hasn’t told Seahawks he’s not showing up for mandatory minicamp


If running back Marshawn Lynch fails to report for next week’s mandatory minicamp, it will be news to the Seahawks.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Lynch has said nothing to indicate he won’t be there.

Then again, Lynch never says much.  In this specific case, we’ve consistently heard that no one knows (perhaps not even Lynch himself) whether he’ll attend.

“He always does whatever he wants,” the source said.  “He’s always been like that.  He hasn’t threatened to not come to the camp though.”

And he won’t, even if he doesn’t intend to show.

Ultimately, the question is whether Lynch wants a new contract.  All parties are more quiet than Marshawn at Media Day on that specific topic, which of course means that Lynch indeed wants a new contract — regardless of whether he shows up for the mandatory minicamp.

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  1. I wonder what he was thinking all during the season and en route to a SB title. Did he just assume the Seahawks would take all things into consideration and offer him a nice reward for what he was able to help them do? I’m just curious to know the time-frames at which point Lynch first realized that he might be getting short-changed in a money problem from his perspective? Did his agent warn him that he might not get what he thought was natural to get, and what steps were taken previously to avoid a money problem?

    Something is way off here, Lynch probably feels like he was Beast Moding it out there and in hopes that the team would reciprocate by Beast Moding some money his way. I guess that’s not what’s going to happen then?

  2. Many people are praying for Seattles down fall , in very few ways does lynch embody the teams persona and heartbeat. He does his own thang doesn’t care what anyone thinks . The Seahawks coaching staff turned him from a cast off to all pro bc they know and knew how to work with his personality and what buttons to push . The Seahawks are hungry and had guys even signing waivers as FA’s to participate with the team . You have never heard about them complaining about a contract openly .

    The Seahawks take care of their players a and give them their worth . ML wants his entire contract to basically be loaded which defeats the purpose of front loading deals . The Seahawks will unquestionably lose some key players but have the depth and eye for talent to draft and develop,possibly even upgrade many times . For lynch this is his last year with the hawks regardless . Only people who don’t know this are people victims of hype around the NFL that don’t follow the Seahawks closely or fans who don’t fully understand the nfl stands for Not for long .

    IMO I think lynch gets a bonus this year and is gone or traded next year . His ego seems fragile and that’s why he struggles talking . We will take care of him this year as a TY gesture and will move on next year .
    The Seahawks drafted like 2-4 rbs last year and are all becoming viable options . Christine Michael especially , he has trained with AD for years and is on par with AD and even better in some aspects of his game . Don’t believe me go ask AD and their The guy who trains those two together. Seattle doesn’t have a ton of flexibility with contracts but in no way is cash strapped or in a bind as many people have been claiming . Truth is Seattle has prepared for life after lynch and life after other guys by taking best player available on draft and developing others .

    Pete Carroll & John Schneider are playing chess and many of you are still learning checkers !

  3. Yes, we Seahawk fans are not pleased with these reports about Lynch possibly being absent, and they are a distraction.

    But then we realize one fact that suddenly brightens our world and makes us feel better – Things could be FAR worse, we could be fans of a truly MISERABLE team, like the Vikings!

  4. Forget all speculation, just ask Mike. Mike knows what Marshawn is thinking.

    Lynch won’t get more from a new contract, as Michael is primed and waiting in the stall. Turbin, Ware and two young FBs give them leverage.

    All ’bout that action BOOS! I just don’t see him getting more, unless it’s a token gesture and I love the guy.

  5. Others getting record setting deals for their respective position doubtless set off a few pangs of envy.
    If they have money to give him a large bonus I wish they would.

  6. The shehawks are fun to laugh at,pathetic team in collapse we’ll be fun looking down at you bums in the rankings like the first 37 years of your existence before you cheated to win a SB.SKOL

  7. The Seahawks fans sound like they’re either 12 years old or new to the NFL game. I suppose that’s the average age of the band wagon humpers in coffeeville. 1 SB win an you have it all figured out and will dominate for the rest of eternity.

  8. If history has shown us anything it is that if the Seahawks don’t give him what he wants he’ll call them racist. And, then, he’ll get arrested, and call the cops racist for arresting him when he wasn’t allowed to break the law at will. The rest of the Seahawks seem to be good people though.

  9. 1st of all, this may not be anything to do with a contract. The guy just worked his ass off & may not feel physically ready to come back to work. With most players i would be annoyed bit in lynch’s case i say go ahead & chill until ya feel right. Obviously that’s only my opinion. 2nd, if this does have something to do with a new contract then i have no problem with that either. Seattle is more than $8 million under the cap at last report & the way lynch’s contract is structured it will make it impossible for Seattle to keep him in ’15 even if he is still playing at a high level. He may be a quiet guy but he’s not a stupid guy & he can see the writing on the wall. I hope the man gets everything he wants now. He’s the most deserving Seahawk on the team simply for treating his body like a sacrificial lamb. I like the potential of Michael bit personally, i don’t want to envision a team without the beast. Call me sentimental.

  10. Lynch was instrumental in bringing this Seahawks team it’s first (and as yet only) Superbowl victory. Lynch deserves more money. In a league that pays you for what you are going to do in the future, Lynch may be looking to get paid for what he’s done in the past.

    And I for one say “pay the man”.

  11. They just paid him 17 million the last two years and his last game against the Broncos was 15 carries for 39 yards. That will make this year 3 years 22 million. Not many backs make that.

  12. Not many backs make that? Post the list of the backs in the NFL that believe they were giving a “Beast Mode” performance and/or helping their team win a Super Bowl? You want to pay by what other players that don’t win SBs and do what this guy can do because of a positional title? How about what the player is worth to the team? What about what he gives? How many other players can you find that are this unique and special and willing to really give everything they’ve got despite what damage an overdrive mission can do that may or may not be covered by a future lawsuit that should pay out money for the extreme dangers of such a request?

    Oh I see the secret to winning the SB is to instill hope but then not follow through on execution. So when the coaches were telling him to go out every week and Beast Mode like nobody has ever Beast Moded before, and to help them build that brand imaging to amplify the entire franchise’s net worth, that was just for purposes of throwing out a lure to get what they wanted regardless of whether they are to share the catch?

  13. Marshawn doesn’t talk so everybody just makes up whatever they want. He routinely didn’t practice with the team during the week and Pete isn’t concerned because “He knows the offense.” For all anybody really knows he’s perfectly happy with his playoff rewards and contract and will show up when he needs to to earn it again. He has also seen how everybody on the Seahawks has to compete to win their jobs every year, and isn’t worried about it in the least. He won’t retire as long as he’s still productive on the field.

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