Lynch’s reported desire for new deal not surprising, if true


It’s difficult to get a solid read on whether Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch definitely won’t be at next week’s mandatory minicamp or whether the Seahawks expect him to boycott the event.  Regardless, if Lynch wants a new contract, it won’t be a surprise.

At a time when the running back position has lost its luster throughout the league, Lynch remains a home-run hitter for an offense that defies the current pass-to-set-up-the-pass convention in football.  With the team handing out huge deals in recent weeks to safety Earl Thomas and cornerback Richard Sherman, it’s hardly a shock that Lynch wants to join in the spoils of victory — and that he’s possibly willing to spoil the current vibe in Seattle to make it happen.

Still, no one really knows what Lynch is going to do.  Not even those reportedly or actually close to him.

For example, a source with knowledge of the organization’s thinking disputed the report from Yahoo! Sports that the team doesn’t expext Lynch to attend the mandatory minicamp.  (Ultimately, what the team does or doesn’t except could be a matter of semantics.)  Terry Blount of also reports that Lynch is “very, very unlikely” to attend, citing an unnamed source “close to the situation.”

There remains a gap between “very, very unlikely to attend” and “won’t attend.”  Skipping a mandatory minicamp subjects a player to escalating fines for each day he misses.  Under the CBA, the first day skipped at a 2014 mandatory minicamp results in a fine of $11,575.  The second day missed moves the fine to $23,150.  Miss the third day and the player can be fined another $34,730.  That’s a total potential fine of $69,455.

The absence won’t subject Lynch to the potential loss of a portion of his $1.5 million signing bonus allocation for 2014; the labor deal permits forfeitures for missed practices only after a player misses at least six days of training camp.  So the end result of $70,000 in lost money (if the Seahawks choose to pursue it) for sending a potent message could be a prudent investment.

Lynch has made $17 million under two years of a four-year contract signed in 2012.  He’s due to earn a base salary in 2014 of $5 million with a per-game roster bonus maxing out at $500,000.  Well above the market for veteran tailbacks but well below the packages given to stars like Adrian Peterson and LeSean McCoy, it’s not unreasonable for Lynch to want more — especially at a time when guys who were still under contract in Seattle are getting big raises.

The other reality of Lynch comes from the fact that he plays a position with a limited shelf life.  Already 28, Lynch is steamrolling toward the point at which the wheels will come off and his skills will disappear and his value to the team will plummet, Shaun Alexander style.  And with the team arguably planning for that day by tiptoeing awkwardly around the question of whether Robert Turbin and/or Christine Michael will get more reps this season, now may be the best and indeed only opportunity for Lynch to get another bump in pay.

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  1. .
    Lynch is over playing his hand. Seattle has the overall team talent to return to the Super Bowl with or without him.

  2. Yes it’s unreasonable that he expect more, he signed a contract….look up the definition.

    I realize the door swings both ways, but these players are simply delusional.

  3. Thomas and Sherman were in the final year of their deals. Lynch has 2 more years. Since signing the contract, the market for RB’s has seemed to actually decline. I have to think his absences with teammates and coaches constantly having to make excuses for him, and a potential demand for more money, may be too much to take, and his act is wearing thin.

    If everyone on the team behaved line Marshawn, you’d have a hermit-like football team who offended POTUS and who would have to cancel OTAs because nobody would show up. I say that as a huge fan of his on the field style and effort game time, but the other stuff is getting old. You drafted a RB high last year (by RB standards), the meter is running on his club friendly rookie contract, it may be time to move on.

  4. Lynch: Play with fire and you will get burned. A RB holding out in a passing league doesn’t seem too smart,and while he is very important to the team he also took a front loaded deal,never a good thing. He has two years left,at 10mil,and it’s not like they asking him to take a pay cut,show up dude.

  5. This Seahawks regime is smarter than the old Tim ruskall clown show. Look at the Vikings and titans. Spent a ton on a RB and what did it get them? A bunch of top ten picks. Lynch is great and I love watching him but the Seahawks aren’t giving him a new deal. Sorry haters, these guys are smarter than you give them credit for and it’s going to be domination for years to come.

  6. Throw the man another couple million. It’s not like he was a bystander on the road to the Super Bowl. He wears down offenses and then grabs a couple big chunks afterward. He’s strong, he’s fast, and he’s consistent. And he likely knows he’s got two years left to make as much as he can before he becomes an afterthought in a “what can you do for me now” league.

  7. Most important player on that team hands down. He takes all the pressure off an average Russell Wilson and that defense by moving the chains consistently. Best back in the league the last two years. Now that the Seahawks have pounded their chest and inflated their egos with a championship, these inner squabbles will inevitably arise.

    If you don’t pay Lynch, you don’t win. Simple as that

  8. And so it starts. This is the main reason why it’s so difficult to repeat. When the championship has been attained. The personal things, money, playing time or whatever becomes the main issue.

  9. Lynch better shoe up and shut up. The runningback position has been devalued now. He’s making more money then most runningbacks and in the current market, that’s good enough. Plus, Christian Michael is about to take his job anyway.

  10. only so much money to go around.keep paying these guys big money they will end up in cap hell.

  11. Another day and another disgruntled NFLer, gee they sure seem to have big problems with the comp plan don’t they? So much for the cap going up so much, literally like nobody is getting paid a happy wage anymore. How about that.

  12. Seattle will not redo his deal because of salary cap issues. They got to prepare to pay R. Wilson next year. My Guess is Lynch will get about 70% of touches he had last year, and less in following years. Then be replaced in 2016 or 2017

  13. I kind of like the ‘hawks, but things are a little troubling on the cohesion front.

    The only thing harder to handle than failure, is success.

    I normally have no issue with a player getting more, but his deal is a very good one when you look at the entirety of it.

  14. My desire is to get paid more too but I also signed a contract…I’m lucky I have a job in today’s workplace that pays me well… ML go find a job that will pay you the same after football… I guess being self centered and worrying about yourself rather than the overall team shows your character… BY THE WAY didn’t you sign a pretty good contract????

  15. We love Lynch here in Seattle and understand that he is an integral part in this team who works his tail off every single snap… He is an elite RB. That said he is also peaking on his career he is 28 and in a league now where the most elite RBs are going in the 3rd of the draft it kind of tells you that you dont have a lot of room to be making too big of demands. I am hoping they can get this worked out as I would hate for their to be turmoil but there is also realities too that everyone has to look at.

  16. Why are those fines at flat rates and not small percentages of that year’s salary? It seems ridiculous that if (hypothetically) a guy like Russell Wilson held out while on a bargain of a rookie deal, he would pay the same dollar amount as a guy like Revis, who makes 8 figures, laughs at a 60k fine, and just always wants more.

  17. Normally I’d hate to see to see this happen to a team right after a Superbowl season, but for the Seahawks I’ll make an exception. I know they have some great fans that have been there through the lean years, but it’s the ignorant, arrogant, annoying newbie fans that make me cheer for news like this. Dynasty! These clowns don’t have a clue about football and now they are learning reality 101. Might as well learn the hard lessons now, so you don’t sound so dumb in the future.

  18. Seahawks are probably happy if he doesn’t show up. A RB like him doesn’t need a carry until week 1, snap 1.

  19. The Hawks were already preparing to move on from him anyways, perhaps as soon as next year when they need to extend Wilson. Expect to see Michael get a lot more touches this year. Lynch is a huge part of the offense but if Michael/Turbin can get close to his production then it’s a no brainer for the front office.

  20. Doubt he gets a raise. Time to use Michael, ware, Turbin, smalls,
    to see what they got. Because if they do pay him top money the defense will suffer. Look at Minnesota. Highest paid back in the league. 5-10-1

  21. Lynch is getting poor advice. He has little leverage with two years remaining. The Hawks have his replacements lined up and he will decline in the nest couple years. After age 30 he is a backup at best.

  22. This whole RB devaluation may apply to 25+ teams across the league, but for a handul of teams it’s their bread and butter.

    While everyone can’t be paid, the seahawks may be inclined to add some years to the contract and pony up some cash on a front-loaded deal. Albeit he’s reaching that benchmark age where RB’s have shown to fall off a cliff, and with his punishing style of play he’s a prime candidate to follow suit. BUT… he’s yet to show any signs of slowing down, and despite the talents of RW & Co. the offense still runs through Beastmode. There’s some depth there behind him but i say when opposing teams game-plan around you – you’re quite important.

    The Seahawk’s FO is smart and i’m sure they’ve got a viable plan for the future. If that means Lynch is cut/traded; this niner fan won’t be too upset.

    Our rivalry wouldn’t be the same without Skittles in the backfield.

    Go niners!

  23. He’s getting paid very well to play for a perennial Super Bowl contender. I don’t think he realizes how good he has it or how expendable he is. He wasn’t Beast Mode til he got to Seattle. Check his yds per rush and td’s in Buffalo. Seattle would be just fine with their other 2 backs while Lynch would be miserable playing for a non-contender, having no space to run and bitching and whining on the sidelines every game were he to sign to some scrub team whose only appeal was some more dollars. Unless that’s all he cares about, well then good luck with that. Enjoy watching the ‘Hawks on t.v. come playoff time.

    P.S. – im a 49ers fan so do with that what you will

  24. Seattle is fooling itself thinking he is easily replaceable with their current roster. Their whole offense is predicated on lynch gaining those tough yards and having manageable 3rd down yardage!! Russell Wilson is a class act, and talented “Game Manager” at this point in his career, but nothing more yet, until he can prove to get the tougher yards with his arm, Lynch has the Upper hand! And those comparing to AD and the Vikes, If the Vikes had competent coaching the past few years, we would have gone a lot further. Finally , we have solid coaching in place with a Killer infusion of Talent! Look for the Vikings to be contenders in the next 2-3 years, Until then, Seattle needs to Pay Lynch and milk another Super Bowl out this year before the window closes and the estrogen takes the place of depleted testosterone levels in Seattle

  25. Nothing better than message board salary cap experts predicting the demise of the CHAMPS because one guy may or may not want a new deal and may or may not show up at mini camp. The Seahawks cap is just fine. They have planned for having to pay all of their key guys, its not like a RW contract will be unexpected next year. The main problem with this is that Marshawn seems to be the only guy on the team who isn’t all in. His act is getting old but lets see what he does on the field when it actually counts.

  26. Yep, everyone in Seattle wants to get paid. Once Wilson is paid, the best parts of the team will go elsewhere. A fitting end for the wonderful Seattle coaches and the gracious winner fans…

  27. Everyone always says ‘Pay the man’. They already paid this guy two years ago w/ a front-loaded contract! Now the big money has ended, and he wants more!

    Marshawn, we love you, but play out your contract. You have some very capable backs behind you chomping at the bit.

  28. To the guy who said Lynch offended the POTUS… Didn’t Obama say he wishes he had the leeway to be more like Lynch when dealing with media and obligations?

  29. Take it to the bank the Seahawks will not even make it to the NFC Championship this season. This is what happens to ALL NFL teams in the age of FA especially after they’ve just won SB. I just don’t get what his beef is anyway, the guy just signed a contract extension in 2012. HE IS getting paid pretty decent money.

  30. Hate to say it Wilson is cool and all but can not carry that team. They need the run game to win top to keep the d rested enough to mug wrs. They need top to keep the pass rush rested. They need that run game to play the style the d was built to play. Put it on Wilson’s back and it is game over and I like Wilson but he is not ready.

  31. Niners fan here so obviously I hate the Seahawks, but I respect them as a very good team and organization.

    That being said Marshawn is by far the most important player you have on offense. It aint Wilson or anyone else it is Lynch that makes their offense tick. So I say hold a out Marshawn get you money you deserve it.

  32. I wish our real world was like the athlete’s. Sorry…. I changed my mind, now I want more money. I was taught to believe “a man is only as good as his word”. but as in everything else that doesn’t apply to “men” playing a game. Say what you will, if beast had the qb issues ap has he’d be crying to go somewhere else like he did to get to Seattle. No one see’s as many loaded boxes and still he does it year in and year out. Here’s a hint, you want ap, money run like ap. Plain and simple math, and yeah, do what you said you would do! When the hawks gave you the money they gave themselves 2 years to find your replacement, DUH.

  33. Lol the ONLY thing the Vikes fans can talk about is AP being better than Lynch but AP is better than ALL the RB so thats not even a topic, talk about how the Seahawks have helped out the Vikes more than any other team!

  34. “Well above the market for veteran tailbacks but well below the packages given to stars like Adrian Peterson and LeSean McCoy…”

    That’s a stupid thing to say. Marshawn is not just any “veteran tailback” (which is uselessly vague, BTW). He’s actually been the best RB in the world not named AP for about 3 years running, now.

    Why not just say “$5 million, well above the market rate for shoe store clerks.”

  35. He deserves it. Without a doubt.

    And while I’m a Bills fan, not a Seahawks fan, I’ll always be a Marshawn fan. He (and Russ) is why I root for the Seahawks.

    But, he’s also very, very close with Fred Jackson, who is 33 years old and still one of the best all-around backs there is. There’s no doubt FJ has taught Marshawn how to properly care for his body, and how to get as many miles on yourself as ya can.

    Granted Fred hasn’t suffered the same wear-and-year as Marshawn has…but nonetheless, I expect him around a while.

    And while he is around, leading his team to Super Bowls and conference title games…he deserves to be paid as the top-3 running back that he really is.

    (Until Spiller gets back to form, that is! Lol.)

  36. Not sure how many of you caught the deon sanders interview with this guy before the Super Bowl but there won’t be a life after football for ol marshawn. The guy is a street rat and this is just the first step on his way to relapsing

  37. What’s his value on the open market? I can’t see him being a $7 or $8 million a year guy. His present deal is 4 years $31 million. His signing bonus was $6 million so under the present deal he’s getting $5.5 million plus $1.5 million of the pro rated signing bonus. $7 mill a year sounds about right.

  38. Funny How people want to Deem the NFL a passing league when half the QB’s are inefficient to say the least. And can somebody explain why at least 7 of the last 10 SB winners were Defensively Studded up with a Running Game.

  39. He’s got a VERY small window left to make big time NFL money so I don’t see how anyone can begrudge this guy.

    Love Marshawn. You do what you feel you have to do.

  40. Somebody needs to sit Marshawn down and hip him to the value chart of offensive players in today’s NFL. It goes like this:

    1 – QB

    2- #1 WR

    3 – LT

    4 – Receiving TE

    These are the positions where GMs are spending hand-over-fist to get the best of the best.

    Then, and only then, do you get to RB. And honestly, in some systems, I think you would even prioritize a killer slot WR over RB.

    All the other positions, the smart GMs are just trying to fill with guys who can play but will come as cheap as possible.

    That’s how it is. And that’s not even figuring defense into the equation.

  41. As a 49ers fan, pay him. He’s the only RB in the league who has figured out how to go over a hundred yards and score a TD against the Niners D, and he does it regularly. You play the Niners twice a year, and your secondary isn’t going to win you every game.

  42. Lynch is making pretty good money for RBs at a time when others are being cut or told to take pay cuts. There is no way he is getting more money, especially not when they really want to start working Michael into the rotation. He sees the writing on the wall. A $9 million cap number for next year in the final year of his contract, when he will be a 29 year old RB, with other key players to extend? Although he’s been legendary, it’s probably his last year in Seattle. You have to appreciate, though, all the times that he grinds out no gain or a small gain when an o-line with poor guard play gives him nothing and the sheer will to keep his legs churning no matter how many guys are on him. I just expect him to be doing it somewhere else in 2015.

  43. lynch may be the one Seahawk I would pay…

    dissing our potus gets major points in my book

    seahawk run largely the result of low paid players (and adderall) … may have one more year on top

    like lynch though

  44. Unfortunately, Beast Mode plays a dying position in the NFL. Ten years ago, he would have been a priority to sign this offseason, but in the present day NFL, RB’s have very little value or leverage, so a new contract does not seem realistic, especially when they have to pay their QB next offseason.

  45. Aging running back on a team that is already grooming replacements and allocating carries. Play out the rest of the current deal and be happy. Top money rb this year was very little.

  46. @ thevikesarebest says:
    Jun 12, 2014 7:35 AM
    The most overated rb in the game.pathetic Ped using classless overated franchise and classless fanbase.AP>skittles boy.SKOL

    I thought GB was the classless over rated franchise with the most classless fanbase. Now I’m disappointed. You must use that line with all the girls. I feel like you’re cheating on me.

  47. He is one of my favorites of all time, on my favorite team, but he is delusional. He is paid as the 4th or 5th highest paid back in the NFL, and wow look, he is statistically the 4th or 5th best RB in the NFL. Come on marshawn, don’t be like this, just show up, or you won’t make jack. Cmike show, on deck.

  48. If you read between the lines and listen to what is being said, Marchawn, is not really asking for more money, he is looking for more guaranteed money. He’s seen how the NFL works and seen how some his teammates (Clemons and Bryant) who have gotten past the guaranteed portion of their contracts have found themselves being pushed out the door. And he’s heard the talk that as an aging running back he very well could be out of work ofter this coming season. His signing bonus and guaranteed money was pretty small compared to what he seen Harvin, Thomas, and Sherman get. He’s just hoping to get a little bigger piece of the pie for himself.

    And for those worried about him returning to streets in Oakland, if you ever seen the house he has overlooking the Bay in SF, you know that will not be a problem.

  49. Think everyone is forgetting one more important piece here… these are rumors from unnamed sources. No one from the Seahakws organization or ML’s camp have come out and said/asked about a new deal. Right now, you’re all sounding like teenage girls tittering over something that someone heard once from the third bathroom stall… wow…

    You don’t “priority sign” anyone after 2 years of a 4 year deal.

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