Maurice Jones-Drew being sued for bar fight incident last year

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Nearly a year after the criminal case against former Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew was dismissed in relation to an alleged incident at a bar in St. Augustine, Fla., a civil lawsuit has been filed against Jones-Drew seeking damages.

According to Mark Long of the Associated Press, Kasim Howard, a bouncer at the Conch House Restaurant where the incident took place, is suing Jones-Drew for causing injury and severe emotional distress.

Per the filing, Howard is seeking a judgement due to “pain and suffering, loss of capacity of for enjoyment of life, expense of hospitalization, medical expenses (past and future), inability to perform his work as a professional boxer, mental and emotional pain, humiliation, inconvenience, lost wages, legal expenses and other general and specific damages.”

Jones-Drew allegedly punched Howard after the bouncer attempted to remove an intoxicated patron, and member of Jones-Drew’s group, from the restaurant. Howard says he suffered “contusions, loss of consciousness, a concussion and a herniated disc of the spine” from the attack. He is seeking a jury trial and an award of punitive and compensatory damages for the incident.

Jones-Drew signed with the Oakland Raiders this offseason.


20 responses to “Maurice Jones-Drew being sued for bar fight incident last year

  1. What??? this guy is a bouncer and a boxer and 5′ Jones-Drew caused all this? If that’s the case then it’s safe to say he wasn’t much of a boxer or bouncer for that matter.

    Sounds like he is trying to get a free financial ride at the expense of a rich athlete.

  2. I don’t condone fight nor was i there & know what or how it took place but to be a professional boxer & being knocked out isnt a good look. Sure MJD is a professional athlete but on older side for RB’s plus case got thrown outta criminal court. Now guy is suing in civil court which just means he wants cash after judge said no criminal charges against MJD & threw case out not as if it went to trail. This professional boxer not only got knocked out but now can’t function the same again do his job & so on he claims. Again I wasn’t their but if he was any good at his job he wouldn’t have been knocked out by a football player so badly he can’t function normally ever again. Sounds like a $$ grab to me. As a Raiders fan go to c MJD still got some fight in him. Lol.

  3. As a teen I’ve been in fights seen bad fights where kids get hurt & hospitalized. I saw my boys older brother & friends flip on 3 kids who were saying racist remarks at them & the kid was brain dead & all did jail time from 2 yrs to 15 yrs so I know it does happen where u get beaten up so badly u can’t again function in society but doesn’t sound like this guy is brain dead or still in the hospital. Also being a professional boxer how do u prove any of these injuries occurred the night of MJD fight & not any of his years if training sparing & being a professional boxer? Those yrs of abuse he took doin his job could’ve caused it or it may have happened in his next fight. If he worked in a cubical that’s 1 thing but to be a professional boxer not amateur w head gear & taking all those hits to ur head how do u prove which punch did it & his injuries aren’t from his career & accumulation of blows to the head? I’m sure in some cases it may happen but if ur not in the hospital how many ppl have the emotional distress they all claim in court. Not saying MJD was in the right as again I was NOT THERE but for the judge to throw the criminal case outta court makes me think it’s just a big $ grab. If all of what the accuser claims is true then you figure the judge would’ve at least heard the case out & made a verdict & not have thrown case outta court. I’m no lawyer but just my two cents & hard to prove as a professional punching bag which blow to the head did the damage.

  4. So a 5′ 7″ RB basically crippled a bouncer (none I’ve ever met are below 6′) who is also a professional boxer????

    If true, MJD picked the wrong profession.

  5. So this guy is a professional boxer and one punch caused “pain and suffering, hospitalization, medical expenses, emotional pain, a concussion, and a herniated disc of the spine” ?

    Either this is a pure money-grab or Kasim Howard is the worst boxer on the face of the planet.

  6. A bouncer, and alleged professional boxer, can’t take a punch from a drunk 5’7″ man? This has money grab written all over it.

  7. Sounds like he scored one for the good guys. I knew some bouncers from a sport I used to participate in, and was always sickened by their tales of knocking out dead drunk people who were not looking, or throwin a beatdown on kids who weighed 50lbs less. As far as Im concerned, its mostly a profession for cowards who dont want a fair or challenging fight, but rather want to stroke their ego by smashing people who cant defend themselves or are vastly outmatched.

  8. So a pro boxer got worked over by a 5’7 NFL running back with no fighting experience and it hurt his feelings? It’s 2014, everyone wants a free meal ticket via lawsuit.

  9. I was at the Conch House when this happened. This guy knew exactly what he was doing. If he fights back he gets nothing. Believe me, this guy could have held his own against MJD and a few of his buddies if he wanted to. Getting paid.

  10. After all the bad mouthing that MJD did after signing with the Raiders, he sure doesn’t want a jury trial in Jacksonville…

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