No charges against Colin Kaepernick from Miami incident


There was a good indication the 49ers weren’t worried about potential charges against Colin Kaepernick when they gave him a contract extension.

And now, there’s legal justification for that call.

Via Matt Maiocco of, no charges will be filed against the 49ers quarterback from an incident in Miami.

The Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office announced it didn’t have enough evidence to prosecute Kaepernick, or 49ers receiver Quinton Patton or Seattle wide receiver Ricardo Lockette.

“No charges, no indication that a criminal act was committed,” said Ed Griffith of the State Attorney’s Office. “She was alleging that she may have been the victim of a sexual assault, and there was no evidence.”

Kaepernick maintained his innocence throughout, and the 49ers stood by him.

“At some point there needs to be a resolution to some of jump-the-gun, witch-hunt kind of scenario that we’re seeing,” 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh said earlier this offseason. “I mean, the only victim in Colin’s case is Colin’s reputation.”

That has now been cleared.

62 responses to “No charges against Colin Kaepernick from Miami incident

  1. There has to be consequences for these scammers. I hate the Niners but i hate this crap happen to innocent rich people. The people who end up winning are the lawyers on both ends. See you week one Kap.

  2. I would be curious to know if he was given a drug test by the NFL following the incident.

  3. Kaepernick dodged a bullet with this one. Even if he didn’t do anything (which it’s clear he probably didn’t), he needs to be so much smarter about the types of situations he puts himself in. Hopefully he’s learned something.

  4. Girl hangs with boys. They drink a little drink and smoke a little smoke. Girl can’t handle it. Becomes belligerent. Kaep leaves the situation. Girl won’t leave after being ask to leave several times. Cops and medics get the drunken mess to the hospital. TMZ reports Sexual Assalt involving Kaep. Unbelievable

  5. Also pointed out by Maiocco…

    “Key point of Miami closeout memo: Police arrived to find woman naked & writhing in bed as if having sex — except no one was there but her.”

    Yeah…I’m thinking sh’s not well.

  6. Bigger reputation concern is why west coast guys go to Miami to work out. It’s the performance enhancing drug port from South America, and home to the HGH clinics. Always has been, regardless of sport.

  7. Women like this insult every REAL victim of sexual assault. In this case, sad to say? I think she WANTED to be sexually assaulted – and was willing to lie about it if she needed to. Too bad for her the players in this case played it smart and called the police themselves. There would have been a bunch of money for her to go after if she had any case at all, even a bad one, and she probably already had a lawyer lined up to help her. It sucks so bad that it’s probably the truth, but it probably is. I say it’s 50-50 she tries to sue them anyways. In this world: MONEY OVER EVERYTHING.

  8. Hey, innocent ’til proven guilty.

    But let’s not pretend that we KNOW nothing uncool was done simply because no proof exists.

    He should be given the same benefit-of-the-doubt any of us would want…but that’s not the same as us really knowing what happened.

  9. @tap79

    So lame. It was pretty clear from the start that this was BS.


    Right…she said there was a bong so the police should take her word on that and ignore the fact that she was having sex with nobody in the room and referring to herself as Jesus.

  10. Did someone actually ask about the bong that was in the room? Are you seriously worried about the Bong that may or may not have been in the room when a sexual assault investigation is under way?

    Sounds like someone just wants Colin to go down for SOMEthing.

    Remember, there was a Hawks receiver there as well, Mr. Hawk fan.

  11. @lance19

    …right…so lets make comments like we don’t really know what happened when there is no proof of any kind not only that she had been drugged but that she had even had sex. Lets make dumb comments like that when it was in fact the players themselves who called 911 when she wouldn’t leave. Twice.

    Lets make lame comments like that when the police arrived to have her writhing on the bed with nobody and calling herself Jesus.


  12. So it sounds as if the end result of the investigation is 1) the investigation was initiated by a mentally unstable woman who was asked to leave and refused and 2) Kaepernick was not even at the apartment when the woman was asked to leave and the police were called. Much ado about nothing, indeed.

  13. So will he get away with no discipline from the NFL as well? Roethlisberger was cleared of all charges, too, and we all remember what happened to him. Clearly, the League is going to investigate.

  14. That chick is psycho!

    For her sake, I hope they held her at the hospital for 5150.

  15. 12dat says:
    Jun 12, 2014 12:48 PM

    And what of the bong in the room?


    Did you see a bong in the room? Or are you gullible enough to believe everything some conniving, opportunistic skank tells you?

  16. Seahawks fan here.

    He was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Be smarter and grow up dude if you want to continue a great rivalry between our teams.

  17. As much fun as it would be to see Kap in trouble, there is nothing here. Just trolls hating.

  18. Yet another Seahawks fan here, and I just want to clarify that ALL NFL employees are regularly drug tested. NFL players are drug tested the most. Players with a history of fail drug tests can be tested up to 11 times in a single month.

    It doesn’t matter if this crazy woman is actually crazy or not, she accused some things and there was an investigation into her allegations. If there was no investigation into the marijuana allegation then why was there an investigation into the sexual assault allegation. You need to investigate all allegations regardless of whether or not she is a nutbar.

    And I’m not defending Lockette either. NFL players can’t smoke weed. It may be legal in Washington state and Colorado, but it’s still against NFL rules and as such the players ALL need to be held accountable for any rule violations. I’m tired of the PED use and drug use stigma and I have taken to a “no exceptions” policy from a fan standpoint. If you fail your pee test and hurt my team then I have no respect for you.

  19. Officials say it’s possible she may have been under the influence of drugs — but no traces of drugs were found in toxicology tests conducted by investigators.

    Investigators do note that it’s possible the woman was under the influence of bath salts — but toxicology labs “are not always able to find such intoxicants in a person’s system.”


    There goes the bong theory

  20. It is bogus…. My greatest Memories Are of my 20s…. Having wild parties and naked women running around acting crazy. All in good fun and completely consensual! Imagine being a star and having lavish things, it should be his best years as well. These days you need to be concerned for women that make stuff up to hurt you? Sad , sad, sad! It is women like this that make it hard for real victims to come forward….. This country is going down hill fast

  21. Yeah, the 49ers are so convinced he’s “innocent” as opposed to “not guilty”, they gave him a whole $12.5 million dollar signing bonus, half of what other QBs have gotten recently and can cut him at anytime in the next 6 years and realize huge cap savings. That’s faith all right.

  22. No charges, no indication that a criminal act was committed…

    Another media hyped story with no merit. “Get the story, worry about the facts later.”

  23. If he’s truly innocent (which I have every reason to believe he is) I’m glad he was cleared.

    Moving forward he needs to be much smarter as to the situations that he puts himself in. Unfortnately, the persona that creates for himself with tats and backward cap etc, does not work in his favor and will not get him the benefit of the doubt that Rodgers, Brees and Manning will get.

  24. Good thing he got that new contract and could pay everyone off with the money!

    On a side note…anybody see the special on Dateline last night about OJ?!? Lol.

  25. The side story to this is what, if anything, the NFL will do regarding the admission, carried in national media, that marijuana was present. Seems like reasonable cause to test the 3 players present.

    Can’t see them doing it. Causing Josh Gordon to say “but, but, but…”

  26. vtown77 says: Jun 12, 2014 2:31 PM

    Illegal drugs and a woman was raped
    Great police work and classy image you got here NFL
    Um, in case you didn’t bother to read this story, or the linked article…there was no rape.

  27. Curios why this post has been deleted. Let me rephrase…

    There are RUMORED to be three kinds of female sports “groupies”:

    1. the chicks who are simply happy to be on the fringe of celebrity by just hanging out with/around the players
    2. professional “beards”, who attend public events as their dates or actually act as their “girlfriends”, in order to deflect various rumors about their personal lives
    3. the skanky gold-digging types who try to either:
    – get pregnant, ensuring an 18-year long payday via child support
    – cry rape as an extortion tactic

    IF she were one of the above, perhaps she didn’t do such a great job at her intended goal?

  28. I absolutely despise Colin Krapernick and the 40 whiner organization, HOWEVER I never for one second believed these accusations were true. Good to see Miami’s finest has some competency.

    Now Mr. Krapernick is free to concentrate on throwing interceptions to opposing defenses.

  29. Kaepernick = MEDIOCRE.

    I’m glad he didn’t do anything because I want him on the field on Dec 14th so I can laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh as he gets destroyed in Seattle yet again. Kaepernick getting humiliated in Seattle is an annual December holiday tradition now.

    The only question is how many turnovers he’ll give up. I’m setting the over/under at 5.


  30. I smell a smarmy payoff. This chick was hogging the bathroom mirror and Kaepernick simply could not handle the downtime away from the mirror, and smacked her out of the way. Very hard to prove but easy to fix.

  31. I never once believed that Kaepeernick was culpable in any manner regarding the incident.

    With that said, if he indeed slept with her a year earlier in Atlanta, that shows extremely poor judgement. She is butt ugly LOL, and looks like a tranny. Gotta make better decision Kaep and bypass the ugly groupie line and instead follow Derek Jeter’s lead (i.e., 10s only).

    As Chris Brown says, “These ho’s ain’t loyal”.

  32. CK7 is superior to all, especially to all other NFL QB’s, he is perfect we are not, there is no way he would ever do such a thing.

    CK7 is on his way to being the greatest QB in San Francisco. Bow to him.

  33. Some of yall dont read or hear good, there was no rape, no misconduct of any kind. SHE poured her OWN drink and she was checked and there was no sign of sexual assault. Yall talk just to talk sometimes but a Seahawk and 49er hanging out just shows you that on the field is on the field and off is off.

  34. I’m always impressed with how many hawks fans spend time in Niner related matters. Welcome to the “Winner’s” circle rookies. #Drive4Six

  35. I love how we’re supposed to admire Russel Wilson for being a lifeless bland piece of cardboard who in every spoken word is contemplating how it will make him look more or less humble. Oh really RW you need a surface to keep up with game film and responding to needing children? Please. He’s got the charisma of a stucco wall.

  36. I never figured he’d done anything he’d get charged for, but he’s still a tool. With that stupid looking 3-sizes-too-big cap down over his ears.

  37. “Meanwhile, back at the Hawks nest, Russel Wilson is under investigation for being addicted to film and the playbook. Footage at 11.”

    I didn’t know “filming goofy commercials” is being obsessed with film and the playbook.

  38. Kaepernick is an immature skaterboi idiot who will never grasp an NFL playbook to the extent that he wins games on his own.
    He’s lucky to be a member of a team that wins games for him.
    Dumb guy headed down…

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