Packers sign Davante Adams, Richard Rodgers


The Packers have signed all of their draft picks.

Thursday’s NFL transactions report brings word that the final two holdouts — wide receiver Davante Adams and tight end Richard Rodgers — from Green Bay’s draft class have agreed to four-year contracts with the team.

Adams, a second-round pick, was Derek Carr’s favorite receiver at Fresno State and led the nation in both catches and receiving touchdowns during his final collegiate season. Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb will be the top receivers in Green Bay, leaving Adams to fight for snaps behind them. Nelson and Cobb can both be free agents after the season, so a good showing as a rookie could lead to a much bigger role in 2015.

Rodgers went in the third round after making 11 starts and catching 59 passes during his career at Cal. The Packers have Andrew Quarless and Brandon Bostick returning at tight end and they’ve expressed some interest in a possible reunion with Jermichael Finley.

29 responses to “Packers sign Davante Adams, Richard Rodgers

  1. Nothing but rave reviews so far from the OTA’s regarding the TE Richard Rodgers.

    As to the leading receiver in college football last season, he is facing some incredible competition getting onto the field.

    I like the fact that there is so much talent and competition on the Packers roster.

    Dix could be the only draft pick that starts this season.

  2. Thats TT for you the guy is just a genius. This means more lombardi trophies on the way. How does this guy do it?

    Best QB ever – check (behind Favre)
    Best RB ever – check
    Best WRs ever – check
    Best TE ever – check
    Best OL ever – check

    And that defense, WOOOOOOOOOOOOWWW did you see them last year step up when they needed to?

    Couldn’t have done it without them thats one big CHECK.

    Best front office ever – check
    Best coach ever – check

    SuperBowl baby!!!!!

    go pack go!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Rodgers to Rodgers is going to sound kind of weird — especially if he gets tackled by Carlos Rodgers.

  4. These new guys are awesome. Aaron Rodgers is going to have 6,000 yards passing this year.

    Oh, and they’ll win their unprecedented 14th Lombardi Trophy too.

    Meanwhile, the Minnesota Vikings will be setting up camp in the division cellar again, just like last season.

  5. Both will see the field often in 2014. WR’s can take a couple of seasons to acclimate to the complexity of the Packer offense so this will be Year 1 and by Years 2 and beyond, they will be productive players.

    Draft and develop is a far better strategy that what the Vikings employ which is to sign someone’s used goods for more money that they really deserve. And here’s the richest part, Rodgers (the TE) was a compensatory pick for the Vikings signing Craig Jennings-who by the way, was outperformed by GB’s 4th WR who is a street free agent. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

  6. Jealous hatred.. it is all that the Vikings fans have…. Childish little kids they are…

    And yes.. that is 4 Lombardi’s and 9 Championships, 13 total.

  7. Rodgers instantly becomes the best TE in the league and will be the number one best TE in the NFL for years to come.

    Adams will make everyone forget about, who is that guy in detoilet again? Will be putting up big numbers by game 1.

    TT you are just ……. words ……….

  8. What they say: “The Packer players have names like girls and they aren’t good enough to make our practice squad.”

    What they mean: “How come the Packers continually own the Vikings year after year?”

  9. Our starters appearantly are practice squad caliber players for the vikings…

    which is odd, since (due to injuries) we’ve been owning the division with practice squad/3rd string players.

  10. This will be the 5th year in a row that the Packers humiliate the Vikings by winning the season series from them. Complete and utter domination of an inferior species.

  11. The day these both these guys put on the gold and green and step onto lambut field TT will have even more twinkle in those eyes knowing he has set this team up for years to bring home the lombardi trophy.

    TT is just amazing!!!

  12. And TT rejoices for saving $ for paying rhe UDFA with moose meat, brewers anual july melt down tickets and old rose bowl tickets from the badgers usual January lose.

  13. Don’t forget about that other tight end. The money will force him to keep his head screwed on straight during his career. We will again be great at TE and WR, with a healthy OL and DL, and a big hole plugged very, very well at the S position, thank you very much.

  14. Can’t wait to hear “Rodgers drops back, fires over Xavier Rhodes to Devante Adams for a touchdown. It’s now 41 to 10 in an absolute blowout of the Minnesota vikings. And with that touchdown, you can see the viking fans heading to the exits.”

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