Peterson made slight favorite over McCoy for rushing title


You can wager on a lot of things in Nevada, but you can’t wager on whether you believe Adrian Peterson or LeSean McCoy is the better player.

However, you can weigh in on whether Peterson or McCoy will be the NFL’s most productive player at his position in 2014, at least as measured by rushing yards.

Nevada linemaker / sports book operator CG Technology has set odds on the winner of the 2014 rushing title, and it’s Peterson, the Vikings’ star, who has been given the slight edge over McCoy, the Eagles’ standout.

CG Technology has installed Peterson as the 4-1 favorite to lead the league in regular season rushing yards, with McCoy the second choice at 5-1. The “field” — every other player who isn’t a wagering option — is 8-1.

Five backs — Jamaal Charles (10-1), Marshawn Lynch (12-1), Alfred Morris (12-1), Matt Forte (14-1) and Doug Martin (18-1) — have odds between 10- and 20-1, with every other back greater than 20-1.

Here is the complete list of CG’s rushing title odds as of June 11:

Adrian Peterson: 4-1.

LeSean McCoy: 5-1.

Field (all players not listed): 8-1.

Jamaal Charles: 10-1.

Marshawn Lynch: 12-1.

Alfred Morris: 12-1.

Matt Forte: 14-1.

Doug Martin: 18-1.

Arian Foster: 20-1.

Montee Ball: 22-1.

Eddie Lacy: 22-1.

Zac Stacy: 25-1.

Giovani Bernard: 30-1.

DeMarco Murray: 30-1.

Le’Veon Bell: 35-1.

Ryan Mathews: 35-1.

Andre Ellington: 40-1.

C.J. Spiller: 40-1.

Ben Tate: 40-1.

Toby Gerhart: 50-1

Rashad Jennings: 50-1.

Chris Johnson: 50-1.

Frank Gore: 60-1.

Stevan Ridley: 60-1.

Steven Jackson: 75-1.

Bishop Sankey: 75-1.

DeAngelo Williams: 80-1.

Chris Ivory: 100-1.

Fred Jackson: 100-1.

Maurice Jones-Drew: 100-1.

Darren McFadden: 100-1.

Lamar Miller: 100-1.

Knowshon Moreno: 100-1.

Trent Richardson: 100-1.

Bernard Pierce: 100-1.

Pierre Thomas: 100-1.

Joique Bell: 125-1.

Reggie Bush: 125-1.

51 responses to “Peterson made slight favorite over McCoy for rushing title

  1. And Turd Bay is stuck with a second year “Lazy” running back who refuses to show up for camp in shape….between Erins small hands, the clown music playing at practice and the laughing stock defense what is really going on there?????

  2. Norv as the OC, guarnateed Adrian is the top rusher. Teddy will start week 1, you don’t know what you’re talking about if you think otherwise. Having a qb that can actually play this position at an above average level will only help Adrian. Norv + Teddy + Adrian being Adrian = another rushing title for the best running back in the league.

  3. I would’ve taken that bet on CJ Spiller before last season. Ready for a breakout my arse. Ready to ruin my fantasy team along with his buddy Steven Ridley is more like it.

  4. As a huge Philly fan I absolutely love McCoy but I can’t deny Peterson is the better back.. that’s not a slight at McCoy that’s just mass props to Peterson. . The man runs violently b!tch slapping defenders along the way.. with that being said I feel McCoy fits our scheme better than Peterson would and I think for us McCoy is a better fit.

  5. Headline about a Vikings player, two of the first three posts are by Vikings fans…… and they’re talking about the Packers.

    I think Vikings fans love the Packers even more than Packers fans. That’s the only thing that could explain this level of obsession.

  6. Honestly a lot of McCoy’s success comes from Jason Peters.. in my eyes there isn’t a better left tackle in the league. He makes everyone around him better.. 2 years ago when Peters was out with the ACL you never heard McCoy’s name.. Evan Mathis before being paired with Peters wasn’t even a consideration for most teams now he’s considered one of the top 5 guards in the league.. Props to the man Peters!

  7. Yards on the ground only.

    McCoy may have more total yards.

    Some mention of Lacy but Lacy’s yards will happen in garbage time when the Packers are sitting on a huge lead.

    That is not the same as Peterson’s garbage time yards when opposing defenses sitting on a lead gleefully don’t mind Peterson running out the clock on the vikings.

    Monte Ball could be a choice if you are betting on a Peyton Manning injury.

    Frankly, running back don’t matter too much.

  8. Jamaal Charles Is Amazing! I see him making a challenge to McCoy and Peterson. Jamaal may be the most complete back in the league! Plus, he never complains and does his job. No hold-outs for JC #25

  9. What they say: “Our Vikings are superb in all manner of speaking. The Packers are barely worthy of our insults and putdowns.”

    What they mean: “Who are we kidding?”

  10. Is Peterson going back on the PEDs this season? Like he was on in 2013 when he rushed for 500 more yards then he ever had before after coming back from a serious knee injury in record time (when most players use PEDs to help recover from injuries) He got the idea from Joe Maurer though who did the same thing the season before in baseball. When he hit almost as many homeruns in a month as he ever had in a season prior to that then some how magically couldn’t hit homeruns for the rest of the year after that month was up. But Peterson should win the rushing title every year though once you break through the line you have like 1-2 guys to beat. I dream of McCoy having to beat 1 guy in the open field lol please put 9 in the box against him. you notice Peterson normally has 1 big run a game and the rest are 1-3 yards mix in 10-15 here or there but he has like 1 20+ yard run where he get a third to half his yards for the game. You don’t get a wide open path to the endzone against 6-7 in the box.

  11. If Jamaal got enough carries he’d blow them all away.

    As it is, he’ll easily have the best YPC.

    There is no better back in the league.

  12. Once again, the Raiders have proven themselves to be the worst team in All of Sports. There is reason they call you the worst.

    Only in Joakland. God, your team is a joke. And hey, if Im lying to you, sue me. ThAT WILL bE FUN.


  13. Enjoy more individual awards Vikings fans. I’ll take going to the playoffs and a chance at more Super Bowls!

    The difference between Packers fans and the classless Vikings fans….we expect to be in Super Bowl contention. You brag when your players get Pro Bowls!

  14. bearshaterseverywhere says:
    Jun 12, 2014 5:42 PM
    Reggie Bush dead last! He either fumbles or is hurt.
    Casual fan, I assume. You do realize that Reggie Bush was 8th in the league in total yards from scrimmage, right? Bush is 125-1, as is his backfield partner, Joique Bell (32nd YFS), because they carry the load together.

  15. I think Pocket Hercules is a bargain at 100-1. Should be closer to 30-1 for a 29 year old dude who has won the rushing title within the past 2 years.

  16. Ellington won’t win the title, but look for him to have a HUGE year this year.. including catching a lot of passes. He’ll be an absolute beast in fantasy leagues. MARK IT!

  17. I’m a Skins fan but let’s get real he’s not better then AP it’s not even close at this point, If Alfred Morris proves he can catch maybe we can have this talk in 2 or 3 years.

  18. Lamar miller has never broken 1000 yards, how is Reggie Bush last?

    Reggie Bush has so much heart id never bet he would be last in anything. The dolphins worst move of the last 3 years,letting Reggie Bush walk for nothing. Literally nothing,in his prime.

  19. Understandable.

    Peterson is an animal, there is no denying that. But, as mentioned, he always has that one big run per game, where the 8 men in the box are blitzing, or just plain blocked, and he blows past them and there is nobody behind.

    McCoy always faces defenses with deep safeties. Its the reason he doesnt get more long TDs. For the Eagles, McCoy is a better fit. And considering his age, he is the perfect back for Chip Kellys offense. Add Sproles to that, and it takes away some of Shadys carries, and some of his yards.

    So its hard NOT to think Peterson wins the rushing title if he stays healthy.

  20. wow, that’s a sad list. after “skittles the beast” the rest are hit or miss at best.

    compared to this list from early/mid 80s, today’s RBs are pikers: payton, campbell, dorsett, wilbert montgomery, franco, marcus allen, dickerson, riggins, billy sims, OJ anderson (when he was with the cardinals). hell, even george rogers and chuck muncie.

    THOSE guys were RBs that defenses had to prepare for. miss those days…

  21. The bigger question is, what has the Minnesota Vikings done from their first year in 1961 until now? How many titles do they have? And let’s be real..nobody cares about division titles. It’s all about championships.



  22. lks311 says:
    Jun 12, 2014 8:53 PM
    bearshaterseverywhere says:
    Jun 12, 2014 5:42 PM
    Reggie Bush dead last! He either fumbles or is hurt.
    Casual fan, I assume. You do realize that Reggie Bush was 8th in the league in total yards from scrimmage, right? Bush is 125-1, as is his backfield partner, Joique Bell (32nd YFS), because they carry the load together.

    Actually I do realize it and Reggie still finished behind a Bears WR!!!! Alshon Jeffery was 7th. Matt Forte was 3rd and Reggie will never touch him.

    2 seasons above .500 since 2000 and 1 of those seasons (’08) you went 0-16….lol….yea I’m a causal fan though…

    The Lions sweep the Bears and finish behind them in the division race, dude give it up he is 125-1 because he fumbles a lot and he’s waaaaaaaay overrated. Lions Blow!

  23. As much skill as Peterson has, he is 29. Around this age, running backs start to lose their skill dramatically. Emmitt Smith might not have broken down when he was 29 or 30, but Adrian Peterson is not Emmitt. Here’s my list:
    1. LeSean McCoy
    2. Jamaal Charles
    3. Marshawn Lynch
    4. Adrian Peterson
    5. Eddie Lacy

  24. @ jayfish6402

    Your list is fantasy, the true stats from 2013 are as follows:

    1) LeSean McCoy – 1607 yds
    2) Matt Forte – 1339 yds
    3) Jamaal Charles – 1287 yds
    4) Alfred Morris – 1275 yds
    5) Adrian Peterson – 1266 yds
    6) Marshawn Lynch – 1257 yds
    7) Ryan Matthews – 1255 yds
    8) Eddie Lacy – 1178 yds
    9) Frank Gore – 1128 yds
    10) DeMarco Murray – 1121 yds

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