Report: Lynch talked of potentially retiring if Seahawks won Super Bowl


Whether Seahawks tailback Marshawn Lynch reports to the club’s mandatory minicamp next week remains something of a mystery.

However, there’s another intriguing potential plot twist that’s worth monitoring.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reported Thursday that Lynch suggested to a pair of unnamed teammates that he might retire if the Seahawks won Super Bowl XLVIII. Also, Rapoport quoted an unnamed source who claims Lynch “could” step away from the game.

Should Lynch return for 2014, he would likely remain the Seahawks’ featured back and one of the keys to their offense. He has exceeded 1,000 yards rushing in each of the last three seasons for Seattle. Overall, the 28-year-old Lynch has rushed for 7,389 yards in regular season play since entering the league in 2007.

With the Seahawks’ season opener 84 days away, there is plenty of time to let this story breathe a little, so to speak. Even if Lynch were to skip the minicamp, it would be a mere footnote if he reported to training camp in July.

Lynch has two years left on his current deal, with multiple published reports suggesting he is not pleased with his contract.

47 responses to “Report: Lynch talked of potentially retiring if Seahawks won Super Bowl

  1. This is the best news Niners fans had all off season. Finally an article where I don’t have to read comments on why Seahawks are best team in football from people who started watching football in 2012. Losing Lynch gonna hurt – there’s no way they get past niners without him. Hope he gets traded to Oakland – that’s where he wants to be anyway.

  2. Well this sucks for the fans. Finish your contract, and win another! Go hawks

  3. Solution coming. The two year deal is turned into a the year deal. More money, and more guaranteed money. Turbin Is the backup, and Michael is the kick returner.

  4. I would hate to see him retire but with his running style, as a fan, i would want him to be healthy for the rest of his life. If he doesn’t feel his contract is equitable to other top backs then he should be payed accordingly. Those other guys put up big stats but stats are worth nothing. Lynch not only puts up numbers he brings physicality to the offense to match the defense. No back in the league is as valuable to their respective teams as Lynch is to the hawks. In his short time with Seattle he has proven to be the best rb Seattle has ever had & Seattle has had some great rb’s in their history for those of you not familiar with the Seahawks. I hope he plays, i hope they pay him, but mostly i just wish him the best & thankhim for dthe greatest Seahawk football I’ve ever seen.

  5. I am not surprised to here this….Marshawn do it unless they pay you what your are worth. They are nothing without you.


  6. It sounds to me Lynch is attempting to gain some leverage in his contract negotiations. We will see how this plays out…

  7. He is not going to get more money than he is due and he does not have a lot of leverage considering his eventual replacement is already on the team. I would play one more year and collect the 5 million then maybe retire after that.

  8. He is a fantastic player, like a faster harder running ( if thats possible) John Riggins….. I’d hate to see him go. I hope he’s just laying off like a lot of premier guys do to get outta doing the extra work. Portis would always try to skate this time of year, so did Walter Jones, Strahan, and now Kyle Orton seems to be as well.

  9. Who’s he kidding? The most he’s qualified for is serving hot dogs at CenturyLink or lattes at Starbucks. Oh, maybe he’s going to go back to Cal to complete his PhD.

  10. Play brother you can hang out the rest of your life!

    Considering this guy says nothing to the press anyway you guys are just making stuff up

  11. I sure as hell hope he doesn’t. I am less concerned (but still concerned) if he did and the impact that it would cause the Hawks and more about miss seeing one of the greatest smash-mouth backs no longer playing.

    Give us at least one more year Beast so the 12’s can send you out with a bangin (earthquake) ovation.

  12. I hope he does retire. He is a franchise RB for that team and they are trying to devalue his position. Go out as one of the last feature backs in the NFL. Better than go out as a goal-line specialist for the Cowboys or some other middling team. He kept pretty much out of trouble and didn’t have any media mishaps or bad quotes. He is the heart of that team and helped attract a lot of teammates. Pay him like one of the last feature backs for the back end of his career or just retire as one.

  13. MarShawn Is his own person. He should demand a New Deal… Frankly He should be paid as arguably #2 or 3 RB in the NFL. If the Seahawks dont pay him as a #2 RB in the League…I know of some other teams who would JUMP at doing so, in particular the Patriots and Browns, they may only be 1 Year deals though

  14. I assume it’s about money and not about fear of brain injury. That would be too sensible for someone who’s already been knocked in the head for the past 14 or 15 years of football playing.

  15. Not a Seahawks fan, but the guy is a freaking beast, whats better than ending your career on top? Guy is probably the best back in the league on one of the best teams. People say AP, but the guy has had 2 season ending injuries in three years.

  16. Because retirement pays much better than the 5 million he is due this season

  17. Maybe he’ll pull a John Riggins: Retire in his prime for practically no reason … and then, after a year off, return to his team to have the best years of his career. Result? Super Bowl MVP and then the Hall of Fame.

  18. If lynch retires, god have mercy on the seahawks. Their whole offense runs through him. A pedestrian offense, will become that much more incompetent. They will need a new qb forsure

  19. Health is much more important than a few extra dollars. Walk away while you still can Marshawn.

    Going out with a Super Bowl victory is as good as it gets.

  20. I’ve never heard of an NFL player being pleased with his contract a day after signing it. He’s smart enough to realize that the toll his body is taking will affect him later in life. Nothing wrong with going on top.

  21. This is what will happen with Lynch. Lynch will holdout through all of training camp and miss most of the pre season games as well. There will be a different story everyday as to why and what it will take to get him back into camp. He will be back in time to start the season then promptly get hurt and be ineffective the rest of the year. Guys like Lynch are the main reason teams don’t repeat as champs.

  22. While lynch is a great football player and I’m sure he’s a great teammate…

    Let’s be honest, RBs are not paid anymore or drafted that high because it’s the easiest position to replace. The rules for defenses have made it a passing league.

    In another 5-7 years… Once high school kids have all stopped wanting to play the RB spot because it’s no longer glamorous…. We’ll see the effect and eventually they will be in demand again.

  23. All these people saying he’s a “me 1st” player makes me scratch my head. Me 1st guys don’t play like Lynch. The guy never takes a play off & runs as hard as a rb can on every touch. For those who don’t have intimate knowledge of the hawks here’s a little known fact. Their O line absolutely sucks (I’m a Seahawk fan). Most of his yards came from pure hard running along with an excellent group of fullbacks & tight ends. Seattle has had a me 1st rb that could’ve been great IMO. His name was Shaun Alexander. He had no heart, didn’t like contact, & would sit on the field & wait for another hawk to help him up in every single play. That used to piss me off cuz in the 4th quarter everyone’s tired. Get your ass up in your own. Sorry, got off subject. Lynch is a great Seahawk & gets a pass with me in however he chooses to handle himself.

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