Reports: Jaguars to decide whether to develop land near stadium

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Near EverBank Field sits a tract of waterfront land owned by the city of Jacksonville, and the Jaguars are reportedly pondering whether to work to develop the land.

According to the Financial News and Daily Record of Jacksonville, the club will decide in the next six months if it wants to have a role in developing 40 acres of land near the St. John’s River in Jacksonville’s Shipyards area.

Per the publication, Jaguars president Mark Lamping has indicated a multi-use building housing an indoor practice facility for the club could conceivably be one of the properties built if the club were to come on board.

“We want it to be something that meets several goals: Makes a trip to the sports complex more attractive, supports more people living Downtown and more people working Downtown,” Lamping said, according to the publication.

Lamping told the Financial News and Daily Record that any development overseen by the team would have “some Jaguars theming” to it.

Also, he indicated the team would want to take the lead on such a project.

“If we get involved, we’re going to want to be the master developer,” Lamping said, per the Financial News and Daily Record.

The Jaguars play about a mile from the St. John’s River, so their interest in the real estate around their home is quite logical. Given the Jaguars’ willingness to think outside the box since Shad Khan purchased the club — witness the addition of pools and cabana-style seating to the north endzone of EverBank Field — it would be interesting to see what the club would do if it developed the land.

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  1. Sounds like an owner hell bent on moving doesn’t it? Shad is taking over Jacksonville and the people and city couldn’t be happier!!!

  2. If they’re smart they’ll put a bunch of bars and restaurants there and turn it into their own version of the Baltimore Harbor. I’ve been to many Jags games and one thing that sucks about it is the area around the stadium is horrible and there’s nothing to do.

  3. Mark Lamping has been just another tremendous hire by Shad Khan. The former pres of the St. Louis Cardinals oversaw the construction of Busch Stadium before moving on to oversee the construction of the new Meadowlands. You can now include cabanas and pools at EverBank Field.

    Lamping has now taken on several upgrades to EverBank Field (new locker rooms, fan areas, etc.) and has shown us several more ideas for the long term such as a shade covering for the entire stadium.

    Khan is a man of vision who has a knack for putting awesome people in place to make his vision reality and getting the hell out of the way.

    This is why we have such faith in Dave Caldwell and Gus Bradley.

  4. Having a place to hang out around the stadiums within walking distance is a great experience. They could build restaurants, bars, hotels, shops to attract people, especially since the stadium is only busy 8 days or so days out of the entire year.

  5. yep, GRAVEYARD for all the players lives they ruin by consistently being the a relegation worthy team, meaning, a team worthy of being kicked down to a lower league. Forget London, play in the CFL and learn to compete

  6. “…especially since the stadium is only busy 8 days or so days out of the entire year.”

    Aside from nine Jags games this year, I can also name (again, just this year, off the top of my head):

    – Monster Truck Rally
    – Florida-Georgia Game
    – Gator Bowl
    – Jaguars Draft Party (normally inside the stadium, was outside this year because of construction)
    – Country SuperFest
    – US vs Nigeria Soccer Match
    – Unveiling Scoreboards with soccer match and concert

    I know there’s more I’m not remembering at the moment, but they look to keep adding more events as time goes on. It’s not just a place for Jaguars games to happen.

  7. As a Cowboys fan Erik…you should be used to sub-par performance….after all, WHO IS YOUR GM?? oh that’s right – Jerry Jones! Why don’t you come back when you actually have a decent front office and coaching staff. The way I see it…..Looks like the Cowboys are heading for another 20 year of mediocrity…..

  8. “mikewhorio says:
    Jun 12, 2014 12:50 PM
    If they’re smart they’ll put a bunch of bars and restaurants there and turn it into their own version of the Baltimore Harbor. I’ve been to many Jags games and one thing that sucks about it is the area around the stadium is horrible and there’s nothing to do.”

    That would be the plan. They want to incorporate a practice facility with restaurants, hotels. An aquarium has been mentioned.

  9. That’s what I’m talking about.

    For those who don’t know, the Shipyards is a former Shipyard site that connects downtown to the stadium. Is about a mile of land that’s on the river, has gorgeous views. It has ALMOST been developed twice, the last time called for condos, office space, etc…Then the housing market collapsed and the company that was going to develop it went bankrupt. Since then, it’s been sitting empty. We currently use it as parking for the Jags games.

    Those who are familiar with Jacksonville will know what I’m talking about here. I personally would like to see the USS Adams parked there and to have an aquarium. It would also be great if the Jags and our new soccer team, the Jacksonville Armada work together to build a soccer field that could also double as a covered practice field. Also add some other features such as a Jaguars themed bar, it would be perfect.

    So for those who are talking, “the Jags are moving to LA or the Jags are moving to London,” you can basically shove it. We are a small market team with an owner who is creative. I’m sure the COJ will give this to the Jags at a very reasonable cost with the idea of them developing it and extending their lease at Everbank.

    In the two years that Khan has owned the team, he has been a great contributer to the City. We love Wayne and Delores Weaver but with Khan, he has brought in great ideas and will make this franchise a winner once again.

  10. This doesn’t exactly go along with the narrative that Shad Khan is cheap or that the Jags are a prospect to be relocated.

    A lot of people are going to have to come up with some new material…

  11. The Shipyards area has so much potential. There’s been plenty of awesome proposals from a new Intuition Ale Works facility to an aquarium to some space-needle-like tower, but nothing has gotten any traction. I remember Khan talking about how intriguing the property is and how downtown Jacksonville needed to take advantage of it. He said if no else stepped up that he would eventually develop the land himself. It sounds like we’re getting to that point and I hope they decide to go for it. Mark Lamping and Shad Khan are total BAs and both have great vision for how to grow a brand/business so it’d be exciting to see just what they would build there. It’d be a sweet upgrade to the sports complex (which has nothing to do outside of games/tailgating) and to downtown Jacksonville in general.

  12. They need to tie it in with downtown/The Landing by extending the riverwalk. There are some nice condos in between now.

    There is potential. If I was running the city, agreement to allow the Jags to be the developer would require an extension of the lease agreement.

  13. Mark Lamping has been the most honest and productive Khan hire so far. He works hard and tells it like it is! Right now, he aint very happy with the product the Jags are putting on the field no matter what happens off of it.

  14. Way less than a mile away from the water. Stadium is almost on the water. Part of this plan would allow some boat slips just for jags fans.

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