RG3 won’t talk about how his knee felt a year ago


It stands to reason, since he’s a year removed from surgery to rebuild his knee, that Robert Griffin III’s knee feels better.

But the Redskins quarterback didn’t want to delve into that question, and get into a comparison to last year when he was hampered by more than a knee brace.

I leave that talk to you guys,” Griffin said, via Mark Maske of the Washington Post. “Like I said, you deal with the hand that you’re dealt. I had to wear the [knee] brace last year. I had to come off an injury last year. And this year I don’t. Thank God for that. And I’ll play to that hand.

“It’s been good to be out here and get this extra work in with everybody, build that chemistry with a new coach, new guys, new players and, like I said, it’s been extremely fun.”

Nothing about last year appeared that way for Griffin, whose relationship with his coaches wasn’t a warm one. But he had plenty of nice things to say about new coach Jay Gruden’s style, and said the transition in the offense is going smoothly.

“I feel real comfortable,” he said. “I’ve had a chance to have my hands and my eyes in the playbook, on the playbook. I’ve been watching film and everything for a long time now. So I feel very comfortable with it. Like I said, it’s very multiple. We have a lot of weapons out there. It’s just about us getting to the right plays and getting the guys the ball and let them go make plays.”

And whether he likes to talk about it or not, having a quarterback who is physically able to make plays can only help.

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  1. …so what you’re saying is that Subway sandwiches really do have amazing regenerative properties? *bolts out the door*

  2. I miss Robert Griffin III circa 2011-2012 … and I don’t mean his play on the field.

  3. Thumbs up if the vikings have a better record than the skins, or thumbs down if the skins have a better record than the vikings.

  4. Time to take back this weak division and watch the haters crawl back into their holes. Keep telling yourselves RG3 is done — all the haters are gonna get real quiet, real quick. Almost every year a team goes from worst to first, and the Skins are primed to do it.

  5. I gotta say, I’m pretty shocked that he’s removing any ability to hedge and leverage the “injury” to explain away how horrible he plays this year. But any progress is….well….progress I guess.

  6. “RG3 won’t talk about how his knee felt a year ago”

    He’d rather talk about how awesome he thinks he is, and how coaches aren’t supposed to show him screwing up anything on the field. “My image is much more important than actually improving my game.”


  7. Wow, Bobby won’t actually talk about something? This guy is the biggest attention-diva in the NFL. He never met a camera or mic that he didn’t like. Please,
    Bobby, tells us about your knee… Right after you address you hippo underbite.

  8. Bunch of dumb comments, shocker.

    Tired of hearing how Griffin talked too much last year (he only spoke at regularly scheduled press conferences)

    Tired of hearing how poorly he played (injury, knee brace and lack of skilled players)

    Look at what he did with 1 out of 3 of those things the year before….Division champions

    The guy has the skill to do great things, he just needs to become a pocket QB and has no reason to run the ball this year. If he does, hate away but he won’t.

    The RG3 logo is so lame.

  9. All this offseason talk is nothing but non-sense, we’ll all see, especially to skin fans predicting, as always, when the games are played.

  10. RG in his free time has been visiting disabled kids in the DC area, in his young career has started a charity, is the first at Redskins Park and the last to leave, worked on his time with other players to get better. He had the best rookie QB rookie year in NFL history with limited talent on offense and took his team to the playoffs. Face it RGlll is going to have a great year. If you want to keep sounding like a bunch of morons and Hate on him or attack his character that’s your right but what is your teams star players doing in the offseason? Maybe doing shady things In A Miami hotel room? Or knocking out his girlfriend and dragging her around like a rag doll? Getting suspended for PEDs? Getting arrested for assault? Skipping OTAs? Getting arrested for DWI? Spend every waking minute talking about themselves? Or maybe getting drunk and making racist comments? Maybe your hate is due to jealousy that your players don’t have any class or maybe fear of what RGlll will become now healthy and a class guy on top of it and he is not on your team.

  11. It’s a miracle except for 2 people no one mentioned that the name needs to be changed.

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