Texans not holding anything back from Tom Savage


Texans quarterbacks coach George Godsey said Thursday that “knowledge is power” at the quarterback position in reference to Ryan Fitzpatrick’s place in the competition to be the team’s starter and they’re doing their best to empower rookie Tom Savage as well.

Godsey said that the team hasn’t been easing Savage into the professional ranks this spring. They’ve been “putting him in difficult situations” and then running through the same situations the next day if Savage makes a mistake in hopes of building up his mental game before the season gets underway.

“For a rookie quarterback, it’s very difficult. … And we’re not holding much back from him, either,” Godsey said, via the Houston Chronicle. “I’m going to coach him hard. Coach [Bill] O’Brien is going to coach him hard. The rest of the coaches are, too. The thing that I like about Tom is that he just looks me back in the eye and he wants to give it more reps and he wants to learn.”

Godsey also said it is a “day to day” process sorting out which of the four quarterbacks currently on the roster won’t make the cut. Fitzpatrick’s experience and Savage’s potential make them unlikelier candidates for the ax than T.J. Yates and Case Keenum, with that experience edge likely to serve Fitzpatrick well against all three of his competitors.