Vernon Davis says he’s planning on showing up for minicamp


Vernon Davis staying away from voluntary workouts, while looking for a new contract, is simply business.

Giving away another $70,000 seems like bad business.

Davis told 95.7 The Game that he intends to be on hands for the 49ers mandatory minicamp next week.

“You know what? I plan on being there,” Davis said, via Matt Maiocco of “I plan on being there.”

He’s already skipped a $200,000 workout bonus by staying away, and would have been subject to fines if he didn’t show up next week. But while he wants a new deal, he struck a polite tone about his future.

“Everything is all cool between me and the Niners,” Davis said. “You know what? It’s not really about my contract. In life, you have to make business decisions, right? The 49ers are always making business decisions, and I’m a business man and I’m an entrepreneur.

“So the thing I want to do is get other guys to start making business decisions. When it comes to yourself, you’re your own entity. So why not take charge and do that?”

It seems he’s decided that not being combative with the team is a good approach, which might turn out to be good business for him.

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  1. Hey, as long as you don’t bite the hand that’s feeding you, or let us down by holding out or not showing up to work… what you gotta do, Vernon.

    We respect that. We would respect it even more if you would bring home that 6th Lombardi while you’re at it.

  2. If he plans on playing like he has the last few years he WILL be rewarded with a contract extension. What Baalke won’t do is make any one player greater than the TEAM.

    I’m rooting for Vernon, best TE in the League (he can block unlike Graham and doesn’t get injured like Gronk)

    GO NINERS!!!!!

  3. He’s missing OTAs in the past. After all they are voluntary. I think he wanted to avoid getting hurt as that might affect his “brand” but he’ll be there in there in mini camps and training camp – unlike Marshawn Lynch 🙂

  4. Wait…what does Vernon mean by getting “other guys to start making business decisions”? What business decisions? Skipping out? Is he some sort of self-appointed team leader for business savvy athletes now?

    Maybe he’s decided that not being combative with the team is a good approach, but it sounds more like he’s wanting the team to be combative.

  5. It IS about money. Its always about money. That is the way it works, unfortunately. Nevertheless I like him and hope he gets what he wants. The team needs him.

  6. Don’t do it Vern. It’s all about the money. Stick to your principles. Hold out. Bring the team to their knees. Reporting to camp will make you less than a man. Don’t let them do this to you. Don’t let “the man” bring you down. It’s not a good look. Show them who you are. Don’t let them “diss” you like this.

  7. There are rare exceptions when someone says “business decision” and doesn’t mean “money” but those are few and far between and even more rare when someone is referring to themselves.

  8. 9ers have a few new receivers this year, along with a pile of talented running backs. Vern probably figures his numbers will take a hit, and diminish his negotiating power in the future. Last year was very likely his career season.

  9. With kapernick having more receiving options now, makes sense he’d want to make sure he’s one of Kap’s favorites when the games start.

    Not gonna get passes if he doesn’t build that comfort zone in preseason.

    Have a good season and get paid elsewhere next year Vernon.

  10. Gotta agree: Owners have all the leverage. They can cut a guy when ever they want. Sure, they have to pay the guaranteed money but they have all the power and they know it. If a player has the money and the talent that Vernon has, I’d do it too. “PAY DA MAN”

  11. “Vernon Davis says he’s planning on showing up for minicamp”

    Maybe Vernon Davis should “plan on showing up” against Seattle. Keep in mind they play each other twice a year. Davis’ stats against the Seahawks – including playoffs – for the last 2 years (over 5 games):

    Rec = 8
    Yards = 84
    TDs = 1

  12. Holding out is the only leverage you have Vernon.

    You need to take a stand and force the 49ers to pay you what you’re worth. If you get injured in training camp what leverage will you have then?

    Get every dime you can while you can. The future is not guaranteed for anyone. Especially an NFL player.

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