At least Percy Harvin is healthy


On the day when most if not all of the talk regarding the defending Super Bowl champions centered on running back Marshawn Lynch, the Associated Press has provided the 12th Man with a sliver of good news.

Percy Harvin is still healthy.

Sure, the new AP item was based on 10-day-old comments from Harvin that got plenty of play when they were first made.  But with coach Pete Carroll not available to the media on the final day of OTA practices and no one from the Seahawks saying much of anything publicly or privately about Lynch and with only so much that can be said about the tailback who likes to say nothing, why not focus instead on someone who’ll definitely be at the mandatory minicamp?

Whether Harvin will definitely be healthy throughout the season remains to be seen.  Still, Super Bowl XLVIII provided a glimpse of what he can do in that offense.  His impact in that game could have been even more significant, if the defense hadn’t suffocated and stymied Peyton Manning and company.

Then again, Harvin’s impact on the payroll could be playing a role in Lynch’s apparent desire for a new deal.  Harvin made $14.5 million in 2013, more than twice Lynch’s salary for last season.  Harvin earns $11 million in base salary this year, exactly twice what Lynch will make, if he appears in every regular-season game.

The nuances of the running back position versus the receiver position surely will be lost on Lynch, who may have a hard time getting past the fact that Lynch made a major, week-in-week-out contribution to the championship chase while Harvin provided limited appearances in two of 19 games.

“Past” may be the key word.  NFL teams don’t care about the past.  They care about the future, and Harvin undoubtedly will be a much bigger part of the team’s long-term plans than a 28-year-old running back who is inching closer to the point where the wheels come off.

Especially when considering the impact Harvin made with that limited appearance in the Super Bowl.


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  1. Let’s hope Lynch is back and at full speed, but even if he is, this will be a different offense than last season.

    Way more speed everywhere.

    Teams won’t be able to stack the box or they’ll get burned wide and/or deep. Whoever is playing RB will have much easier going.

    Hope it’s Lynch, but…

  2. Oh yea…Harvin will be there week in and week out,,,, yea just ask the Vikings haahaha

  3. This would be news if games were actually being played.

    As a Vikings fan– I loved having Percy Harvin on the field– Nobody was better at making plays and being explosive… But he is simply not as reliable as you’d like.

  4. I think Percy is poised to have at least a 1900 yard season this upcoming year. He is a great athlete and I hope we get to see what he is all about.

    However we dont need him as a silver lining, Lynch isnt going anywhere. The guy just wants an extension which is fair as he is a huge reason why the team is where it is today. I see an extension as being fair and it puts him right in line to retire from the Hawks and I like that.

    There may not be much extra money but a couple extra years and some fair negotiation doesnt seem out of line.

  5. This will be Harvin’s break out season and unless he suffers some major knee or tendon injury I think he will avoid the little nagging stuff (including the migranes, which I personally started experiencing for the first time in my 32 years and holy crap it’s like being hit by a bat made of lightning). Anyway I’m a Dolphin fan but as an NFL fan this guy is crazy fun to watch so i’m rooting for him.

  6. The NFL is all about speed. Thats why the Raiders have been so succesful for the past 20 years, right?

  7. The Seahawks continue to go after the Vikings’ leftovers, but the fact is not one of them has made a significant contribution to their team. Well, Heath Farwell has been pretty good on special teams, but every other player has been much worse for the Seahawks than they were for the Vikings.

  8. Maybe it’s an unfair perception but Percy seems to be in the running for the guy that makes the most money participating in the fewest number of plays.

  9. He’s still healthy because no games have been played recently.

    As a Viking fan, I wish Harvin all the best. When he was on the field, he always put out 100%. But if he has another year in 2014 like he had in 2013, the Seahawks are better off cutting their losses. You can’t justify paying a guy $13 million a year if he can’t stay on the field.

  10. Harvin’s that hot girlfriend that we all had once. You hung out all week, had a great time, but when it was time to go out on Saturday night and hit the town, she ended up not being able to make it…

  11. Dude. The Guy ran a KO TD back in the SUPERBOWL. If he is off the field the ENTIRE season again, then gets healthy for the SB and blows it up like he did last year, I’ll count us lucky and praise the cap hit for him. Keep telling yourselves that he’s not worth it……

  12. Harvin played 2 games = 7.25 million per game. Sweet gig. That’s about 2 plus million an hour for a 3 hour game.

  13. Aaron Rodgers Has Tiny Hands – Let’s see… TJack – Has a Super Bowl Ring, Rice – Has a Super Bowl Ring, Harvin – Has a Super Bowl Ring, Farwell – Has a Super Bowl Ring, Heck even Bevell – Has a Super Bowl Ring. Minnesota Vikings – Hmm outside of Jennings and Cassel there’s no other rings there!

  14. Harvin is a big improvement over Golden Tate. With Paul Richardson on the other side the Hawks are just going to be a blur. Other teams have copied the Hawks big CB approach. Meanwhile the Hawks go to small ball on offense to defeat the big CB’s. The rest of the NFL is always one step behind Seattle.

    The Hawks will win all of their games by 40 points. Most of their opponents will not even score. Might as well just book reservations for the Super Bowl right now.

  15. Living in seattle smoke city is just what the doctor ordered no more migraines aches or pain any way i guess seattle is my 2nd team almost feels like rooting for the vikings SKOL

  16. Harvin is a good player no question but attitude and health will always be an issue. seahawks couldn’t get out of bed without checking the vikings roster first before the coffee is on.

    Lynch should be mad. Take that pounding and do what you do for your team only to take home 1/3 the pay of roller coaster attitude and health playmaker like harvin.

    Whatever, You have coach that leaves his college team on fire why not treat your bell cow like ground chuck and Vikings like Prime Rib.

  17. Vikes gave up Harvin for nothing? Hmmm… lets do a little more research next time bigbenh8tr. Vikes got a first and third round pick. Drafted Xavier Rhodes with Seatles pick and then were able to trade up to the first round again and get Cordarelle Pattereson. Meaning the Seahawks could’ve drafted Cordarelle instead of trading the vikings a 1st, 3rd as well as paying Harvin all that money. The Vikings easily won that trade. Cordarelle is bigger, isn’t injury prone, younger, not as self-indulgent, just as a good of a kick-returner and cost a fraction of what Harvin costs.

  18. Bigbenh8r…. lets see the seahawks gave up a 1st 3rd and 7th round draft pick PLUS a massive contract to a guy that didn rly play last year( hawk fans can bring up the sb as a reason they won that trade but they clearly didnt need percy and wouldve won it anyway) so youre right we got “essentially nothing” for him smh.

  19. Lynch is a reliable beast, delivering high quality hard running, year after year. Harvin, very talented, rarely makes it through a whole season, yet is paid twice as much. Ridiculous!

  20. Let’s face the facts here, the Vikings are just poor evaluaters of talent as it seems all of their better players end up on another teams rosters and look like All Pro’s. Peterson is next.

  21. wpghawksfan – What contribution did any of those players make to winning that Super Bowl? You don’t think they would have won without Percy running back a kickoff or T-Jack taking a knee? We use them up and you take them off our hands.

  22. Percy is by far a better player than Patterson. I’m glad one season had justified the trade for you though. That’s just what Redskins fans believed after RG3s rookie year. And look what happened last season.
    The Vikings are a joke and will never be true contenders. You had a good streak going with Culpepper and Moss, and 1 year with Favre but the team is terrible.
    Bridgewater is not the answer, and Patterson will jump ship to play for a contender after his rookie contract.
    The Bears and Packers OWN that division and the only reason Xhodes looked good against Brandon Marshall last season was because Alshon was completely lighting your team up (And the Bears backup QB was playing)

  23. Look for a great year from Percy. Seattle signed another former Viking KWill. I hope he gets his ring too.

  24. Brad “I’m a freaking Genuis!” Childress will forever take credit for drafting Harvin. No doubt Harvin arrive at Viking’s training camp and immediately realized that no matter what, he needed to get to a real NFL team. So the headaches and other excuses immediately started until such time that the Vikings gave him away for next to nothing.

    How did that trade work out? Well Harvin has a Superbowl ring and the Vikings finished in last place, what else do you need to know?

  25. Vikings fans insulting the Seahawks management for turning the team around in 4 years. The current “‘state of the art” teams reside in the NFC West. Seattle and San Fran are very similar in the way they aqpproach the game:

    1. Defense rules
    2. Run game first
    3. Mobile QB
    4. Team focused culture

    You can insult the Seahawks but they have gone 24-8 in the last two regular seasons. This while playing in what is arguably the toughest division in football, the NFC West.There were 3 teams in the NFC West that won 10 or more games last season.

    What exactly are the Vikings doing that is so superior to the NFC West? perhaps dreaming?

  26. Lynch isn’t retiring, and he isn’t going anywhere… Even if he sits out minicamp to prove his point. He doesn’t want a whole new deal, he wants a restructure that gives him more money this season. So that it’s essentially guaranteed. He knows the Hawks want him on the roster this coming season, yet he also knows he will more than likely be a cap casualty next season, and never see the remaining $8.5M he’s supposed to make next season. We still have about $9M in cap room after signing Williams yesterday, I say give him a $2M boost, and roll over $7M to next season. Who knows, by the time the season rolls around some younger players may even push vets off the roster, and create more cap room. Too the fellow Hawk fan who says Harvin is going to have 1900 yards… Don’t be delusional!!!

  27. Vike fans are so delusional it’s hilarious… They try to claim they got Patterson, Rhodes, and Floyd for Harvin last season… Let’s get this straight clowns… You got one 1st round pick from us, not three, LOL. You used that pick on Rhodes. Floyd was your own draft pick, and you traded up with another team to select Patterson, thus giving up some of your own later picks. How many INT’s does Rhodes have again??? While Harvin is at full health, and already has a ring with the Hawks!!!

  28. 1900 yds? LOL how about setting the goal at 1000 first and did somebody really say Christine Michael is the next AP? Boy that one title sure bred some extreme arrogance. Wonder what happens when the 49ers and Cardinals drop them down into 3rd. Pats know as much as anyone that things get a lot harder when you are the hunted, not the hunter. Last year your rival had the target. Now you do. Best of luck though, I can’t wait to watch that division fight to the death.

  29. tobis81- who claims the vikings got all three of those picks. Yes we picked Rhodes, who’s looking like a stud, but the Sea-chickens could have picked Cordarelle. And because of all the picks the Vikes had received from Seattle they were able to use those pics to trade up again and draft Cordarelle. They would have had a better player and more money. Have fun with the Percy
    “The Headache” Harvin.

  30. Percy got paid and has a ring. He’s basically mailing in the rest of his career. What is left to actually motivate a guy like that? He may never play in another game.

  31. Aaron Rodgers Has Tiny Hands – Well let’s see… Bevell designed an offensive system that utilizes the personnel which resulted in an effective game plan all last year… Farwell has been a special teams captain and vocal leader on the team, Rice contributed to the offense for the 1st half of the season. T-Jack has been another solid leader in the locker room and Harvin sealed the Super Bowl victory by blowing the top off the Broncos special teams. Not saying any of these guys were indispensable last year, but the Hawks play as a TEAM, not individuals, and they all contributed to last season’s success. I expect more of the same from them and from Kevin Williams this upcoming season

  32. From from last year on the trade….

    It’s a stunning move that will strengthen an already powerful Seahawks roster with a premier wide receiver and return threat, while simultaneously ending Harvin’s often rocky four-year tenure in Minnesota. It’s a bitter pill to swallow for Vikings fans. Harvin was the Vikings’ most exciting player, with the ability to scorch defenses as a pass-catcher and pick up devastating chunks of yardage in open space.

    Adding Harvin to Russell Wilson’s arsenal in Seattle puts the NFC West — and the entire conference — on blast. Harvin goes from playing alongside Christian Ponder to becoming a trigger in the read-option attack Seattle rode to the playoffs one season ago.

  33. A lot of comments I see on the Vikes, sound like scorned lovers. You all sound like fans that jumped ship! Relax…why the obsession with a team you don’t even root for? “Vikes are a joke”. “No Super Bowls”. Come up with something new! We weren’t saying that before you got yours with half our team on your roster. Tone it down and enjoy your success. We’ll be back.

  34. If the Hawks don’t address their horrible O line then none of this matters. I’m saying this as a fan. The hawks were way down the list for pass attempts last season & were one if the leaders in giving up sacks. Even the running game would’ve struggled without a runner like Lynch that can make his own hole. I trust Schneider more than any GM the hawks have ever had but good O lineman are an extremely limited commodity, like qbs. I hope they can develop some of the young guys they have. I know they lost at least 2 lineman to free agency & i assume that was calculated. That’s my biggest worry as a hawk fan for the upcoming season. Everyone keeps saying their offense will take the next step this season but until i see an improvement at the line I’m a little skeptical.

  35. Wow. When Harvin played in Minnesota, vikings customers said he was MVP material.

    Suddenly, he wasn’t good anymore.

    But the draft pick he was traded for is better than he appears and working to become competent.

    They say it is better to be a 5 win viking (unencumbered by a trophy case) than a Seahawk (that just happened to get a lucky World Championship).

    Little dogs yap but have no bite.

  36. Reading these posts makes me laugh.

    All of you hoping desperately that Percy doesn’t play…

    Not arguing how he’ll gas the league if he does play…

    Just hoping upon hope he doesn’t play.

    Good plan.

  37. It’s all about the TEAM! Yeah, while I’m reading how much money Percy got along with others. The Seahawks for the last 2 years have been Beast mode and Beast quake while Percy played a few games. Now the almighty 12th man goes back to the standard stance of Lynch should be happy with a little more money while watching others make out like bandits.

    If it’s all about the team ask one of these guys to lower their value in order to pay Lynch more. then you’ll see how much TEAM means…

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