Ben Tate doesn’t view other Browns backs as competition


Maybe when Browns assistant coach Wilbert Montgomery said he wanted veteran Ben Tate to lead a young group of running backs, this might not have been what he had in mind.

Asked about the competition for the starting job with rookie Terrance West, Tate said he didn’t see it that way at all.

“Truthfully, I don’t look at it like that,” Tate said , via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “You guys may see it like that, but there’s nobody in that room that scares me. I’m just honest.

“Honestly I’m not worried about that, because I know when I’m on my game — no disrespect to any other running back here — but there’s no one that can touch me or that’s close to what I do. I battled in and out every day with what some people consider the best running back in the league in Arian Foster [in Houston]. I’ve seen the best. I went against him every day. I battled it, so this around here to me is really not anything.”

That said, Tate is still mentoring West, a third-round pick from Towson State. But after battling for scraps and being ready just in case for four years, he’s ready to make a job his own.

And he’s not afraid to say so.

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  1. The starting role is his to lose. I hope he keeps it. He’ll be a good reach in Fantasy leagues. He’s going to be the browns bell cow, and if he can average 4.5 yards per carry then he’ll finish the year with 10 touchdowns.

    He was the best handcuff in Fantasy sports when he was with Foster. Now, it’s not that simple. But the upside on Tate looks very promising in a league with so many RB by committee situations.

  2. They don’t make a tent big enough for that circus going on in Cleveland.

    -Owner facing prison that loves hire and fire people

    -GM that feels the need to constantly give depth chart status a month before training camp.

    -Josh Gordon

    -Johnny “the one-man party” Manziel

  3. Reminds me of a mother bear leading her cubs into the forest. Right now Mother may be leading and teaching but, soon the cubs will step forward and take over the hunt.

  4. Good pick-up for Cleveland. Wish we could’ve kept him in HOU. Guy played hard all year, even after the season was gone. And even with the broken ribs. He’s definitely motivated to make a point.

  5. .

    The Browns could go 10-6 and make the playoffs. Or, they could end up at 4-12, picking 6th as usual.


  6. Gotta love the constant CLE trolling..

    Worry about your own team, Bengal, Steeler and Raven fans.

    Although we are flattered you are so worried about ours 🙂

  7. Couple points:

    1 – So you think MAYBE there was a reason Tate didnt get a look from any teams before the Browns?

    2 – I dont care if it AP in the backfield, with no QB (Hoyer or a rookie), no WR talent (light up Josh), Cleveland is going to have no running game.

    In Pittsburgh, Tate would be 4th String.
    In Baltimore, Tate would be 4th string.
    In Cincinnati, Tate would be 4th string.

    And, he is talking about a rookie not being competition? The rookie will be starting by week 6.

  8. Wow 4th string huh? Cincy has a pretty solid stable of backs, I’ll give you that. But Pitt? They have Bell, and you’re saying Blount and Stevens-Howling are better? Balt has Rice, (woman beater who’ll play this season) and the Benards. I think most teams world take Tate over their backups.

  9. Gets injured often, he has some talent, nut what good is that when you are always in the tub and maddening inconsistent sometimes.

  10. Nickster must be a jokester… hey.. Minny had no QB and yet AP and Minny had a running game. Ben Tate would be 4th string on Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and Cincinnati? Really? You are the perfect argument AGAINST legalizing weed. You get stoned and lose all sense of reality. Smh…

  11. Cracking me up!!

    Comparing Tate to AP?

    Pittsburgh has Bell, Blount and Archer. Tate would be 3rd string at BEAT.
    Baltimore has Rice, Pierce and Taliaferro.
    Cincinnati has Bernard, Green-Ellis.

    OK, 3rd best on the other 3 teams, even though all the rookies will be better than him.

    And I am the one on drugs?

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