Bill O’Brien: Johnny Football didn’t fit “vision” for Texans


Perhaps no team in the NFL has a more unsettled quarterback situation than the Texans.

And apparently, they didn’t think a certain home-state quarterback would have done anything to settle it.

Speaking at a fan Q-and-A at a Houston high school, Texans coach Bill O’Brien said there was no consideration of drafting Johnny Manziel.

No. Sorry,” O’Brien replied when asked by a Texas A&M alumnus, via James Palmer of “We spent a lot of time with Johnny and I had great meetings with him. He is a bright guy and I really enjoyed watching him play in college on film and enjoyed talking with him.”

Instead of casting their lot with Johnny Football, the Texans are going with a bunch of average Joes, with journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick and fourth-rounder Tom Savage likely the present and future of the position.

“We have a vision for our football team and we stuck to that vision,” O’Brien said. “Every decision we made in the draft we felt led to that vision and we’ll see if that vision turns out the way we believe it will in whatever, a year, two years, three years. It was what we believed in and we stuck with it and we stayed disciplined in the draft and Johnny’s in a great situation in Cleveland.”

While those final five words may have never been uttered in sequence before, it’s clear that O’Brien might not have wanted the added burden of celebrity that would have come with the rookie quarterback.

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  1. Good job by not just drafting someone , just because. If you dont like the player , then don’t take him. Regardless of the hype. Wheres Tim Tebow these days ? … he was supposed to be the next big thing. Bahahahaha ….

  2. Or the fact that none of those QBs were worth the number one pick. That defense better be a beast because if Foster goes down again,they might be picking first in 2015.

  3. Sounds like the “patriot way”. I hope they go 2-14 and he’s gone in 2 years and manziel succeeds.

  4. .

    Having Manziel on the Texans roster would create an instant QB controversy. Since the Houston is unlikely to go to the Super Bowl this season, there’s no rush to rebuild the team in one year. Plenty of good QB prospects will be available in next year’s draft.

    Obrien is very familiar with Fitzpatrick from the NE – Buffalo divisional games. He may feel that with a strong ground game that he can be a good game manager.


  5. it’s so sad how e$pn drives media stories in this day in age. e$pn latched onto tebow early in his nfl career while others, mainly nfln, were late to the party. enter manziel, not this time, everyone from nfln, siriusxm, e$pn, etc have hyped him from day 1.

    while manziel is the complete opposite in tebow in just about every way, the hype is way over blown as well.

  6. Fitz is a BUM. HOU will win a few games early, then he will revert to his typical below-average lumberjack ways. HOU should have learned from Buffalo’s lousy experience.

  7. I think it’s not actually appropriate to make the assumption you did about Manziel not fitting the vision of the Texans. No one thinks Manziel is more talented than Clowney and the only reason why the Texans would have taken him first is because their bigger need was at QB. In not taking him first, they went with the better guy simple as that. Perhaps their vision is simply to put the most talented team together?

  8. His vision is to copy the Patriots. Because that worked out so well for all the other ex-Patriot coaches.

  9. while manziel is the complete opposite in tebow in just about every way, the hype is way over blown as well.
    Not really, they’re both run first QBs that lack the typical NFL style.

  10. That is the great lie of 2014 when owner Bob McNair said this was not a rebuild. At this pace we should be competitive in 3-4 years. Don’t fool yourselves, this is a full rebuild which should have been evident when they drafted Clowney when they already had a Clowney clone in Whitney Mercilus.

  11. O’Brien’s “Vision” is to start winning in three years.

    Wade Phillip’s “Vision” would have been to win now.

  12. After that pathetic Drake “Houston Appreciation Weekend” event at the Astros game last night, I’m even more thankful we passed on Manziel. The less we have to deal with that clown showing up to leech off the city’s rap scene, the better.

  13. Say what you will, O’Brien is a quarterback developer. He made Hackenburg into a star last year at PSU, and McGloin was going a great job with the Raiders last year before floundering under Paterno. Jags fan here and I hate O’Brien, but he knows a good QB when he sees one. My thinking is he was ready to trade for Mallet or McGloin and got stiffed….now he’s trying to look smug by sticking with his guys…

  14. BOTH O’Brien & Houston’s Owner made a HUGE mistake not taking Johnny Manziel #1.

    Manziel didn’t fit O’Brien’s “vision”, because Johnny isn’t 6′ – 5″ & 240 lbs. All you have to do is check out QBs Russell Wilson & Drew Brees to understand SIZE isn’t everything.

    Cowboys’ Rony Romo is 6′ – 4″ & 225 lbs….and in 8 seasons as the starting QB….he has won 1 of 3 Playoff games.

    It will be pretty humorous to watch the TEXANS struggle for the next 3+ years….while the BROWNS are winning games with Manziel.

  15. what O’Brien REALLY meant was, that, with manziel, they could WIN!!…and the concept of winning is one that the Texans have not fully embraced yet…we’re on, what, our 11th or 12th season?…and we’ve had, what, ONE winning season?…two?…well, we certainly don’t want to break THAT streak, do we?…we’ve TRIED everything else…let’s try throwing caution to the wind and letting it all hang out…Oakland-raider-style…we’ve tried the sunday-school approach for all these years…let’s try the al davis approach…heck, we were 2-14…what are we going to do, get worse??…eat it, O’Brien…see you on down the road after your contract is over…oh, did you see that they have our “quarterback” listed as the WORST starting QB in the NFL this year?…no, kidding…yet we couldn’t be bothered with johnny football–who doesn’t fit the “losing” mold, obviously…

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