Broncos offer five-year contract to Demaryius Thomas


As Denver receiver Demaryius Thomas enters the final year of his contract, the Broncos hope that it won’t be his final year with the team.

The Broncos have offered Thomas a five-year contract, via Vic Lombardi and Nate Lundy of 104.3 The Fan in Denver.

The other Thomas who is due to be a free agent has not yet received an offer, although talks have occurred.

“I definitely would be open to working something out with the Denver Broncos,” tight end Julius Thomas said Friday, per Mike Klis of the Denver Post. “I don’t really understand how these things work.  I’ll let [agent] Frank [Bauer] and Mr. [John] Elway take care of it.”

Earlier this year, the Broncos didn’t make a serious effort to keep receiver Eric Decker, who signed with the Jets.  Assuming Peyton Manning plans to play beyond 2014, they’ll need to keep either or both of the Thomases.

44 responses to “Broncos offer five-year contract to Demaryius Thomas

  1. Good guy, doesn’t get in trouble, and even made Tebow (the Johnnie Walker of Scotch) look good. Pay the man Elway.

  2. As a Hawks fan, Demaryius is an Elite level talent that I would kill to have on my team .. You could see from the Tim Tebow days that he was going to be special. Deserves to be paid like a top 5 WR

  3. If the broncos want to be a successful team past 2014 they’ll need the Thomas’ regardless of Peyton Manning’s presence on the team.

    The walking God of a man, John Elway, will get this done. He succeeds, unlike the Vikings and their disgusting fan base.

  4. He should walk after this year. Denver is gonna be in cap hell and rebuilding mode till the end of his career is he signs. Peyton could be done after this season, explore your options..

  5. The thing I remember most about the broncos is when Tim Tebow beat the Steelers in their last playoff game and sent the Steelers onto non winning seasons ever since!

  6. Peyton chokes in the big games anyway.Why bother with keeping good recievers?? Win win win in the REGULAR season-then play like a GOAT when it matters the most.And Brady has won absolutely NOTHING since the answers to the test were taken away from him.SPYGATE.Both of these quarterbacks are the most overrated qbs in history.I am GLAD niether one of them play for the JETS!!! By the way-before you respond with a stupid comment-REMEMBER-even imbecile Sanchez was able to beat BOTH of them in the playoffs.

  7. I thought Julius Thomas was a rookie last year, given how he came out of no where: The Peyton Manning Effect.

  8. Whats the plan when the brittle and mentally soft Peyton Manning leaves?

    Thomas would be smart to wait until Free Agency to make sure he doesn’t tie his cart to the wrong horse.

  9. If mike wallace can get 12 million a year, Demarius Thomas should easily get 14 million a year. Julius Thomas should also get about 8 million a year. How the broncos are gonna find 22 milliom in cap space, is a mystery to me.

  10. Decker got much better with peyton as qb but who wouldnt
    Denver needs a running game peyton can’t carry team to 10 plus wins again he needs to rest his arm if u want him to play 3 more yrs

  11. Elway has already promised to pay Thomas $80m after he retires, so expect his official contract to look something like 20 years/$50 and a case of Pepsi. Peyton kicked in a year of Papa John’s.

  12. It is really funny to see all the “concern” expressed about the Broncos cap. Mr. Elway besides being a great judge of talent is a businessman.

    The “concern” is by people who really don’t understand how salaries are structured in the NFL. The only time you have cap issues is if the GM doesn’t know how to draft and structure a contract(see ratbirds). Mr. Elway has always made it plain he is building for not only now but for tomorrow as well. He is secure in his position with the owner so doesn’t make panicked “save my job” decisions.

    So thanks for all the “concern”, but you should save it for your team which will always be eating Bronco dust.

  13. Denver doesn’t follow the cap space rule…
    They just break it & call it an accounting error
    See the last Super Bowl they won…they were over the cap then!!!

  14. the projected increases in the cap over the next two years will cover the contracts of of DT and JT with a bit of restructuring. you cap questioners are clueless.

  15. plus welker and tamme are gone after next year giving the broncos an additional 12 million in cap space for 2015.

  16. The only time you have cap issues is if the GM doesn’t know how to draft and structure a contract(see ratbirds). — Ravens FO is one of the best in the league. Manning won’t be in the SB again. But Flacco will. Go watch some football.

  17. “The only time you have cap issues is if the GM doesn’t know how to draft and structure a contract(see ratbirds)”

    Assume this derogatory statement is against the Ravens. Please explain. Ravens have plenty of cap space, got high off season marks for signing their veterans, signed great FA vets, and year over year they have drafted players leave for big pay checks elsewhere – the sign of a good drafting team.

    I don’t know why you are acting so smug. You should still be embarrassed by that Super Bowl. Ravens first Broncos close second for me and I’m embarrassed by it.

  18. Doubt it. The bubble screen alone is good for 5+ TD and even Osweiler can throw that. DThomas is good for 8+ a year easy no matter the QB

  19. It’s amazing how ignorant some of these posts are….claiming things like Manning and Brady are the most over rated QB’s ever…or that Manning is a choke. It just proves how those people really don’t understand football…most likely they never played the game. Manning makes everyone around him look better however D. Thomas is definitely a top 5 wide receiver and they’ll figure out a way to pay him. I’m not a Denver fan per say however I would love to see them make it back to the Super Bowl and win it just to shut all these morons up. Peyton is absolutely one of the greatest QB’s of all time, I only wish he was our QB in Arizona.

  20. Overlooked in the haste to proclaim the Seahawks the second coming of the Steel Curtain and a budding dynasty is the simple fact that the Broncos lost 10 of 22 starters, went 13 – 3 and still made it to the Super Bowl.

    With a healthy defense, a good to great free agent class and a decent draft the Broncos could be even better than last year although their record may not show it due to strength of schedule.

    Get DT & JT signed and once that is done…

    GET THE MAN THE RING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bronco Nation

  21. They have got to be close being in cap trouble with all the signings that they’ve done. It makes you say hmmmm…can they really afford him?

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