Report: Bruins owners interested in developing stadium for Bills

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The family of Boston Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs could buy the Buffalo Bills.  Or perhaps they’ll simply build a new place for the team to play.

According to the Associated Press, executives from Delaware North, the Buffalo hospitality company owned by Jeremy Jacobs, will meet with at least one potential ownership group to evaluate possible stadium sites.

Jacobs could still buy the team, although the league’s cross-ownership rules would require Kroenke-style reshuffling of assets to ensure that the same person doesn’t own the Bills and the Bruins.  That complication doesn’t apply to Buffalo Sabres owner Terry Pegula, who recently freed up $1.75 billion in cash that could be used to buy the Bills.

Regardless of whether Jacobs would buy the team, he could end up having a significant role in the ownership of the team’s next home in the Buffalo area.

18 responses to “Report: Bruins owners interested in developing stadium for Bills

  1. Thus far there appears to be a solid amount of people interested in the the Bills whose goal is to keep the Bills where they belong…….Buffalo. I’m hoping it all comes to fruition for all you Bills fans.

  2. .
    Jacobs main business is as a concessionaire. He’s most interested in selling $5 hot dogs and $8 draft beers.


  3. Buffalo being an original AFL team certainly belongs in Buffalo and has a fanbase that has always supported the team . I would hate to see a dome on Buffalo’s new stadium. Snowy games in December make Bills/Pats (Northern clime) games like the NFL should be.

  4. Game over JoeToronto and Bon Jovi….bye, bye……time for the Bills to be taken over by adults. I love how Joe says the Bills will move to Toronto and that Terry Pegula doesn’t have deep pockets. Deeper than any group from Toronto by a wide margin. He sold his company, East Resources, for $4.7 billion in 2010 and is making major investment in downtown Buffalo with $170 million HarborCenter complex next to First Niagara Center. He has more wealth than 28 current NFL owners, according to Forbes magazine. Pegula’s liquidity is flowing strong after his East Resources Inc. and at least one other undisclosed company sold 75,000 acres of Utica and Marcellus Shale leases in West Virginia and Ohio for $1.75 billion.

  5. Love reading these stories where it looks like the Bills will stay in Buffalo and out of Toronto. Hey Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, how about concentrating on winning a Stanley Cup sometime in the next 50 years and stop chasing another cities football team. Toronto already has the Argonauts!!!

  6. Does anybody really think it makes sense to spend private money for a stadium and not have a stake in the team that plays in it? Is he just going to rent it to the Bills? He’ll never get his investment back. It seems those in WNY really want some big-time philanthropy.

  7. your post doesn’t explain why the boston hockey team owner has a problem with cross-ownership but the buffalo hockey team owner doesn’t.

    the article noted refers to gambling holdings, but no reference to cross-ownership issues.

  8. I’m a little confused as well. What’s his incentive to build a stadium? If they build a new stadium with state/Bills money, wouldn’t Jacobs likely run the concessions anyway? Unless it were part of a bigger complex with a convention center or something where Jacobs can profit, how does he make money with this?

  9. Pegula and Jacobs, as well as Jim’s investment group? Seems to me that the bills are staying right where they belong…in Buffalo.

  10. So concessions.. Stadium lease, parking Over 20-25 years yeah your right that sounds like philanthropy. Your on every Bills post. Keep hating.. This team is gonna surprise some people.

  11. There’s no money and no future in that loser town and there never was.

    Just move baby.

  12. Perhaps my earlier post wasn’t clear enough for you 12 year olds. Nobody here is “hating” on the bills. I’ve been a fan longer than you’ve been alive. I can tell by your “hater” reference. What I’m saying is this guy is going to have to want a piece of the Bills to make any sense for him to put his own money into a stadium.

  13. ^Not if he’s building a muti-use complex and business model like Lucas Oil Field. Football is maybe 20% of what they do there. Buffalo’s stadium will not be football only.

  14. @anchorbarred:
    OK, that makes sense if it’s downtown. I don’t know how many “multi-uses” it will get in Orchard Park or between Buffalo and Rochester. It also has to have a roof.

  15. @thefirstmilergram- this article doesn’t explain it because it provides a link to a previous article which does. In a nutshell: Jacobs owns the Bruins, who play in a different market directly competing against the Sabres, who currently have a hockey team. It is not allowable to own 2 teams in different markets.

    The only way it works would be if an owner owns multiple teams int he same market (ie Pegula owning both Buffalo teams), or- if you own 2 teams with no cross competition. For instance, say the owner of the Spurs (San Antonio has no pro sports other than basketball) wanted to buy the Nashville Predators (which has no basketball, and SA has no hockey) he could.

  16. @Mackarrington I think you miss a few key elements here

    1) Jacobs has repeatedly said hed be interested in investing any way he can to help them stay, but wouldn’t want to be an owner (because of the complexities)
    2) He would sill get somewhat a return if, as mentioned, it is turned into a multi use facility.
    3) The article doesn’t say anything at all about a lack of public funding- the idea would be that Jacobs could only lessen the weight of the public funding, presumably.

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