Clowney had groin pull at Pro Day

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So how long has Texans defensive end Jadeveon Clowney been dealing with a hernia?  Possibly for a while.

As pointed out at the time by Josh Kendall of the State, Clowney had a “slight groin pull” at his Pro Day workout in April.

Still, coach Bill O’Brien suggested that the hernia arose only recently.  Which makes sense, because the Texans have no reason to suggest that they knew or should have known about the injury when making him the first overall pick in the draft.

“I don’t think it was too long,” O’Brien told reporters on Friday regarding the duration of the condition.  “I think it wasn’t too long, but again you know, we looked at it as let’s take care of it now and he will be ready to go for training camp.  We’re looking forward to seeing him in training camp.”

There’s no reason as this point to expect that he won’t be ready for camp, but complications can happen after otherwise routine hernia surgery.

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  1. Generally speaking…guys that are approaching the draft, in every sport, have a lot to lose by being perfectly honest with their future employers. Even if it means lying to people’s faces every single day, a lot of these young guys will do whatever it takes to portray themselves as being 100% healthy and highly worthy of a top pick.

    Being honest is the respectable way to go, but honesty may cause you to fall 10 picks, even 20 picks in the draft. These young guys have to consider all of these things and weigh their options, because the simple act of telling a GM you have some ankle problems may end up costing you millions of dollars in the long run.

  2. @htowntexan

    What an absolute bag of tools you are. Travis Johnson? Bennie Joppru? Those names wouldn’t ring a bell for you though, given your front running and unintelligent nature.

  3. Geez you can’t blame the guy for getting a hernia. It happens. At least it happened now, with enough time to get the surgery and hopefully get rehabbed enough for camp before preseason. It’s a little early to call the guy a bust–it sounds like he worked hard during mini-camps and impressed. Let’s wait until week 1 before we start judging what he can really do…

  4. This is an injury that a doctor cant pick up on physical exam. I had this injury in college and needed surgery to repair it. You can walk around fine like nothing is going on, you just cant perform explosive movements. No wonder he stopped doing private workouts part way through the process. He couldnt.

  5. Lots of sniping against Clowney for not dominating his senior year. Followed by lots of sniping against his alleged lack of work ethic before the combine. Followed by more sniping about the pro day. Followed by more sniping about not disclosing the injury.

    My guess is that this will all be filed away in the mind of a supremely talented Clowney, and will keep his competitive fire stoked for a long, long time.

    The Texans already had one of the top DE’s in football with JJ Watt. They drafted Clowney anyway. Why? Because now they have 2 of the top DE’s in football. And because Clowney is the most pro-ready rookie, yet still has considerable upside.

    On a team that will struggle to put points on the board, Clowney and Watt will make their opponents struggle to put points on the board.

    But the sniping will continue anyway.

  6. The more likely explanation is that the initial groin injury developed a weakness in the muscle that ultimately lead to the hernia.

  7. I know guys who have worked on nfl medical staffs. They go through all their own file reviews, take their own xrays (yes I know that wouldn’t show it), and all of their own docs do their own reviews. I have heard players say they were asking about old high school injuries that they barely remembered. If he had an injury at the combine, it was very slight. These guys are thourough on their medical.

  8. would have fell to the second round had teams known about it. no way he would have been the number 1 pick.

    it’s all about the money.

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