Dan Snyder on name change: “Over my dead body”


At a time when public pressure seems greater than ever, Redskins owner Dan Snyder seems to be digging in deeper on the subject of his team’s nickname.

During an interview with Jim Rome on Showtime this week, NBC Sunday Night Football play-by-play man Al Michaels was asked if he thought Snyder would try to hang onto the name despite the complaints.

It seems to me as if he is going to hold on,” Michaels said, via the Washington Post. “I mean all of the sudden — I mean, for 70-some odd years this was a zero issue, and then it became an issue. I understand we live in this politically correct environment. It’s crazier than ever; you know, senators want to weigh in on this, like there’s nothing better to do in Congress. This becomes a big issue. I mean, I just think it’s nuts.

“And I do know, I’ve talked to Snyder about it — not recently but when we were in Washington last year — and he basically said ‘over my dead body.’”

The defiant stance is nothing new from Snyder, which is unsurprising since rich people seldom like hearing they’re wrong.

But when respected players (and former players) such as Champ Bailey chime in, and name-change commericals air during the NBA Finals to a nationwide audience, at some point the voices may turn into a roar that Snyder can no longer pretend to not hear.

233 responses to “Dan Snyder on name change: “Over my dead body”

  1. Good for Snyder.

    It isnt real Native Americans that want the name changed anyway. Its the money hungry casino people, and their liberal politicians.

    I support Snyder, as an Eagles fan. And thats hard to do. But on this issue, Im 100% behind him.

  2. This isn’t going away…..not now. It’s just going to get worse….and he’ll change it eventually….it’s only a matter of time. Cleveland Indians will be next…..

  3. Bravo Dan Snyder! So sick of the PC police. If so many people disapprove of the name Redskins, let the free market force Snyder to change the name…

  4. I used to hate Synder…but at least he has the stones to stand up to the PC liberals.

  5. Snyder is a genius. A grade-A jerk, uire but a genius. He knows full well that eventually the pressure will grow to the point the name will have to be changed.

    In the meantime, the attention to the team grows. When he changes it, imagine under those circumstances how many jerseys and other things he will sell? I bet he has designs drawn up.

  6. Let’s not pretend that Michaels doesn’t have a good point. Just like the Confederate flag wasn’t seen as racially offensive until the past decade or two, the context around the Redskins’ team name has changed significantly over the past few years. I wasn’t around 70 years ago to understand the context, but it’s pretty clear that pure ignorance is not the only reason the name had zero controversy around it until recently.

  7. .

    At some point the other 31 owners plus the league will convince Snyder that (rightly or wrongly) he’s damaging the NFL brand.


  8. Al Michaels could not be more correct.

    This is, although hanging on by a thread, still America. If you own something, you should be able to name it anything you *&%%^&% well please.

    If others disagree with you, they can ignore, boycott and stamp their feet all they want. We used to call it free enterprise.

    Don’t ever change the name.

    It is NOT a racial slur, it is the name of a football team and has not bothered any significant portion of the populace for decades.

  9. The defiant stance is nothing new from Snyder, which is unsurprising since rich people seldom like hearing they’re wrong.

    Nothing like playing the social class warfare.

    From what I understand Snyder is just a die hard fan who happens to own his team. His passion derives from the relationship he had with his father that grew around the Redskins.

  10. Not 70 some odd years its been over 80 some odd years. I HATE the skins but love that Snyder will keep the name thats been around longer than whoever the person that started this who name change BS has.

  11. Yep, he should dig in some more. My question is why all of a sudden it’s offensive and yrs past nobody said diddly poo.

  12. Danny Snyder has a lot of Donald Sterling in him. The fact of the matter is up until the 20th century Idigenous Americans were forcibly removed from their lands by European settlers and they are rightfully offended by the use of that word. Redskin is a racial epithet, and removing it would be an act of basic human courtesy.

  13. Yes, it sounds like Snyder has been “listening” to the Native American community very intently, eh Goodell?

  14. It is a non-issue – except from leftist who want to control everyone’s lives for them.

    The name pays homage to the Native American spirit – it isn’t derogatory. If it somehow was making fun of them, THAT would be insulting. But to associate the fighting spirit and strength in a name? That is an honor – and until the controlists weighed in recently, everyone was good with it for almost a century.

  15. Champ Bailey chimed in? Well, by all means it must be changed if he said so…….

    Joke right? Has to be a line in the sand somewhere. Does anyone with half a brain think they used the name 70 years ago so they could insult Native Americans???

    If anything it honors them………

  16. not a redskins fan at all but good for Snyder! enough of this pc nonsense! the reason nobody cared about it until now was that it was just a name for a football team. nobody thought of anything other than the football team when you said redskins. there was never a time as a kid you called somebody a redskin to insult them. one day some left wing tree hugging liberal decided that instead of doing something that might actually help native americans, like I don’t know doing something with getting them medical help an education or working to eliminate substance abuse on reservations, they decide the name of a football team is more important.

  17. First, some people have had a problem with the name for a long time. It’s not like the name was 100% acceptable. The difference now is that the side that has always been against the slur are now receiving more and more support. Second, it is a weak argument to say Congress has bigger problems. Yes, they do have bigger issues to address, however, that doesn’t mean they can’t spend some time on issues that aren’t life or death. Also, men like Michaels try to minimize an issue by saying it’s about “political correctness.” No, it’s about treating others with respect.

  18. Al Michaels should check his history. The name wasn’t “zero issue” for 70 years. Native Americans have been protesting this in a serious way since 1992. That’s 22 years!

  19. The story here isn’t about Snyder’s thoughts. It is about Al Michaels thoughts. Be careful Al, the Thought Police are every where.

  20. Al Michaels pretty much feels like the rest of us but he does not understand. Liberals think they can simply legislate away anything that does not fit with their disturbing agenda. Things like what people can say and feel and indeed every aspect of our lives. Heck look at their leader. He doesn’t even know he was elected President. He thinks he was elected King.

  21. Snyder has enough money not to care what the hurt feelings crowd has to say. I suggest that everyone really upset about this pool all their money and buy the team from him. Then they can change the name.
    Oh, wait. They aren’t that upset? Nevermind.
    Champ Bailey ought to save his money and go buy the step and a half he lost. His ability to play corner mattered. His political views, not even a bit.

  22. I hate the redskins, but good for Snyder. Don’t bow to these groups who have nothing better to do than push their PC agenda.

  23. 31 billionaires and 1 commissioners have say in this (coincidence they would be footing the bill for the change as well????). not 1 peep from any of them. It’s an NFL issue. Snyder needs to sit tight and have congress or Goodell force his hand. make someone else be the bad guy. Not Dan’s job. he finally has the back of the fans after years of fumbling.. why be the “bad guy” in the eye of the fan when congress or the league can?

    Or even better, agree to change the name if and only if congress makes real life changes in the lives of native americans. poverty, alcoholism, well-fare, living conditions.. real life legislation that will better these folks living conditions. this instead of taking time to sign letters just to make themselves feel better!!

  24. I totally agree that this should be a non-issue. Dan Snyder’s hard stance against changing the name is probably a bad idea though. All it does is gives his opponents for resolve. The money wasted on both sides of the issue would be better spent helping others

  25. Huge thumbs up to Al Michaels. Good to see at least someone in the media who isn’t a jelly fish spined politically correct wuss like Costas, King, et. al. I’m sure there will be a petition with tens of thousands of “signatures” calling for his firing now.

  26. Huh. Never knew Michaels was a conservative. I bet he and Costas don’t agree on this one.

  27. I am not a fan of the Redskins but this will make me root for them a little more. Good for you Dan Snyder never give in.

  28. He only has to listen to his pocketbook. It’s not illegal, he can’t be forced to change it unless the NFL decides it’s “damaging the shield.” And frankly, as long as people are talking about it, the NFL is making $.

  29. Nothing is going to change until God-dell orders/mandates Snyder to change the name. And then we’ll be able to enjoy the requisite court case. So we’re a very longggggg way off from anything happening.

  30. Harry Reid won’t let any legislation thru the senate for a vote. Bit this stupidity can garner 50 democrats. Priceless

  31. Little Danny is too insecure ever to see anything other than in terms of personal defeat. If he were smart and a leader, he would recognize the opportunity to get in front of and manage the issue in a way that would make him look thoughtful, smart and strong. But instead, it’s all about his inability to overcome personal insecurities.

    He should run for office, he would fit right in with that crowd. Not that he could ever get elected.

  32. This is a perfect example of what our society has turned in to…A total joke.

    Stick to your guns, Dan.
    This name was a non issue, until someone thought it might further their own career, and then every wanna be hopped on the bus.

    I’m a Bills fan, and the team from D.C. will ALWAYS be the Washington Redskins.

  33. I wonder how long it will be until Redskins fans, instead of feeling defensive about this, start to become embarrassed by the situation and their owner’s long-proven pig-headedness.

  34. Why do people care now i dont get it
    There was no issue when the team was winning
    I hate that gov officials cant run the state right but care about this name. How bout get the school system better or stop killings

    Im glad snyder is saying the hell with u im keeping the name
    Listen the nfl agreed on the sale so blame the other owners not Snyder the redskins are team he paid for no1 mentioned name change in sale of team

  35. Michaels is on point. This is just people who have nothing better to do trying to change something that hasn’t been an issue until someone wants attention

  36. Notice the focus on Champ Bailey wanting the name change at the end, but no real weight is given to the fact that Michael’s thought that it was an overblown issue…

  37. So Al Michaels is wrong as well? Michael’s is 100 percent right! It’s BECAUSE of the environment of the people in todays society. Like he said it was zero problem for 70 or so years until people made it a issue. Oh & congress DOES have better things to worry about as well.

  38. Keep the name! The name is historic in the NFL. Some of the best players and teams came from this great franchise. Those looking to change the name are only going after the money, where were you 10, 20, 30,40,50 years ago? And why only the Redskins, why not the KC Chiefs, Atlanta Hawks, Cleveland Indians, Chicago Blackhawks? They go after the Redskins because there is the most potential money coming out of there. Keep this name, I’m not a Redskins fan but I love the game and this is a stupid controversy. There are plenty of native Americans that I know that are totally ok with the name, some are even die hard fans of this team. End this stupid controversy now!

  39. He hears the shrills for change… he just doesn’t care. Children scream and stomp their feet, but sometimes u just have to let them get it out of them.

  40. Does anyone know what Oklahoma means? It means “Red People” – are we going to now see a big push to have a state change their name?

  41. Snyder doesn’t have to pretend to not hear the voices. He can acknowledge and still not cave in.

    It’s a shame that so many of the media have made this a crusade for themselves, when there’s so many bigger issues they could be focusing on for change.

  42. “at some point the voices may turn into a roar that Snyder can no longer pretend to not hear.”

    Maybe, but at this point they are barely an audible whisper.

    The reality is that SO FEW people give 1 tiny crap about the name change. If the amount of people who do care triples every season for the next 10 seasons…. it ill still be nothing more than a blip on the radar.

    This is a “media driven outrage”, the fans and regular people for the VAST majority, don’t care at all.

  43. ‘The defiant stance is nothing new from Snyder, which is unsurprising since rich people seldom like hearing theyre wrong.’

    clearly this has everything to do with him being a snobby rich guy, and nothing to do with the history, culture and fan base of the Redskins.

  44. Human culture and society changes over time. Things that used to be considered acceptable no longer are and vice versa. There will always be conservatives (ie old grouches) who want to cling to the past. They will die off and society will progress.

  45. Glad to see Al Michaels adding some much needed common sense to this “debate”, something that has been glaringly absent from most media sources.

  46. Al Michaels whom I respect is off base here.. The thought process of “it was fine for 70 years” is asinine. Slavery was okay for 1,000 of years and then all of a sudden people came to their senses and realized it was wrong. I’ll admit I was ignorant to the fact that the team nickname was a derogatory term, but now that I know I believe they should change it.

  47. I’m a life long Skins fan, and season ticket holder. I too believe the name change ‘issue’ is a bunch of hoopla.

    But until there is a chance of the Skins &/or the NFL losing sponsorship $$ nothing will happen.

  48. Not a big fan of Danny Boy, but he seems to be the only one in Washington who has a set and will stick to his guns. The name doesn’t need to be changed. Ridiculous PC pundits are pushing a very narrow viewpoint – again. I’ll put up a paycheck to defend the name Redskins.

  49. Champ didn’t seem to have a problem with the team name when he was drafted and signed his first 12 million dollar contract?

  50. So because Champ Bailey thinks the name should change, that’s the deciding factor ? lol OK

    Maybe, just maybe, the politicians should focus on the economy, kids being shot in school nation freaking wide, The Border, terrorism… just to name a few.

    But that’s just me I guess.

  51. Public hangings happened 70 yrs ago too Michaels, what’s the point? I’ll tell you, times have changed. It’s that simple.

    For all you “it hasn’t bothered anyone in the last 70 years” its because there wasn’t the media coverage, internet, TVs, iphones, etc of today’s world.

    It was ok to say the ‘N-word’ back then too, why the change in heart? Have we become too politically correct? The answer is no. It’s offensive in every way, shape and form……just like the ‘R’ word.

  52. The argument of “Why now” misses the point. Language changes and is modified all the time. There was a time when referring to women as “broads” was acceptable but then one day it wasn’t. The changes occur when a critical mass is reached and that time, whether one agrees with the name or not, is coming for the name Redskins.

  53. Tennesseoilers:

    I wonder how long it will be until Redskins fans, instead of feeling defensive about this, start to become embarrassed by the situation and their owner’s long-proven pig-headedness.


    Just the opposite. I’ve been wearing my Redskins gear more. As a show of support

  54. Al Michaels “I mean all of the sudden — I mean, for 70-some odd years this was a zero issue, and then it became an issue. I understand we live in this politically correct environment. It’s crazier than ever; you know, senators want to weigh in on this, like there’s nothing better to do in Congress. This becomes a big issue. I mean, I just think it’s nuts.

    Totally agree…NUFF SAID!


    Never really been a fan of his due to our results, but I will state undeniably that he wants the REDSKINS to be a champion and is willing to do whatever to ensure that happens.

    There is nothing wrong with having a backbone and standing for what you believe in regardless of others.


  56. I always enjoy how riled up social progressives get when you just say “No.”

  57. As a life long Redskins fan, I to have been wearing my gear almost everyday to much approval from fans of a lot of other NFL teams. There is a difference in the word “Redskin” and the phrase ” Washington Redskins.” Real football people get it. Only bleeding heart liberals don’t. FYI, not one Native American had anything negative to say to me at the Cherokee Reservation in North Carolina, when I sported my Redskins tattoo and hat. HTTR forever!! Respect and pride, not hate.

  58. Leave the Blackhawks out of this discussion. They weren’t named after the tribe, they were named after the machine gun battalion that the team’s first real owner commanded in World War I.

  59. Hey what about “Redman” chewing tobacco? How come they are not going after them……how about banning all of the Indian statues outside of the tobacco shops?

  60. It won’t have to be over Snyder’s dead body. If Big Government/Big Brother decides to intervene, there is NOTHING Snyder will be able to do about it.

    Scary 🙁

  61. Is there any way we could all put our heads together and come up with a solution in which both Harry Reid and Dan Snyder lose? That might help bring people together again.

  62. Why is the Cleveland Indians Chief Wahoo, which actually is racist, ok, but the Redskins which really isn’t that racist becuase it shows a respectable portrait of a Native American not ok? I love how people just bandwagon on things to gripe about. Funny how all of sudden this is a huge issue. I don’t even like the team and hate Dan Snyder even more, but I don’t want to see it changed. Good for him for sticking to his guns.

  63. I don’t think he should HAVE to change the name. Forcing someone to spend millions of dollars because your feelings are hurt is absolutely ridiculous. Everyone who WANTS the name changed, should personally pay for everything that goes with it. All the re-branding, signage, and they should also have to replace all the gear for the fans as well.

    NOW, let’s see how many pathetic whiners REALLY want the name changed…..

    For the record I am NOT a Redskins fan, and couldn’t really care less what happens.

  64. He’s managing this about as well as he’s managed the team during his tenure as owner.

  65. i see both sides to this argument but i have to admit i really got a kick out of reading this quote from a respected voice like Al Michaels because i know it must make the PC police absolutely cringe. the wheels have to be in motion for them to start attacking Al Michaels now for being unsympatethic, etc. But at the end of the day, if there are enough Native Americans that are honestly and truly offended by this (not influenced by PC folk that have no ties to native americans but conveniently get offended by everything on a regular basis) then i’d like to see the name changed over the next few years. but for now, i am really enjoying the likes of bob costas and others squirm over comments like this

  66. Finally, a man who is will to stand up to Senators, idiots and people with nothing but time on their hands to say kiss my azz. The era of PC has got to come to an end. Everything and anything is in play with these insane zealots.

  67. Liberals know their days are numbered. Worst president everrrrrrrrrrrrr plus all this PC crap is giving rise to the tea party…

    Don’t tread on me!!!!

  68. I wish we could keep a record of all the comments on this and redisplay them in the future but with the person’s picture and address on it, so internet heroes and “tough guys” could be exposed. I am by no means an over the top progressive. I just love common sense. This team name is pretty offensive when you actually think about it. Yes, I know it’s been around for 80 plus years, but so was slavery. I’m not comparing the name change issue to slavery, but if I did the mature thing and put my self in Native American’s shoes, I would be hurt and offended by a team using a slur as their team name and logo. In 5 years, when the team name is changed, a lot of you internet heroes will hopefully look in the mirror and reflect on how demeaning this whole argument is and realize that it’s just a football team, going to battle over this thing instead of embracing change is stupid. Snyder will regret taking this issue on, and all of the tough talking people on the web will too. I’m a vet who loves this country and I am telling you, Snyder is on the wrong side of this silly discussion. There are 50 different ways he could change the name, honor the native American connotation with the old name, and make a ton of money doing it. The hard headed never learn

  69. This country has went totally nuts!!! Someone is always bitching. Other countries must sit back and laugh at this type of BS. Funny how how this name got so offensive in the last 10 years.

  70. The fact that former players say anything doesn’t really mean anything. We can see that by the way that they all talked a big game while playing but now they are suing because the owners made them do it.

    Comparing the Redskins name to the “n” word or slavery is ludicrous. Most people born in the last 2 or 3 generations didn’t know the word as a slur until the media started making it one. The other epithets that are being used, still are generally known as slurs. That makes a big difference.

    Everything anyone says can be offensive to somebody if they want it to be.

    I still remember being raised with “Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”.

    Or better yet, why doesn’t someone tell me what actions of the team/fans is degrading and humiliating! I mean, is it the revering the team, the name, and mascot? I always thought that was positive.

    Why can’t people focus on the positive instead of just the negative, it is no wonder that people generally are unhappy.

  71. If “redskin” is offensive so is “black and white”. I’m not white and African descent isn’t black. So all you that says times change, tell me, what’s the difference? Redskin, black skin, white skin, brown pride, etc.

  72. I love it when a very small minority decides without question that they are right and everyone else is wrong.

    Their arrogance is mystifying.

  73. Can we stop with the “congress doesnt have anything better to do?” People act like they spent weeks in Congress debating the issue. Senators signed a letter that some intern wrote. It’s not an ongoing debate that is polarizing the chamber. It’s already done. It doesn’t invalidate their opinion that they have other jobs too.

  74. In 5 years, when the team name is changed, a lot of you internet heroes will hopefully look in the mirror and reflect on how demeaning this whole argument is and realize that it’s just a football team
    Now why can’t you and everyone who opposes the name do that now….realize that its just the name of a football team. No one from the organization is going around degrading people and using the word as a racial slur. Hell in my 40 years on this Earth, I’ve never heard the word used as a racial slur between one person to another person.

  75. I have been a redskin fan for 20 years. I have seen the good times and the current dismal play. I take a lot of pride regardless of how terrible they are. This issue can be resolved quite simply with just a few questions. 1) Does anyone really believe that Dan Snyder is a racist? 2) Does anyone really believe that the redskins are a racist organization? 3)If the name were to change today, what happens after that? 4) Does the lives of the offended instantly become better? I think we all can agree to what the answer to these questions are. So what is the real issue here? If I were to start using a word that some group of 5 random people in Idaho find offensive, would I then be obligated to cease the use of said word. Seems a bit silly doesn’t it. Just my two cents.

  76. “Stick to your guns Dan….We are finally a decent team and NOW they want us to change names?”

    Since when is a 3-13 team, with your umpteenth new head coach, decent? The team hasn’t been relevant in over 20 years.

  77. NEVER EVER give up that name. Their are American Indians that are FOR keeping the name and they get ZERO pub because it’s not cool and the outlet that gave them a voice will be ridiculed.

  78. But when respected players (and former players) such as Champ Bailey chime in


    The day when Snyder takes business advice from Champ Bailey is the day hell freezes over.

    During the CBA negotiations Adrian Peterson compared the NFL to modern day slavery.

    Rashard Mendenhall : “Anyone with knowledge of the slave trade and the NFL could say that these two parallel each other”

    Peterson is a well respected player, why haven’t the media and congress stepped in to end modern day slavery? Mendenhall was a little out there but he was just defending Peterson.

    It must be true and a valid because a well-respected player said it. I’m still waiting for the media to start a “free the slaves” campaign against the NFL. This was long before people were worried about the Redskins name. All of 3 years ago.

  79. The truth will set you free

    The quotation “I am a Red-Skin” in the title is from a speech made by the Santee chief French Crow in a formal council with President James Madison in the President’s House in Washington on August 22, 1812, as interpreted by John A. Cameron and officially recorded. French Crow’s speech and one given just before it on the same occasion by the Osage chief No Ears contain the first known public uses of redskin in English. The same expression was used by the Potawatomi chiefs Topinabee and Metea at a treaty conference in Chicago in August, 1821, as interpreted by Whitmore Knaggs and recorded by Henry Rowe Schoolcraft.

  80. Everyone’s offended. Well, I’m offended that you’re offended. Why isn’t my voice being heard?

  81. @Fantasy Football Consultant

    I believe you are overthinking this a bit. When the NFL moves a team to LA and names that team the “LA Whites” or “LA Blacks” I’ll agree with you.

    Obviously that will never happen, but that’s the point. The NFL would never accept those as team names…. But the Redskins, oh no, that’s different, that’s tradition, etc…

    It’s time to realize it’s offensive and change the name.

  82. What about respected players who support Snyder? Why don’t we read about them? Oh yeah-they don’t agree so you won’t mention them.

  83. I have been a football fan my whole life and never thought of “Redskin” as a degrading term. I’m not Native American, so I can’t speak on whether they feel insulted or not, but I never heard the term used in a negative way. The Washington team and fanbase has always displayed their mascot in a proud manner, not mockingly or negative. True, I would never walk onto a reservation and call someone a Redskin, but I wouldn’t call them Chief, Indian, Blackhawk or Brave either. I wouldn’t walk outside and call my neighbor Yankee, nor do I assume that everyone that lives in Pittsburgh works in a steel mill. We live in a society where we feel the need to protect everyone from everything. We are so quick to point fingers and judge others but are afraid to look in the mirror. But I digress, lets just change the name to the Washington Bullets.

  84. People becoming “offended” isnt a warranted reason to change everything they don’t like. PC run amok.

    This Vikings fan says HTTR.

  85. The argument of “Why now” misses the point. Language changes and is modified all the time. There was a time when referring to women as “broads” was acceptable but then one day it wasn’t. The changes occur when a critical mass is reached and that time, whether one agrees with the name or not, is coming for the name Redskins
    Someone who gets it. Time passes people, things change. Emphasis on certain things, like words change shape and evolve.

    Speaking of shape, I heard the earth isn’t flat anymore, that can’t be true can it?

  86. Why should a winner in life like Snyder change his team’s name and everything associated with it simply because 10 to 20% of the fans call for it? The media likes to pretend it’s an uproar but it really isn’t.

  87. Eagles fan here. NEVER change the name Snyder.

    Show me one independent and reputable poll implying more than 20% favor a name change… And no, Democratic Senate Sheep poles do not count.

  88. Snyder is a Jackass, the next step will be a boycott of his teams sponsors then it will be a boycott of the NFL sponsors and then he will change the name….nothing hurts Billionaires more than taking money out their pocket

  89. Where does it end? Are the Raiders going to change their name next because Pirates were rum drinking, social outcasts, bandits that raped, pillaged, and burned everything in sight? How about the Buccaneers? What about the 49ers? Do you know how many people died violently trying to hold onto their gold that they worked so hard for? How about Giants? What do the little people think about that name? Sheesh…I could go on…

  90. America slaughtered half the Indian population, put them on reservations, and lied about them in history books. Even to this day, they are not given their due in history books.

    Now all of a sudden 50 politicians and some bleeding hearts give a dang about a football team name because it is a “racial slur”.

    Seems a little backwards. Why don’t they fight to tell the truth in history books? That’s doing them much more justice.

  91. an open letter to President Bruce Allen

    Mr. Allen,

    My dad played in the skins band for about 6 years when I was a teenager. (61 to 67) Our family received two free tickets to each home game and my mother and brother and I took turns going to the games. My mom let the boys go to all the inclement weather games. Unfortunately we had to move to another area of the country and were no longer able to attend the games. That obviously did not curtail my love for the Redskins. I have been an avid (rabid might be a better word) lifelong fan. If it came down to making a choice between eating and my DirecTV Sunday Ticket I would probably hold out until they put the IV’s in my arms. I am quite sure that the few politically correct rabble rousers have no understanding how devastating it would be to lose our team name. As much as I would want to warm up to a new name I just don’t think I ever could. I am 64 years old now and truly hope that I never have to go through that pain. The name of the team is the team! I spent quite a bit time in Gallup, New Mexico, and the average American Indian there had more Skin’s T-shirts than I do. I pray that you and Dan can hold you ground against the coming onslaught.

    God Bless You!

    P.S. Looks to me like we’re shaping up to have a great year!

  92. If I were to start an expansion team and wanted to honor the majority of the players, couldn’t I call the team the “Blackskins”? Wouldn’t every person of color want to rally behind that team? Seems like a fantastic idea, right?

    If this doesn’t seem acceptable, then in what way does it make it acceptable to say, “Redskins”?

  93. Thank you Dan! Today’s America is SO rediculous. People’s little “sensitivities” ….

    Gimmee a break!

    Need more folks like Dan Snyder out there.

  94. Al Michaels is a well known conservative so I do not know why anybody would be surprised that he is against any name changes for the Redskins. Conservatives never want change which is why they are called conservatives

  95. “rg3andthensome says:
    Jun 13, 2014 7:46 AM

    Stick to your guns Dan….We are finally a decent team and NOW they want us to change names?

    I don’t think so.

    Hail to the REDSKINS”

    Only Redskin fans would think 3-13 makes them a decent team.

  96. We have seen a lot of evidence where the term was not used as a slur. Someone posted a speech by a Native American earlier where he used it as a term of pride. The only people actually using the term as a slur are racists. They are twisting and changing the meaning of it. Are we really going to give power to racists and allow them to take a term that was originally a term of pride for Native Americans and turn it into a word we can no longer use?

    When you decide to use the racist meaning of the word, and not the original meaning, then you are giving power to racists and taking it away from Native Americans!!!

  97. Amazing that 90% of the posts are in favor of keeping the name, a testament that we are DONE with the PC police/agenda.

    We don’t need politicians, purely one-sided, telling the world how we ALL should be offended.

    The politicians are in NO place to tell Native Americans how they SHOULD feel.

    Let the Native Americans tell you how they feel.

    By the way, many of those Native Americans are WEARING WASHINGTON REDSKINS t-shirts/jerseys.

  98. This country is becoming so wrapped around meaningless issues, it’s dooming itself. If the Redskins bow to this, which team is next? How about Notre Dame and their “Fighting Irish” nickname? Fighting Irish is a derogatory term. How about the Pirates and Raiders? Both of those terms are used to describe outlaws at sea. How about the Chargers? People who are addicted to gambling have trouble with charging too much money. How about the Giants? People who have growth problems might find that offensive. How about the Running Rebels? Any mention of the Confederate Army these days draws immediate ire from some people.
    See what I mean? It’s ridiculous and it’s another case of a small group with an agenda trying to dictate to the masses.
    This witch hunt is ridiculous, in my opinion. It’s making a whole planet out of a mole hill. I’m against racism from any group toward another. But this is clearly looking for something that just isn’t there.

  99. Whatever!!! And Champ is a Chump and will say just about anything to take a shot at the Redskins and as for the NBA finals and the commercial, glad I hate the rigged NBA and didn’t watch spared myself the agony of more BS.

  100. Apparently Al Michaels missed the 3,000 Native Americans protesting the name “Redskin” at the 1992 Super Bowl…or any of numerous protests since. This isn’t some kind of new problem. Native Americans have been protesting this (and the Cleveland Indians mascot, etc.) for a long time. It’s just that it’s become a lot more mainstream within the last few years. This is pretty much how ideas move and change happens.

  101. I really don’t care one way or the other, but people that don’t think the term “Redskin” might offend some people are just kidding themselves. Would these people support Blackskins as a team name? What’s the difference?

  102. here’s a neat little trick for all you applauding snyder’s defiance. go call a native american a redskin to their face. don’t feel comfortable doing that? well we probably shouldn’t have a professional sports team named that then.

  103. How about this: Shift the godda** narrative from the Redskins name to our TREATMENT of Native Americans from a public policy standpoint. Sure, the Federal Government gives them certain “benefits” (I believe they get some sort of additional financial aid for higher ed for example, though I’m unsure of the specifics), but we’ve neglected them for so long that the government really believes changing names of sports teams will help them? What a joke.

    When the government took their land and gave them reservations and casinos in return, Congress wasn’t changing public policy to protect their rights. Now they want my team to change their name because it’s offensive. Well, I am no cold hearted d-bag but I’d say the government needs to look in the mirror before criticizing the a team that’s had no involvement in the demise of Native Americans’ lives.

  104. So those in the media say that Dan Snyder is wrong so he’s wrong. Right? Absolutely wrong! Snyder bought a registered trademark name in the Washington Redskins. Now because the media wants to make this an issue after 70 years Snyder is being asked to change the registered trademark name. What happens to the sale of Merchandise etc. The media stance on this is self serving just to create a story. Snyder is not wrong because he’s rich your wrong Darin because you want to sensationalize the owners right to do business under the name he purchased.

  105. Changing the Redskins name will go the same way as tracking down Obama’s birth certificate or Benghazi…It just doesn’t matter to most people, so it will just die a slow death.

  106. If I were Champ Bailey I would love to be remembered for taking a swipe at my former boss and standing up for something that is almost meaningless.


    Being remembered for being torched by the Ravens in the comeback over the Broncos to then win the Super Bowl.

  107. OK Dan it is your funeral. The name will change and he will look like a bigger a hole than he does now. This isn’t going away Dan, they will beat that drum until you do something about it.
    Change the name already weasel.

  108. It wasn’t an issue for 70 years because for over a century, Native Americans were poor, destitute, and disenfranchised from the American system. They had no voice. Finally, with the advent of Indian gaming casinos, Native Americans began to accumulate wealth. And in America, wealth is the one thing you need to have a voice that will be heard.

    The name-change momentum began just over a decade ago. Right around the time native americans were becoming wealthy for the first time in their history.

    Coincidence? I think not.

  109. Since you all are clearly good and changing meanings. I am going to construe “I think not.” to mean that you don’t think. So I guess I’d have to agree

  110. Redskins fans –

    Would you rather the team name stay the same and remain an annual laughing stock or have well managed team with a new name?

    Speaking personally I would take the donkey team I have come to know and love.

    I hate you but way to be Snyder.

  111. This may be the best and most popular offseason move that Dan Snyder has ever made.

    If he can keep from signing big free agent busts and trading away top draft picks, this may be the start of him actually winning over Redskins fan support.

  112. While I think the name is offensive to Native Americans, Al Michaels happens to make an excellent point. Doesn’t Congress certainly have more important things to do then weigh in on a name change to an NFL franchise?

    The sad part of this countries politics is that the Democrats are just as incompetent & insane (although in different ways & for for different reasons) as the Republicans. Obama has been a complete bust as President & the Democrats that continue to support him are a joke.

    In the immortal words of Montgomery Brewster the best candidate to vote for is truly ‘None of the Above.’

  113. Word definitions are not political in nature. The term is defined as “usually offensive” because in the “substantial number of citations that come from a wide range of publications over a considerable period of time” that is how the term is most commonly used. Arguing the word doesn’t mean what it means is prima facie evidence the word means exactly what it has been defined as meaning.

    redskin: American Indian. (Usually Offensive)

    To be included in a Merriam-Webster dictionary, a word must be used in a substantial number of citations that come from a wide range of publications over a considerable period of time. Specifically, the word must have enough citations to allow accurate judgments about its establishment, currency, and meaning.

    The number and range of citations needed to add a word to the dictionary varies. In rare cases, a word jumps onto the scene and is both instantly prevalent and likely to last, as was the case in the 1980s with AIDS. In such a situation, the editors determine that the word has become firmly established in a relatively short time and should be entered in the dictionary, even though its citations may not span the wide range of years exhibited by other words.

    Change and variation are as natural in language as they are in other areas of human life and Merriam-Webster reference works must reflect that fact. By relying on citational evidence, we hope to keep our publications grounded in the details of current usage so they can calmly and dispassionately offer information about modern English. That way, our references can speak with authority without being authoritarian.

    Next someone will claim the dictionary is a liberal, commie, pinko, hippie rag.

  114. It makes so much sense now. Snyder is burning the name on purpose. The ‘Skins can’t get out of town very soon, but this looks like a slow build to a team move. What better way to change a team name than by moving the whole organization. That is the most organic way to change the name. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dan Snyder and company started the outcry over the team name behind the scenes and now they are pretending to “dig in” their heels on the topic. As many here have said, this issue won’t go away and it will just keep getting bigger and bigger. And when it comes time, the team will leave town or perhaps Snyder will sell the team for $4 billion dollars. Or both.

  115. This issue is indicative of how that the PC police are out in full force and will not be satisfied if they were to win this!!!

    This is an non-issue, but because this is press driven issue in which the PC press agrees with it is kept alive!!! Daniel Snyder should not cave in, if he does, there will be nothing to stop this from spreading all over the country.

    The fact that a MAJORITY of Native Americans don’t find the name offensive doesn’t matter to the groups that are touting this issue. It is part of the grievance industry that is unfortunately very lucrative these days.

  116. trytobnimble says: Jun 13, 2014 12:42 PM

    It wasn’t an issue for 70 years because for over a century, Native Americans were poor, destitute, and disenfranchised from the American system. They had no voice. Finally, with the advent of Indian gaming casinos, Native Americans began to accumulate wealth. And in America, wealth is the one thing you need to have a voice that will be heard.

    The name-change momentum began just over a decade ago. Right around the time native americans were becoming wealthy for the first time in their history.

    Coincidence? I think not.


    So the civil rights movement or the feminist movement or the same-sex marriage movement or the immigration movement in the U.S. also started when each group began to accumulate wealth??? That’s simply not accurate

    And as for the Native Americans…You’re also talking about an extremely small percentage of them who have accumulated wealth. Sadly most Native Americans are still poor, destitute, & as disenfranchised as they’ve ever been.

  117. “Dan Snyder on name change: ‘Over my dead body’”

    That’s exactly what Gen. Custer said!


  118. Honestly people do not like change, who would want there team logo and name changed, no one. But you have to see where this just might offend a group, no a race of individuals, and that being stubborn obstinate and hard headed about it is really all you got going on.
    I find it odd that Donald Sterling makes a blunder back room and his team is yanked by the league yet this on going issue is ignored by the NFL? Follow the money
    if Football had a majority of American Indians as there fan base and employees. Then you would see the boys taking on Mr. Snyder sometime the right thing takes a long time to achieve.
    Actually with a new look and marketing, hats, shirts etc. this would make sense to Mr. Snyder someone should express the financial benefits to him then it would be the right thing for him.
    Let’s Follow the money. This will take advertisers pulling from the NFL or the Skins will stay just as the are…..Hogs!

  119. Words do matter. There is a dark history associated with certain words. These words were spoken over and over again in an attempt to belittle and degrade certain groups of people.

    The word redskin has historically been a word of degradation. To deny that, is folly. It’s no different than the word “injun”. The people speaking the words were not saying them out of love, but out of contempt and hate. If it were just the words alone, then maybe it isn’t as big of a deal. But there were some horrible actions that went along with those words.

    Does Snyder have a legal obligation to change the name? No he does not. Does he have a moral obligation? I say that he does. You can call that PC all you want to and say it isn’t a big deal.

    But I would dare say that if any Native American who suffered not only hearing those words, but the violent and tragic actions that went along with those words were alive today and you were to talk with them, you would come away with a different perspective.

    The fact that none of those people are still alive isn’t relevant to keeping or changing the name though. Because this is about who we are as a people. Do we want to be remembered as a country that dismisses the bad things that were done and said? Or do we want to be a country that can admit the mistakes and take steps to prevent them in the future. That is the real question.

    Continuing the Redskins name dishonors all of the people that had to endure pain and hardship as a Native American. Change it Mr. Snyder, change it.

  120. I cannot think of another majority team owner from any professional sports league in this country who grew up a die-hard fan of his team, amassed a fortune, and then bought his favorite team. There are pics of Dan as a little tyke wearing his Redskins jacket and belt buckle as he attended games with his father. So for all the grief this guy has been given (and much of it has been earned), at least the team is not just some investment or toy for him. It is his passion! And anyone who thinks he’s going to cave in to the noodle-back left wingers better think again! The name will outlive us all! HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!!

  121. It seems like a lot of the people against the name say “times have changed, our culture has changed, its time to get rid of this name”. My question is, If times have changed, and the Culture has changed, why cant we change the definition of the word? Especially since it hasn’t been used as a “racial slur” in decades.

  122. Professor Luvell Anderson of the University of Memphis, in his paper ” Slurring Words “, argues that for a word to be a slur, the word must communicate ideas beyond identifying a target group, and that, slurs are offensive because the additional data contained in those words differentiates those individuals from otherwise accepted groups.

    Redskin fans don’t assign any additonal data to the term that differentiates them from otherwise accepted groups. If you do, then you make it a slur.

  123. The Redskins should change the more offensive part of their name, which is “WASHINGTON”. How about the Maryland Redskins??

  124. I’m a minority and I say they keep that name! screw this, cant be changing names cause everyone feels stupid about it, so change cowboys name cause it might offend a cowboy, come on now…. really? or the indians change the indians name, cause there are native americans that exist… really? screw that, I’m with Snyder, I wouldnt change it either.

  125. Times change and so do attitudes.

    Personally I could care less about the name, but folks arguing against a name change ought to at least know the history of the franchise and the owner who founded it.

    Lets put it this way, its not the first time members of Congress have threatened this franchise due to its stance on race issues.

  126. The commercial is a TOTAL LIE! The Red Mesa High School Redskins call each other (American Indians) Redskins.
    Haha. What a joke and a lie that commercial pushes.

  127. Wow; the name “Redskin” MUST be very near and dear or have some sentimental meaning to him if he’s willing to DIE for it…

  128. Dan Snyder = Donald Sterling. As usual lord Goodell has no spine to reign in Napoleon er I mean Danny Boy. Fire Lord Goodell and hire Adam Silver. He will clean up this league get the owners in line and reverse every mistake that Lord Goodell has brought to the NFL. Time to bring back the good old days of Tagliubue and Rozell and erase the draconian period of Lord Goodell!

  129. Thank God for Al Michaels. Has the balls to say what everyone else has not. Here I thought he was just a washed up old drunk. His point is completely and undeniably 100% valid. Especially about Senators chiming in on the issue when there are plenty of other pressing matters that they should be paying attention to. Enough of this crap, let’s play some football.

  130. It is a sad commentary on so many levels that a majority of people would choose to foment discontent simply because of their perverse inclinations. Not knowing the definition of simple word like “fact”, stubborn refusal to acknowledge the racial overtones that are blatantly obvious and a depraved indifference to a race and culture avowed to be revered. Makes me ashamed to call myself an American. Snyder should take the advice of Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce “Hear me, my chiefs! I am tired; my heart is sick and sad. From where the sun now stands, I will fight no more forever.”

  131. Are the hardcore libby’s also going give Daniel Snyder the $$$$ to re-do his stadium and re-vamp his merchandise?

  132. It’s not about an effort to be politically correct. It is about doing the right thing.

  133. Loved what Al Michaels had to say. I think he’s the first respectable media person to be honest about the situation, everyone else is on their soap box.

  134. He would make a bundle and not pay a dime in tax if he changed it….but what would it be?…..suppose it was a tribal name? Keeping the beloved redskin helmet…..I like the Black hawks, the Braves ain’t bad, but blame O’Bama if you like but this guy will end up changing his name when advertiser start pulling their dough from the NFL…sorry

  135. I couldn’t care less about this. However his you can’t make me attitude only makes me side with the other side. He is an idiot. The other side will make him change it legally if need be. All it will take is for a tribe to contend it is copyrighted material. Have fun Danny. Remember when you paid haynesworth all that money? Haha!

  136. People have as much right to want the name changed as he does to keep it the same. The only thing is, he owns the team. If people want him to change it, then just don’t buy tickets or merchandise until he does. Problem solved.

  137. ‘The defiant stance is nothing new from Snyder, which is unsurprising since rich people seldom like hearing they’re wrong.”

    Isn’t this comment stereotyping a group of people you define as rich? Kind of like racism.

    Appears to me the media doesn’t like hearing they are wrong and on this issue, they are wrong.

    Name stays.

  138. With all the character assassination of a man who simply is exercising his American Dream and the rights that go along with it, how many of you who think that the name Redskins is a slur would be willing to give back all that you have profited from as the result of the wrong that has been done to both the American Indians and American non white people who suffered parallel historical demeaning and demoralizing?

    Some of you are living off generational inheritances of wealth that was the result of these shameful inhumane actions.

    Dan Snyder is not doing anything unconstitutional or illegal. Whether or not you like him, the team or the name, there is a due process that he is subject to and it has nothing to do with popular opinion or media poles.

    If thenname is a slur and if Dan Snyder is racist, it will be the first time in history that a racist never spoke a derogatory thing or increased the oppression for a people that he believed were beneath him in humanity.

    You all are so wrapped up with wanting to be heard with spewing out your hatred and jealousy that you want him to be denied his rights to promote your feelings.

    If the name is a slur, then prove it and get a class action suit to move him from the name and the team. All of you know it alls don’t have to wait for Roger Goodell, you have 50 senators with politics and the law at their finger tips.

    Dan doesn’t have to change to accommodate political, media or public opinion no matter how many demoralizing attempts they make. He is the essence of the word the Redskin from within who is fighting a cause for the disadvantaged not taking advantage of them.

    If I wasn’t a fan beforehand, I certainly would be now because they will have the opportunity to champion the cause for the native American people to be restored to the place in mainstream society that has been taken from them.

    Like in most situations, the change has to come through sports to give reality to barriers being broken down.

    It won’t be because of a name change, but through the right use of the word Redskin which is a proud heritage with dignity and self esteem.

    There are a few native Americans that are still proud of the name and heritage and their sports teams still bear the name proudly. Some of you who think you know need go tell them to change their name and be ashamed of it.

    See how far you get with that. If Dan Snyder is forced to change the name in Washington, then they will be forced again by the present generation of demoralizing power that forced them to the Reservations from the beginning.

    The real issue is that the name Redskins is a constant reminder of the senseless and inhumane state that has never been rectified because people have been desensitized to it for centuries.

    It’s not offensive to the American Indian nation as much as the situation is embarrassing to America that claims to be a modern civilization, but has a bunch of moronic political controllers forcing people to live in 3rd world conditions and using the only name that let’s them know that they are not forgotten as a political weapon against them.

    The only thing that Dan Snyder is guilty of is not addressing the true Spirit of the people who originated the name and organized a foundation sooner.

    If you all are really sincere about what the American Indian people feel, why don’t you spend the time to find out what you can do to help instead of running off at the mouth with slanderous opinions?

  139. Great for Dan Snyder. His business his decision.

    The EU wants to force American companies to rename items such as Parmesan cheese because they are offended…. Should we force these changes as well? Someone is obviously upset.

    An example of nonsense:
    The argument is that the American-made cheeses are shadows of the original European varieties and cut into sales and identity of the European cheeses. The Europeans say Parmesan should only come from Parma, Italy, not those familiar green cylinders that American companies sell. Feta should only be from Greece, even though feta isn’t a place. The EU argues it ‘is so closely connected to Greece as to be identified as an inherently Greek product.’

  140. I find this pretty funny.

    First of all, Dan Snyder is already hearing the backlash from everybody. He just doesn’t care. He spent MILLIONS to buy the team and has spent millions more on it since he’s owned it. It is his to do with what he wants. It belongs to him. Period. End of discussion. If all of these people want to change the name of the team so bad, let them take up a collection, BUY the team from Dan Snyder, then they can rename it anything they want to.

    Secondly, the Native American Tribes that are doing all of this complaining should have taken ALL of that money they spent to run an ad and actually have helped their fellow citizens with it. Truly that would have been a much more wise way to use those funds.

    Thirdly, “Champ” Bailey might have been a great player. But I am sorry, I am never going to listen to anyone else speak to me about racism and what a slur is when their own culture uses a term and it is okay, but when anyone outside of that culture uses it, then it is a problem. When the “N” word is removed from EVERY person’s language..THEN maybe they can start to lecture me about what is and isn’t a racial slur.

  141. Why doesn’t he just change the name? Nothing happens to him if he changes it, nothing happens to the team except for a different logo and name, and thousands of people are happy around America. I wish I could just buy the Redskins and change their name to the Vipers or Romans or something. Washington Vipers. Then lead the Vipers to the Super Bowl

  142. A true prideful Native American tribe would never cry or whine over something as small as a name like the Redskins. There is nothing to be upset about but even if they were. True Native Americans have to much pride in their heritage to cry over a nickname of a team especially one that supports them and shows undying respect for.

  143. DO NOT CHANGE THE NAME,,, this PC nonsense has to stop if yo are offended change the channel mind your own business and let others have their freedom !!!!!

  144. How is political correctness strictly a liberal thing? I’m a liberal and I think “Redskins” is completely fine as the name of a football team. Also, I know plenty of whiny conservatives. Let’s not paint with such a broad brush, guys.

  145. I saw the commercial. It asked to change the mascot not just the name. See? The mascot, not just the name. Their words. It is a veiled attack on on all teams using Indians as their team spirit.

    Oh and “basically said …” Really? Now you’re making up stuff to fan the embers?

  146. Be careful what you wish for, Snyder. Some people can take things way too much to heart.

  147. Real Native Americans aren’t offended. I say that because the only one I know, my buddy Joe from the bar, is 1/8th Cherokee and he isn’t offended. At least I don’t think he is, not sure, it hasn’t really come up.

  148. I hate when people try to compare the name of the Washington Redskins football team to Donald Sterling. Donald Sterling is a man who was caught on tape degrading minorities (Blacks) and had a housing discrimination suit brought against him by (Blacks, Hispanics and Asians). Snyder owns a football team and has never once said a degrading word against Native Americans nor any of the Black players he has on the team. Totally not the same!

  149. Since all my proname comments get deleted ill just keep posting them until they stay.

    Last article “rich guys don’t like being told they are wrong” kettle meet pot.

  150. “Over my dead body”

    Be careful what you wish for, Danny Boy 🙂

    Nah….they’ll probably just try to turn him into the next Donald Sterling and force him to sell the team, so then Goodell can do the PC thing and change the team’s name.

  151. Are there more important matters in our nation than the name of DC’s football team?


    Are there more pressing issues that face our nation’s congress? Was the letter sent by 50 US senators political grandstanding?


    In the grand scheme of things, the term “Redskins” pales in comparison to to other, more pressing issues facing our country and our world. However, this issue does matter to enough people. And although team pride and tradition do matter, the term “Redskin” is so hurtful to so many people and is something that cannot be swept under the rug.

    Often forgotten in the term “Politically Correct” is the word “correct.” Our country has a history of many incredible rights. Unfortunately, interwoven with the wisdom and righteousness of our ancestors are too many embarrassing wrongs, most of which America and Americans have done and are doing their level-best to “correct.”

    The debate over Washington’s football team is a complex issue, one that, at it’s heart, is aimed at correcting, or trying to at least reconcile, a series of egregious wrongs and harmful actions made by those that came before us. The timing of this discussion, that this debate is just now re-entering the national dialogue should not be the issue.

    The focus should be on admitting past wrongs and finding a common ground from which we, as a nation of many differing opinions, can turn something ugly and hurtful into something positive.

    If even one person or group of people has suffered, been demeaned or cast as sub-human because of the term “redskin,” then they deserve, at the very least, a dialogue based on respect and aimed at healing. If any of the origin of “redskin” comes from pain and suffering, or is morally wrong, we as a nation founded on inalienable rights, owe it to ourselves (and to the morals upon which our nation was built) to try and stop the bleeding and try make it, if not right, better.

  152. “The defiant stance is nothing new from Snyder, which is unsurprising since rich people seldom like hearing they’re wrong.”

    Does ANYONE “like” hearing that they are wrong?

    This statement sort of makes you look like one of those “occupy Wallstreet” guys/gals or an extreme liberals who thinks all rich people are evil. …just giving you an FYI here on what I thought when I read that statement.

    I stand with Snyder. This wasn’t a problem for 70 years. I guarantee that Snyder could pay these people off and “reach a new era of understanding” with those tribes and this would all go away. It’s become typical to use “political correctness” to extort people.

  153. Anyone with a passionate opinion on this either way should be hunted for sport.

  154. it is better for him financially to keep the name, that doesn’t make him a hero.

    Times have changed over the past 70 years. The name now sounds very insensitive. That isn’t “political correctness” it just a fact of our multicultural society.

  155. A rose by any other name…

    It wouldn’t change much more than the name and some cooler unis. His stubbornness on the issue is appalling to tell you the truth. They could be having fun with this and making money on both fronts. Design new uniforms and sell both on the website retro and new gear. All of the money shelled out ot pascify the Native Americans could be better spent.

  156. Nothing brings out the bigots like the opportunity to chime in on a racist Football logo on an anonymous message board.

    You make all of us that live in civilization chuckle that people like you still exist.

  157. In an ironic twist Snyder’s scalp was turned into the league office the day before the name changed.

    Still Love the Logo,,,,also loved the North Dakota Fighting Sioux Logo and also love the Blackhawks Logo.

    With the world and country falling down in front of us isnt’ funny to see what people care about.

  158. So be it. R.I.P. Daniel Snyder! Daniel Snyder owned teams have done nada! Call them the Washington Redheads. They get beat like redheaded stepchildren anyway.

  159. This whole situation in unAmerican and offensive. The level of ignorance and antiAmerican thought is astounding.

    Redskins is not a slur, nor in it meant to conjure up a derogatory image. Vastly more Native Americans approve of the name than the few (almost all politically motivated w/ casino interest tied to democratic politicians). There are many names right w/in the NFL that are based on poor images (Vikings, Buccs, Raiders), Redskins is not one of these.

    The disturbing part is how gullible some are to false media slants and attempts by the politically motivated to tell others how they should feel and to create a controversy and issue that is simply not there.

    Native Americans are probably the most wronged group in our country and they deserve real help (not this casino nonsense where guys like this Halbritter tool can benefit). Native Americans should be outraged at this attempt by liberals and politicals to use them and to, in fact, attempt to erase Native American images from the public. Vastly (over 90% Native Americans do not have any problem the the name, if fact, there are many schools in Native American areas that use this very name). The Redskins name refers to war paint laden warriors and promotes a positive image; to think a sports team would use its name to slur a people is so far beyond absurd it is incomprehensible. And to Mike G from Mike and Mike… of course you would not use name to refer to Native Americans… as that is not what the name is…. your argument actually supports the keep the name argument. It is time for Native Americans to support the Redskins and get involved. Speak for yourselves and DO NOT allow the libs to use you for their purpose and vacate your existence in the process. Get onboard and actively fight the libs… demand real help.

    And we should all be alarmed by the left preying on ignorance and destroying the freedoms that made America great. I hope this absurdity is a tipping point. This past election, and the consequences of that election, should illustrate for all the danger of doing things for appearances and not understanding qualifications or issues for yourselves.

    I have been a Redskins fan for over 40 years (yes I’m old), I am an opinionated person, but I have never ever used, associated, or heard Redskins used in a derogatory fashion referring to people. I take great pride in my team and our name and I will not let ignorant “clowns” tell me different because it suits their purpose.

    We are losing our way… our freedoms and the values that made this country…. as I said, let this nonsense be a tipping point in the war against PC and political crap… and let’s begin to see the danger in how the liberal group w/in the Democratic party operates.

    Long live Native Americans! Long live the Redskins!


    Hail to the Redskins!

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