Evan Mathis strikes again

Evan Mathis is at it again.

In April, the Eagles guard messed with Paul Domowitch of the Philadelphia Daily News, leading Domowitch to believe Mathis would boycott offseason workouts.  Last night, Mathis messed with everyone, tweeting a photo of a phony $64,055.76 receipt from Del Frisco’s steakhouse with the caption, “Teaching rookies a lesson.”

Our Mike Wilkening spotted the ruse instantly, and Eagles center Jason Kelce has since told WIP radio in Philly that it was a fake.

“This was a complete hoax that was designed by Evan Mathis to mislead the media across the nation,” Kelce said.  “Apparently, it did its job. He spent all day making sure the prices were right, making sure everything looked good.”

Good one, Evan.  Now grow up.

Whether it’s lying to one reporter or lying to all of them, the lesson is that no one should listen to anything Mathis ever has to say, if he’s going to continue to engage in the pro athlete equivalent of having pizzas delivered to his next-door neighbor.

That’s hilarious.  When you’re 12.Regardless of what any players or fans think of the media, the media has a job to do, just like everyone else.  What Mathis has been doing is no different than a member of the media standing on the sidelines and shining a laser pointer in his eyes as he’s trying to prepare for the snap.That’s also hilarious.  When you’re 12.

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  1. No Fun League police are on duty today I see.

    Fun is for kids. Adults shouldn’t have fun. Grow up Peter Pan, Count choculah. And to think no one was hurt and people had a good laugh. The nerve of this man. He should be fined maybe even suspended.

  2. just because the media CAN cover everything 24/7, doesn’t mean that they SHOULD. good for mathis for making the media look like the tools that they really are. whatever happened to checking sources, etc? everyone wants to be “first” with a story. news flash: no one cares who got it first. they only care who got it RIGHT.

  3. To be fair, the media will not hesitate to publish unconfirmed reports (usually coting “anonymous sources”) that paint a player in a negative light. I’m sure that gets very old after a while. A harmless prank should taken in stride.

  4. That’s the problem… the media takes itself too seriously in deciding what is news and what isn’t news… the simple fact of the matter is that the average person couldn’t care less about a 60,000 tab no matter who paid it… that’s more than a lot of people make in 2 years combined, and most people can’t even fathom it. Blaming Mathis or anyone else because the media is so gullible and anxious for a story to blow up is ridiculous. It is also the media’s responsibility to get all the facts before “reporting” a story, but too often times the media does not follow through as they are looking for the next big thing that will generate traffic. I personally miss the old days of newspapers… when you found out what was going on after 24 hours and there was time for stuff to settle down instead of everyone, including the media overreacting because someone sneezed or said the wrong thing.

  5. Lighten up. Sheesh.

    For all the misleading out context stuff that gets put out there by the media I can’t believe the ire this joke is getting.

  6. .

    Not every rookie gets a multi million dollar deal. The Patriots 7th round choice received 47,000 in guaranteed money. How much of that should be spent indulging the likes of Tom Brady, Darrelle Revis and Vince Wilfork?


  7. “no one should listen to anything Mathis ever has to say…”

    Wait..What!? That’s a little extreme. I think the guy was just trying to have a little fun.

  8. Well, first, its a big part of adulthood not to believe everything you see and hear. Furthermore its a HUGE part of being a journalist to question socalled facts. If you get your feelings hurt because of a source or an athlete lied to you, well honey, get over it, its their prerogative to do so.

    I wish more players, heck people would lie to the press so they actually starts doing their job they once did so well, when was it? in late 70’s?

  9. Mathis is playing Gotcha with the industry that invented the game of Gotcha.
    And they don’t like it.

  10. Pre-draft is an acknowledged period of “smoke screens” AKA, lies, sent out by teams and due-fully reported by the same media that is complaining about this. How about the unsubstantiated reporting of drug test or IQ test results? Yea, no sympathy here.

  11. Great job!! ESPN, and especially the Philly media are trolls!!! He’s just following in Chips footsteps in messing w/ the media. You all should do yourself a favor and watch Chips day after news conf during the season, pure entertainment! My favorite exchange was after his first game vs Wash
    Reporter: Chip did you get a lot of calls/ texts after the game?
    Chip Kelly: Pauses…looks at the guy and says, are you asking me if I have friends!?? Yeah I guess I did. thanks for asking.

  12. I’m with Mathis on this. This is humorous regardless of what age you are. His way of giving the “finger” to the media. Good for him. If he does his job in the locker room and on the field, I have no problem with this. He’s a Pro athlete, not a robot.

  13. He needs to stop acting like he’s 12? The media follows athletes around like 12 year olds, begging for a minute of the athlete’s’ time.

  14. He can’t afford that. He the only lineman that didn’t get paid with a new contract and he was a pro bowler. Now that’s funny evan. Now go get a new agent.

  15. And above all, all us dedicated, take ourselves seriously, no sense of humor unless it’s at someone else’s expense ‘media’ types (to use the term loosely) should NEVER have to actually WORK and perform basic journalistic functions such as checking and re-checking our sources. We should just be allowed to continue cribbing other people’s ideas/articles/blogs and quoting or rewriting them with no responsibility for verifying the information.

    This is the attitude that creates anarchy, and I for one, would love to see more of these ‘pranks’.

  16. SOME in the media CONSTANTLY report on every whispered rumor or innuendo without doing any kind of fact-checking first, and then bury their retractions to the formerly incorrect front-page story somewhere on page 56.

    If the media is upset about this practical joke, then maybe they should wonder why he even felt the need to pull it in the first place! I’m sick and tired of some players being targeted and splashed all over the headlines for supposed infractions that often never even occurred, or were grossly embellished with no supporting facts whatsoever.

    The intelligent readers reserve opinion until facts come out, but unfortunately there are a lot of people in this country who will believe anything they read (ie: “it’s gotta be true, because it’s on the internet”). Irresponsible reporting can ruin careers! BAM!!! This is exactly what those jump-the-gun type of reporters deserve!

  17. Now this was a good one and a well deserved lesson. I think players should screw around a little more like this. Nobody gets hurt and we all get a good laugh.

  18. Mathis just became a favorite player. Media types who are all too often printing stories that aren’t fact checked in an effort to “scoop” other outlets are irresponsible and do a great disservice to real newspeople.

    Mathis just managed to show which type of media person was which, anyone who jumped on the story before verifying knows which side of the fence they are on.

  19. It’s schmucks like Bob Costas, which makes this hilarious. A lot of the media thinks their opinions matter, as if every person should agree with their self serving diatribes on any given issues. Just report on the games. I’d buy him a beer for this, maybe two

  20. I would argue that “reporting” on phony bills, and all the other assorted nonsense the media rushes through to print without actually checking sources or doing any sort of research, is for 12 years olds. I will leave PFT exempt from that criticism cuz I think you’re the best in the business, but sports media is a friggin joke right now.

  21. The media dogs these dudes all day. Someone plays a prank and it’s the end of the world? It was pretty funny

  22. Harmless humor. Clever at that. Media hates being embarrassed. The same media that will dress down an athlete at the slightest allegation true or untrue, if said athlete “gets to big for their britches”. This is why Mathis continues to mess with you

  23. I’m 55 and I find this funny. The media engages in news creation all the time. How many trade rumors have ended up just being a reporter trying to increase readership even though there was no rumor, etc (Bleacher Report is one of the worst offenders when it comes to this). Mathis showed the media for what it is becoming, a bunch of fools.

  24. “You got got! You got got!” -Pauly Shore, Entourage.

    The media could have called the restaurant to fact check before running with it, but like a 12 year old they didn’t do their homework.

  25. hahahhahhahahahhhahahhahhah
    You go Evan!!! AWESOME!!!

    “Good one, Evan. Now grow up.”
    waaaaaaaaa, Florio, call the wambulance as my son always says!!! You’re only mad b/c you got fooled too!! SUCKER!

    Keep it up Mathis! We love you!
    fly eagles fly

    E A G L E S EAGLES!!!!

  26. Like it, No, I LOVE IT!
    This is the kind of prank that is hilarious, why? Because nobody really gets hurt …just the feelings of some thin skinned media personalities who cry every time something doesn’t go their way. Tough tatas!!! :0)

  27. “Whether it’s lying to one reporter or lying to all of them, the lesson is that no one should listen to anything Mathis ever has to say, if he’s going to continue to engage in the pro athlete equivalent of having pizzas delivered to his next-door neighbor.”

    cry me a river Flo… you baby!!!!

    now go do some real reporting… er… um.. copying and pasting from other “reporters”, DOOF!

    LOVE YA MATHIS!!! You are one funny man!!!

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